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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


A gangrenous Green would not been seen dead voting for Pauline Hanson, neither would a loony Left Labor voter, yet curiously Pauline is assisting Labor to government, and in doing so she is assisting Labor’s horrible Green appendix.

Any vote Pauline gets is taken from the LNP not the Opposition parties. The trouble is that Pauline’s preferences average 50 percent slide to Labor, so approximately half of all the votes she steals from the Libs finishes up as Labor votes. Let’s not forget she doesn’t steal any votes from the Left Parties, only the quasi Conservative Parties.

Incredibly it is the ostensibly ultra Conservative party of Pauline Hanson that is slowly killing Conservatism in Australia and likely to usher the despicable Shorten into The Lodge… a proposition very few Australians want to see.

Our Labor-friendly Prime Minister in Turnbull (along with the excited assistance of the Stick Insect and Friedanegg) is either sublimely unaware of this or is purposefully dragging Australia into a global warming, UN-friendly, banana Republic.

Little wonder the Libs wanted Pauline in gaol, and the Labor/Greens want her as free as a bird while pretending to hate her.

This perplex imbalance in democracy can only be solved in two ways: One, all Conservative elements must band together as a united force. Or two, the Nationals must take over government from the Libs… they can do that quite easily simply by denying support to the Liberal arm of Government. The Libs will then be forced to align with the Nats to stay in Government.

Either way it will lead to a Conservative force that can competitively challenge the looming Labor/Green disaster… unfortunately personal political egos always hold sway.

We have a problem that was seen when SKY’s David Speers was conducting his own exit poll on the weekend and asked a voter which way he had voted: “I don’t know”, he said. “I didn’t know any of them.”

He continued, “I shouldn’t be allowed to vote if I don’t know or care about any of this.”

Many poor Conservative voters in the weekend’s by-elections were faced with only two choices… Labor or Green! Who was a Conservative voter supposed to vote for?

And yet we still have compulsory voting?     

Is it any wonder that Aussies treat politics as a bloody joke?


Lets give First past the post voting a go, then its a true indication of who the voters of Australia want to represent them.

We can direct OUR preferences to whomever WE like.It isn't up to any party to tell US where they should go.

Glad to see you back Larry... Pauline is getting the wrong advice directing her preferences to the LP Unfortunately she is doing a tit for tat with the LNP If she directed her preferences towards the LNP very soon she would find that she was indispensable to them, sorry to say unless she get's the game right she's for the dust heap.

Is it any wonder that Aussies treat politics as a bloody joke?
No, not at all, the preferential voting BS can make a simple vote go anywhere but where it was intended and there's FA you can do about it.

Good one Marco.

Mike, just finished watching the Secret stations on SBS , great stuff.

"Invaluable" Swedish Crown Jewels stolen from Cathedral in brazen heist.....Breitbart.

The version that states we should beat the shit outta false climate gurus.......and their imbecile cut'n'paste followers!!

Which 10 ??
There are a dozen versions


Oh, I forget to tell you, from that article I read on orgasms, they stated that 31st July is National Orgasm Day in Australia.

I never knew, till it was too late. Keep it in mind next year.

I have been a follower of Q since the beginning and it is hard to explain what Q is about.
this 13 minute video pretty much does it.


Plenty of restaurants around Australia are creating their own, unique sourdough breads these days. It’s a welcome development.

#QAnon Is Not A Conspiracy Theory By Definition: It Is However the Greatest Portal to #MAGA Bar None

Lionel Nation

#QAnon acolytes believe earnestly that series of sometimes cryptic clues and breadcrumbs posted on #8Chan emanate from a high-level top Trump administration insider with unique knowledge. It describes and chronicles how #POTUS has collaborated and teamed up with the upper echelons of military intel to take on and out a global cabal of powerful and mega-evil globalists, elites, fallen celebrities, and pedophiles. You got a problem with that?

The Turnbull government is now trapped in the conflict between its beliefs and public opinion — a nasty place for any government.

Just saw a pic of the cop.Think it might have a pair.(strapon).Bet the cop found a way to claim interstate travel expenses also.It just never Fíng ends.

where's fatty?

Yulia Skripal to return to Russia

The Liberals are facing a long and deserved stretch in opposition, thanks to the Turd.