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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Oh yes I remember now, it was that other climatic dickhead Kevin Rudd who returned from Copenhagen with a spanked bum and poor Kevin has not been the same ever since.

So now it’s the outgoing Obama’s turn to declare the age of the um, er, anything that doesn’t reek of a failed foreign policy, as he scrambles for a legacy.

Billions are being thrown at the national media of countries considered sceptical of the IPCC claim of a coming climate holocaust.

National Geographic and Discovery channels are digging out old docos of natural disasters while David Attenborough rakes in thousands for voice-over footage of glaciers breaking off into the North Sea.

Those glaciers are breaking off, as they have been for millennia, because ice is increasing at its source higher and closer to the Pole, but David isn’t one to let the facts get in the way of a good global warming story.

Global warming crap is flooding the ABC and SBS while struggling free-to-air channels and newspapers’ supplements are running with anything in return for hard cash.

Only around four months left for the UN’s IPCC to convince stragglers that “climate change” is real.

Climate change eh? I guess they mean summer, autumn, winter and spring, so they are on a sure winner there. Even I believe in that stuff!

It’s clear a frantic IPCC carbon credits cabal led by Al Gore could lose billions without an international consensus before the end of the year.

Obama is obviously in on the scam as he came here for the G20, but his only contribution was to tell us our Great Barrier Reef was stuffed and to blame global warming for his future grandkids being denied a gander.

Fortunately he was confined to a Queensland University audience where he of course received rapturous applause for his ridiculous assertion.

A major contributor to the IPCC fear mongering is the “unmentionable” airline industry. Around half a million people are in the air in around 14,000 aircraft at any one time with a Boeing 747 burning 175 tonnes of kerosene and an Airbus A380 about 310 tonnes between refuels.

At an average of 2.3 cycles per 24 hours and accounting for smaller aircraft, the total amount of burnt kerosene dumped in the atmosphere each year is slightly more than one trillion tonnes.

The world's 90,000 vessels, including container ships, burn approximately half a trillion tonnes per year. Add to that the inestimable industrial, automobile and heavy haulage usage and regular volcanic emissions and there’s a few figures IPCC charlatans have no hope of comprehending and no wish to, as subsidised solar panels and windmills can’t possibly make a dent in the usage, and regardless, they all insist on liberal use of these aircraft to get to their regular talkfests.

So the significance of Tony Abbott’s "denier" status is reflected in the amount of consistent IPCC anthropogenic garbage spouted by the ABC, SBS, Fairfax and The Guardian along with the rash of dishonest SKY Channel docos about polar bears desperately seeking shade under wilting palm trees.

It appears the IPCC scamsters know exactly where Abbott stands on global warming.


Tony H, They all will hang on for dear life, wouldn't you?

Yeah but the gutless lying hypocrite will hang on for desr life!! Typical Labor peice if shit!

what have the terrorists ever done for us

What about terrorism ?

Tony Burke needs to resign ASAP, but he won't and the media will not go after him, like they did B. Bishop. He is a hypocrite of a man and a loser.

flogging a dead horse, I'm afraid DH with regards Bronny...I'm on her side....and would have her returned in a shot....Mr Abbott is not on my christmas card list at the moment ....only in so far the leadership thing...I think we need strong, decisive words and action...but then what do I know....some people think I'm bossy....well....most...actually

Gail, I hate to tell you but the morons that they force to vote in Australia care little what Abbott does in Paris. What will swing their pencil in the booth is what he's done for the 18 days he stuffed around supporting Bronny. Newman and Driscoll, ring any bells?

I'm not fussed at being proved wrong...much better country...MT commands a lot of leftie votes...with the increasing far-leftiness of the Labour movement, they are looking for somewhere to go but Tony Abbott is the wrong choice for them ....he would bring them along and LNP might be looking for that come next election....anyway let's see what Mr Abbott does in Paris

Make that 2, lib number crunchers.

I resent paying for a Human Rights Commission swanning around Sth East Asia
I think he only has clout in Australia. As for the boy friend don't get me started.
The review should be broadened.

Billy, why did you post this. If one of us busts a blood vessel it is your fault. Here we are screaming our tits off at Bishop and Burke and people like this help themselves to unlimited perks with a very healthy salary. How many people like this does Abbott employ? And are we getting our money's worth? I would say no because with all the help these people give Abbott at great or unlimited expense he is still considered a Pariah by the public.

The greatest challenge will be undoing Obamas damage.

These public service parasites are worse and they hide. And they get paid a shitload more than Abbott but Abbott gets paid the rest of his life. What a fucking job.

I see that it snowed in Queensland the other day and that it's the coldest winter for 20-something years and a bloody wet one at that. Al Gore (and all of your gullible mates) eat my shorts!

I would vote informal if Malcolm Turnbull said was the the leader (!) of the Liberal Party. I would not even want my preferences passed on to them. I suspect I would not be alone in this. Liberal Party scanners - please note.

The Chinese are pretending they are now in the aircraft carrier game as well. They are at best 20 years away from competing with the US in this field. the US has built and completed 68 and have 3 under construction. They currently have a congressional requirement to have 10 commissioned carriers at any one time and they are not backing down on that. The Chinese purchased 2 and have 1 under construction. Of the 2 they bought, one was HMAS melbourne and the other the Kiev from Russia which they modified and are trying to learn how to use it. the biggest nightmare the Chinese could have is to go to all out war with the US, they would get their arse kicked.

More doesn't mean better. If you were around when the F111 was being developed, you would know the anti campaign and statements that it would never work and was not worth the money. It turned out to be one of the best, if not the best fighter bomber ever built. The JSF is very, very complex and they are working through the issues. I follow it very closely and am confident that it will do what it needs to do and provide us with the necessary capabilities. As at this year the US has 72 nuclear submarines, Russia 70 and China 67, so wherever you are getting your info may not be quite up to date. These new US boats are superb, stealthy and powerful and they are producing three a year until they have their complete fill of 30... They still the have Los Angeles and Seawolf classes as well.

Need I remind everyone it's not just politicians

Yes, ML robots will be the future but they need to fill the requirements now. The RAN will not end up with too many ships. All the proposed acquisitions are simply replacements for existing ships. We are lucky that we do have access to the top of the line technologies through the Yanks and very few countries get that. we are the only country outside the U.S. with the F18 Hornet Growler electronic countermeasures aircraft and the only one that has been supplied super hornets off the same production line as the USN. I don't think having the latest technology is a problem at this time because the Yanks want us at the forefront as the Chinese expand.

Maybe he will discover the bit of abo in him. Remember that whiter than white bloke with blue eyes from Tassie who was an abo!