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Wednesday, 23rd January 2019

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… or Turnbull dies a slow death

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The Prime Minister’s recent remarks confirm his agenda… he couldn’t give a stuff what Party he leads as long as he has his eyes on the prize of an Islamic-sympathetic republic. He might bask in out-polling Shorten as preferred PM but I have a sick guinea pig that could do that.

                                              Extremely expensive friends

Turnbull is everything a genuine Liberal Party member would never stand for… a redistribution-of-income-promoting global warming hoaxer, a promoter of a carbon tax by any other name, a promoter of the cult of Islam, a UN/EU Green lover; a billionaire socialist of the most insidious kind.

Of course the media will fawn over his blatant socialism, but the media is failing the voters as it clearly supported the knifing of a first term PM who broke all majority records for his Party. 

It was an irresistible numerical attraction for Turnbull who then, in the ensuing election, lost all that majority bar one single seat. 

Media outrage was intense when the dangerous Whitlam was sacked, yet no-one seems to have come to Abbott’s defence despite his remarkable successes and Whitlam's lack of any. 

And now Turnbull has threatened a by-election if he is dumped from the leadership and that will likely leave the Libs with a majority of just a Speaker, thus an immediate election. No, this bloke would knife Di Natale and lead the Greens if he thought it would advantage him… ideology is of no consequence to Turnbull.

                                   The NT News had the pick of the headlines

His hardly hidden course has been set for the 2019 election. With breathtaking cunning he has slowly adopted all that Shorten stands for, not leaving a contested, and potentially damaging, point of difference. He even agreed with Shorten that the debt and deficit would be under control by 2021 on the basis that Australia would have an average five per cent GDP from now until then. 

Both must know that that is an impossibility but it was a side agreement that stopped the deficit and spending blame-game being played by either side. Haven’t you noticed the lack of debt concern lately?

                                    The old school Party that Abbott will fight for

Abbott is all about the Liberal Party having gone way Left under Turnbull and he will do anything he can to prevent it. Turnbull is all about Turnbull and he doesn’t realise he can stop Abbott by bringing him in out of the cold where Cabinet solidarity will obtain.

Abbott is a good administrator but a bad PM. He would make a fine education minister or even take over defence from the useless Pyne and Payne. He has a lot to offer but Turnbull doesn’t want him in the Party Room where he can have a voice and build critical votes.

                               Credlin could be instrumental in an Abbott rebirth

I don’t believe Abbott wants the top job, he just wants to ensure the Liberal Party isn’t completely destroyed by the Turnbull/Bishop diarchy.

If only the Labor Party had accepted Turnbull when he offered them his evilly personal services.


There are now two strong parties opposing the islamification of Australia. Pauline Hanson's One Nation, Cory Bernadi's Conservatives. Those parties are growing from defections from the Liberal Party. They will grow stronger and hold power in the Senate. One Nation is growing in Qld. Although the Libs are the ones bleeding members and supporters, the Nationals also have policies such as support of Halal, that are opposed to the interests of Australia. The fire will be coming to them soon unless they wake up.

Just ponder for a moment on this. Abbott keeps up his speeches and finbally Turnbull either quits or the Party votes him out. Abbott resumes the leadership near the end of 2017. Katter and a couple of rebels withdraw their support.and Shorten forms government. Things go from bad to worse after the first Bowen Government and Abbott gives them hell as Leader of the Opposition. By the time of the second Bowen Budget the Government is in a mess and even the mainstream press becomes critical. The election is called and Abbott wins a good majority. Abbott steps down as leader and a young Turk takes over (Taylor, Paterson or Hastie) and Abbott takes the Homeland Security portfolio. Labor has only about 18 months in power.

The"lefty"Liberals are dead in the water.they started going"Left"with Malcolm Fraser.Cory and or Pauline are the only ones who can save this country now.Even if Tony Abbott was reinstated,the rest of the MORONS who voted for "Halal Mal the Head Loppers Pal"are all still there.It's time for a change and"Shorton Brains"isn't the chosen one.

This bloke is "useful" but is he an idiot?

who did the lefty steal his sense of humour from I wonder?

Haw-Haw brays yet once more.

"Breathtakingly accurate" LOL. A lefty with a sense of humour. Gold.

I agree dusty, the puppet masters behind the attempt to destroy western civilization are the real evil, Islam is just another one of their tools.

He wasn't a union person. The media is run/owned by the chosenite/marxists who are against anything/one who is not marixist left.

No WI, I didnt mistake anything. I made sure of it.

Maybe Dutton is the right pick then ( I have thought so for some time). The main reason he fits the bill is that he worries leftards enough for you to concoct BS defamatory posts about him.

Hopefully Mudguard Mal and LOOSEY are doing their swan song trip at this G20 he did not need to go to , what has happened to the Stick ? the silence is almost deafening.

There is no point in re running this debate on Turnbull/Abbot Both are losers both led/lead a party in which we non socialist have even a scintilla of faith so we should change tack. We should decide who, be they in parliament now or could be induced, for the betterment of our country & do our best to have that person elected. So! who is it going to be?

He has form , and we do not see what he did after he floored the first guy , he is seen running after someone else!, It is a sad thing that football and rugby has been the home to plenty of brutal and thuggish behaviour over the years , and often rewarded for it,, As some have said , if such thuggery happened in the street it would be a criminal offence, And why is a full on flying shoulder charge which flattens an opponent called a""bump"" in fact some players are employed to do just that , flatten their opponents,the media often just laugh at such actions and tell people to harden up , a bit hard when flat on your back with serious concussion!

The people smugglers will be dancing in the streets when Shorten wins the election, just as they were when Rudd won, they make $1 million per boatload whether delivered in Aus or the bottom of the sea

Ta is speaking out, a pity more in the party do not do the same, The liberal party is not a personal possession of Mal Turnbull, The reason that MT wants so called ""unity"" is because he does not want to have any views expressed except his own , If more of the party stood up for liberal values then MT would not been allowed to get the gig,because they all know that MT has been a sycophant to left wing ie anti conservative views ever since he entered parliament!,Lets face reality , the libs have a one vote majority, Turnbull will lose the next election!, Shorten will get the gig,The gov, debt will balloon to a trillion during his tenure , illegal s will begin arriving again,and in big numbers,we will become a non entity in asia.


over yoose go and resume commenting on the new story.

Nuke Darwin? Not a bad option. Fucking shithole!

sick to death of all corrupt Australian leaders and criminal Australian political parties

At work stinky's known as "Bedpan Bob".