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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


An event was scheduled on December 4th last year at the rather unassuming venue of Caulfield Bowling Club in Melbourne. There was to be a capacity crowd of two hundred people in attendance. Despite its diminutive size, this event was one of great significance. Pauline Hanson and fellow One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts were to meet with right wing members of Australia’s Jewish community. 

Hanson and Roberts planned to give speeches outlining their views on free speech, immigration and multiculturalism and how these affected Australia’s Jewish community.

Unfortunately, the meeting never happened. Radical left wing groups declared their intentions to mobilise in force. The police decided that they couldn’t protect these Jews from the “anti-Fascists” who, for some unexplained reason, consider their behaviour to be different from the behaviour of actual Fascists.

So what is going on? Why are these leftists deploying so much force that they are able to overwhelm our police? Why are the police waving the white flag rather than calling out the army to protect our free speech? Are the police really afraid of these Social Justice snowflakes or is someone leaning on the police from above?

As we all know, One Nation was elected on a policy of opposition to multiculturalism and mass immigration----particularly immigration from Islamic countries.

You might think these ideas would resonate with the Jewish community, but you would be wrong; at least if you listen to Jewish leaders.

Just a few days ago Josef Schuster, the leader of the Jewish community in Germany expressed alarm at the rise of the anti-Islamic immigration party, Alternative für Deutschland (AfD). Incredibly, he insisted that Jews need to align themselves with Muslims against Germans who vote for that anti-Islam party.

He warned Jews not to vote for AfD because they were “falsely claiming friendship with Israel.”

Closer to home, you may remember Sonia Krueger commenting on Islamic immigration. She said that Australia should consider a moratorium on Islamic immigration until we understand the problems it is causing. Given the events unfolding both in Australia and around the world, this was hardly an outlandish idea.

In response, Dr Dvir Abramovich, head of the influential Jewish organisation the Anti-Defamation Commission tore her a new one.

“I am dismayed and concerned by this misguided and outrageous statement” he whined. Sonia Kruger’s call to ban Muslim immigration to Australia is deeply offensive, irrational and unacceptable. Banning anyone from entry to our country on the basis of their religion goes against long-standing Australian values of respect, inclusivity and religious freedom.”

He went on to say, “As we face the threat of radical Islamist terror, we must avoid falling into the trap of blaming individuals and communities.”

I’m not sure who he thinks we should blame for Islamic terror if we mustn’t blame individuals or communities. Perhaps we should blame cane toads?

There was no objection to this outburst from the mainstream Jewish community although I have Jewish friends who were complaining bitterly in private.

Meanwhile, in sunny Queensland, the Labor State Government is planning a multicultural future for the State.

They have set up a Council to advise the Minister for Multicultural Affairs on this program.

The council consists of an Indian, a Sudanese, an Aborigine, a Russian, a Chinese, a Maori, three Muslims and a refugee advocate.

Last but probably not least amongst this rainbow coalition is Mr Jason Steinberg. He is the influential president of the Queensland Jewish Board of Deputies. Mr Steinberg was also a member of the interim Multicultural Community Reference Group which put the council together.

Clearly Mr Steinberg and the Jewish Board of Deputies are fully on board the multi-cultural bandwagon.

This promotion of multiculturalism by leading members of the Jewish community is not a recent phenomenon either.

Most people think the father of Australian multiculturalism was the famed mafia associate Al Grassby. In fact, there was a much less famous individual who played a far greater role in the adoption of this policy. His name was Walter Lippmann.

Lippmann was a Jewish refugee who fled Germany in 1938 and settled in Melbourne. He became a successful businessman and President of the Australian Jewish Welfare and Relief Society. Lippmann was a fanatical advocate of multiculturalism.

He joined the Australian Labor Party and worked his way up the ranks. In 1974, he was appointed by the Whitlam government as chairman and founding member of the influential Committee on Community Relations of the Federal Department of Labour and Immigration.

Lippmann was also appointed to board positions on the Commonwealth Immigration Advisory Council, the Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS), the Victorian Ethnic Affairs Commission, and a whole bunch of other bodies which were involved in shaping government policy.

Neither Lippmann, nor his ideas on multiculturalism were popular at the Department of Labour and Immigration.

However, he used his leadership of the various committees extremely cunningly. He would send submissions promoting multiculturalism from one of these committees to another. He would then have the second committee endorse this proposal and pass it on to a third committee of which he was a member.

By constantly generating these proposals and endorsements he managed to create the impression of overwhelming support for multiculturalism when in fact, there was considerable resistance.

By 1975 the Committee on Community Relations put out its final report. It recommended that social policy should promote understanding and respect for difference and our common humanity.

Laws would be implemented to outlaw racial discrimination and uphold and promote rights. This would be achieved by the establishment of a human rights commission. Government services were to be culturally sensitive and provided in community languages.

Schools would teach respect for other cultures. They would also provide knowledge of traditions, history, literature and geography of the countries of the major immigrant groups. Lastly, the mass media had the responsibility to further the understanding of cultures and provide meaningful communication between the various groups that constituted Australian society.

Whitlam accepted these proposals and Fraser continued them.

Walter Lippmann was also the founding chairperson of ECCV [Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria]. This was the peak body for ethnic groups in Victoria. Prime Minister Bob Hawke was the MP for Melbourne’s most ethnically diverse electorate. Not surprisingly, he soon became a personal friend of Lippmann.

Within a year of the Hawke government gaining power, they began to implement the ECCV’s agenda. The citizenship waiting period was reduced to two years, the term ‘alien’ was replaced with ‘non-citizen’ and the refugee intake was increased.

Further successful lobbying by Lippmann persuaded the Australian Government to increase its humanitarian intake. This intake was to be separated from the regular immigration intake. This would allow the acceptance of refugees on humanitarian grounds. Even if these refugees did not meet immigration criteria or if immigration quotas had been met, they would still be granted citizenship.

(If you think this is conspiracy theory then check out the speech by Tim Soutphommasane to the ECCV in May of this year, here:  )

It would seem that Jewish leaders are intent on promoting multiculturalism and the intake of huge numbers of Muslim refugees. The burning question is, why? What are they thinking? Are they thinking at all?

I think that question is one which many Jews would struggle to answer. it is even more confusing for someone like me who is still attached to his foreskin (in both senses of the word).

There are a number of possibilities, yet each one seems to ask more questions than it answers.

“We were refugees once” is an explanation commonly offered by the Jewish community. Given the number of times the Jewish community has had to flee from one nation to another, we could expect them to empathise with the plight of other stateless people. I believe that this is a genuine concern for many Jews.

Unfortunately, this altruistic attitude is undermined somewhat by Jewish attitudes toward “Palestinian” refugees and their right to return to Israel. A majority of Jews in Australia are opposed to the idea of flooding Israel with Muslim refugees. Not surprisingly, they are concerned about the safety of Jews in Israel.

I happen to completely agree with these concerns. I just don’t understand why they think that the same dangers don’t apply to Australia or other Western nations. Again, I wonder if they are thinking at all.

                            Crypto communist Jew, Francois Hollande, has never married .

I say this because not only is Islamic immigration endangering the lives of non-Jews.  It especially endangers the lives of Jews as French Jews are now finding out.

Another possibility is the fear of the loss of Jewish culture and heritage. Apparently, Lippman was concerned that the number of Australians identifying as Jewish began declining in the early Seventies.

This was thought to be partly caused by Jews “marrying out.” Lippman is not the first Jewish leader concerned about assimilation and the loss of Jewish identity. Again, I can relate to that.  It can’t be easy keeping one’s ethnic and cultural identity over the course of many generations whilst living in foreign lands.

Up until 1947, Jews had no alternative. They lived exclusively as foreigners in the nations of others. If they had assimilated, their culture and heritage would have been lost forever.

Since 1947 however, thanks in no small part to the British, Australians, Kiwis and Americans, the Jewish people have had a nation of their own. Since that time, Jews who are determined to keep their culture and ethnicity intact have had the option of moving back to their historic homeland.

Lippmann was motivated, talented and wealthy. If he was so concerned about losing Jewish culture through assimilation into Australian culture, why wouldn’t he spend his time lobbying for Jews to return to Israel? In fact, why wouldn’t he move to Israel himself?

Perhaps there is another reason. Maybe Jewish leaders have a fear of finding themselves on the wrong side of a rabid, nationalistic movement in a predominantly homogenous nation where they are the only recognisable ethnic minority.

Given the past couple of thousand years of history, This would hardly be surprising. Today’s Anglosphere however, is not 19th Century Russia or 1930s Germany.

Jews have lived and thrived here since the time of Cromwell. They have never suffered the pogroms of Eastern Europe or the awful semi-slavery of Islamic dhimmitude. It was the Anglosphere that led the fight against Nazism. Without us, they might have been wiped out completely.

So successful have the Jewish people been in Australia that 5 of our 10 richest people are Jewish. This, from a group comprising just half a percent of the population.

So are Jewish leaders really intent on breaking up the homogenous composition of our society? Are they doing this because they fear our power and wish to change Australia into a “community of communities?

Again, this hardly seems like an intelligent course of action. There is little or no reason to suspect the sudden rise of a Nazi movement in a nation which has so recently fought to eliminate Nazism.

Even in the (highly) unlikely event that Australia were to suddenly become wildly anti-Semitic, Jews now have the option to emigrate to Israel. In the age of air travel, this is a matter of a few hours away.

The idea that Jews would pursue a strategy of destroying our society to make it safer for Jewish people seems ludicrous to me. Even were it to be successful, it would leave Australian Jews in an increasingly Islamised society which would be extremely hostile to Jews (as French Jews are finding out).

In the event of failure, it carries the risk of creating a backlash against the entire Jewish community from traditional Anglo Aussies; most of whom have been very welcoming to Jews. It is a perfect “lose lose” strategy.

The worst part of this activism is the rampant hypocrisy it entails. As far as I can determine, none of the above mentioned Jewish multicultural activists have ever advocated for any form of multiculturalism in Israel.

These three examples are far from unique either. In the information age, these facts are becoming available to a mass audience. This does real damage to the reputation of the Jewish community as a whole.

I don’t know the reason why Jewish leaders are pursuing this strategy but I strongly suspect that have badly underestimated the power of Islam. Despite their intelligence, most Jews seem as ignorant of Islam as other nationalities. They still believe that Arab hatred of Jews is the product of a recent territorial dispute.

They don’t realise that this hatred is engrained in the Islamic religion. They don’t realise that as Jews, they have broken the dhimmi contract and occupied an Islamic “waqf” (a land which has been conquered by Islam and is to be ruled by Muslims forever more. See the Hamas Charter for clarification).

By my understanding of Islam, this means that the Jews will never be forgiven by the Muslims. They will be mortal enemies for evermore.

I think however, that the Jewish community is beginning to realise that multiculturalism is a mistake. The growing populations of Muslims around the Western world are undermining support for Israel. They are also undermining the safety of Jews in the West.                                                                                                                                                                                      No amount of media or cultural influence can change this.

Anti-Semitism and attacks against Jews in France are at levels not seen since WW2. Many other European nations are not far behind. No matter what policies Israel implements, this hatred will never abate.

Does this matter? The option exists for Jews to move back to Israel. Record numbers of Jews are fleeing from France to Israel to avoid persecution. Perhaps Jewish leaders see this as desirable. In a way, it does strengthen the State of Israel by increasing the number of Jews there.

The migration of Jews to Israel comes with serious downside however. Firstly, it reduces the influence of Jews in the West. At the same time, Muslims are gaining influence in the West through growing populations who vote strategically.

Israel is a tiny nation surrounded by large countries who want to destroy it. They depend in no small measure on the support of the West for their security. By promoting mass Islamic immigration into Western nations, they are undermining that support badly.

Secondly, the balance of power could be about to change in the Middle East. For decades, Israel has been the only nation in the region with nuclear bombs. Thanks to Barrack Obama (who nearly 80% of Jews voted for) Iran may now be close to acquiring its own bomb.

Once it has a bomb, all Iran has to do, is to find a way to deliver it to Israel (possibly in a sea container) and it is all over for the Jewish state.

Iran won’t even have to drop the bomb. No one wants to play “mutually assured destruction” with members of a suicide cult. If Iran gets the bomb, then so many Jews will leave Israel that the remaining Jews will be unlikely to be able to defend themselves.

                                                   Merkel still suffers a 30s guilt?

But where will all the Jews go? Will they go back to France? How about Merkel’s Germany? One thing is for sure, if this scenario were to unfold, Muslims in the West would use every ounce of their political power to deny entry to Jews.

It would be reminiscent of how the Arabs used the threat of revolt during WW2 to pressure the British to prevent Jews escaping from Europe to Palestine.

How much political power Muslims will have in the future depends on how much Islamic immigration we have now. So why are Jewish activists promoting it? As I mentioned previously, I have no idea. I certainly don’t think Jewish people are stupid.  

Jews have the highest measured IQ ratings of all ethnic groups in the world (East Asians have a slightly higher mathematical IQ but the “verbal IQ” of Jews is off the scale). Unfortunately, even really smart people have been known to do incredibly stupid things.

I suspect that Jewish leaders are as out of touch with their own people as our leaders are with us. I think however that ordinary Jewish people are beginning to realise just where their idiot leaders have been taking them. I sense a push back against these crazy ideas by ordinary Jews.  

In my view, the cancelled meeting with One Nation was an important part of this process.

I get the distinct impression that someone very powerful agrees with me.


Maybe this is why there have been so many celebrity "deaths" in the past year. Maybe they just faked their deaths to slip away to ANDINIA, just like Hitler did so long ago.

The point is that Jews and Muslims are natural allies, Jews having created Islam to do their bidding, and this explains the strange Unholy Alliance between modern (((Marxists))) and Muslims against Christians.
So please don't worry about the Jews, because they've already got their escape plan to "Andinia", but need to create a "victim" scenario as an excuse to "flee".

Even Muslims do not realize that their entire religion was created by wealthy 40-year-old Jewish Yemenite Cabbalist Sorceress & Slavetrader Khadija, who asked her 20-year-old employee Mohammed to marry her, later filling his head with occult visions and helping him invent his "new" religion based entirely upon the Jewish Talmud & Torah, though he did not realise it, because she was careful to pretend that Jews were also his victims, though few have ever been killed by Muslims at any time in history.
It was her vast wealth, inherited from her Jewish father, which funded Mohammed's army of conquest, wiping out whole countries full of Christians. After her death 25 years later, his Jewish adviser Abu Bakr offered him his 6-year-old Jewish daughter Aisha as his second wife.

We are told Evolution is a Fact and yet the whole World is dictated to that we have to put out contantly for this lot, or you are a Nazi or anti semite, if you dont let them have their way all the time ,kill who ever they want ,ripoff whoever they want ,expect free $$$ from every country

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Israel - How German Built the Hebrew Language

Israel – when an Israeli gets out of bed on a dark morning, she will switch on a light Schalter -switch in English] and wash down a Biss (bite) of toast with a Schluck (sip) of coffee - all Hebrew words that stem from the German language.
After breakfast, an Israeli driving to work must occasionally using the car’s Winker (from German word Blinker, or indicator) or the Wischer (windscreen wiper) if it rains.
Many words in Hebrew entered the language through German immigrants who arrived in Israel in the last century.
Israeli linguist and journalist Ruvik Rosenthal distinguishes between words that originated directly from German and those that found their way into Hebrew from Yiddish, a German dialect once spoken in Jewish ghettos across Central and Eastern Europe.
“It’s mainly in the worlds of construction, engineering science and architecture that almost all (Hebrew) words have their origins in German,” says 64-year-old Rosenthal, whose own parents came from Germany.
The vocabulary arrived in Israel particularly during the Fifth Aliyah, or wave of immigrants, in the 1930s when German Jews fled persecution under the Nazis.
Yiddish developed as a fusion of medieval German dialects with Hebrew, Slavic and other languages, a reflection of the migrating Jewish diaspora. The German words that have filled gaps in Hebrew are a result of the migration of Jews from Europe into what became modern Israel.
Read on-

"And Jehovah said to her [Rebekah] Two nations are in your womb, and two kinds of people shall be separated from your bowels. And the one people shall be stronger than the other people, the older [Esau] shall serve the younger [Jacob]" (Gen. 25:23)
"In the days of John Hyrcanus… the [non-Israelite] Edomites became a section of the Jewish people." Article entitled "EDOM," Encyclopaedia Judaica Vol. 6, p. 378 (1971)
The Jews are of Esau (Esau married into the Canaanites – descendents of Ham] and therefore not of Israel or Judah; Jewish Encyclopedia, 1925, vol. 5, page 41.
Esau’s wives and Sons. Genesis 36:2-5
Esau was foolish in marrying two wives of the Canaanites, strangers to the blessing of Abraham, and subject to the curse of Noah. It grieved his parents that he married without their advice and consent. It grieved them that he married among those who had no religion. The Son’s of Noah had wives when they boarded the Ark, and it would seem that HAMS wife was of CAIN.
Talmudic tradition has it that the mother decides race.
In an article on “Edom”, the Jewish Encyclopedia (1925 edition), has this statement:
“(In 163BC) Judas Maccabeus conquered their territory for a time. They were again subdued by John Hyrcanus (about 125 BC), by whom they were forced to observe Jewish rites and laws. They were then incorporated with the Jewish nation, and their country was called by the Greeks and Romans, “Idumea.” With Antipater began the Idumean dynasty that ruled over Judea till its conquest by the Romans …From this time the Idumeans ceased to be a separate people”…
So a hundred years before Christ, Judah was inhabited by Edomites and native Israelites who were both followers of Talmudic Judaism, seeming to heal the breach between Jacob and Esau. But the Edomites proved to be a discordant element. And in 37BC, Herod the Great (74-4BC), an Idumean or Edomite whose wife Mariamne was a Maccabean, became at the age of 36, undisputed ruler of Judea.
The Pharisees gained ascendancy over the Sadducees, and there were so many Edomites in the population at the time of Christ that the land was called Idumea (Mark 3:8).
The Edomites participated in the defense of Jerusalem against the Romans during Titus’ siege (AD66-70). According to The Jewish Encyclopedia (1904, Vol. V, p 41), “Immediately before the siege of Jerusalem 20,000 Idumeans appeared before Jerusalem to fight in behalf of the Zealots who were besieged in the Temple”. More than a million inhabitants of Judea died and 97,000 were taken captive. An unknown number had fled either before or during the siege”…
…”What is fascinating is that this is the last mention in history of the Edomites as a people. Yet Bible prophecy indicates that Edom would be an enemy of Israel in the latter days, and we find that their only connection to a present-day people and religion is with the so-called Jews and Rabbinism, or Judaism. As the Edomites are accursed of God, we may assume their disappearance from historical records was intentional, for we see that they stole or assumed the identity of another race. An interesting observation is that the policy of the Illuminati is always to act under another name and a different occupation. So in order to find out who and where these Edomites are today, we must discover who the Jews are today”…
Isaiah 34:8, KJV, calls it “the controversy of Zion,” speaking of divine judgment against Edom. Historically, about 126 B.C. the Judean leader, John Hyrcanus, conquered Idumea (Edom) and forced them to convert to Judaism. Josephus wrote about this and concluded by saying, “they were hereafter no other than Jews” (Antiquities of the Jews, XIII, ix, 1). The Jewish Encyclopedia says “from this time the Idumeans ceased to be a separate people,” for they were absorbed into Jewry. This meant that the prophecies of Judah and Edom were bound together.
Malachi 1:1-4 prophesies of this controversy, showing the Zionist motives of Esau. Verse 4 says,
4 Though Edom says, “We have been beaten down, but we will return and build up the ruins”; thus says the Lord of hosts, “They may build, but I will tear down; and men will call them the wicked territory, and the people toward whom the Lord is indignant forever.”
This is a prophecy of modern Zionism in the past century. The spirit of Edom has worked within world Jewry, saying, “we will return.” God does not refute this, but says only that “I will tear down.” If Edom had not returned and rebuilt the ruins, God would have nothing to tear down, so the establishment of the Israeli state was inevitable.
The establishment of the Israeli state was the fulfillment of Isaac’s blessing upon Esau, for at that time Esau received the dominion and took the birthright name Israel for itself.
The second half of this controversy involves the remnant of Judah to whom the Edomites were united forcibly in 126 B.C. This turned out to be the “evil fig” (Jeremiah 24) company which remained in rebellion against God. They rejected Christ and usurped His throne, as we have already shown. Jesus then cursed the fig tree (representing the nation), but later prophesied that this fig tree would again come to life and bring forth leaves (Matthew 24:32). Leaves, of course, were the very reason why the fig tree had been cursed earlier (Matthew 21:19). Jesus came looking for fruit, but only found leaves—a show of righteousness.