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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Vice President Joe Biden’s decision not to run has left the Democrats in a precarious position. They now have one lone candidate in Hillary Clinton who is under FBI investigation (you can forget Bernie Sanders, the Commo bloke) and with an endless dribble of emails to surface from her home server between now and the election she seems a dodgy conveyance ...  and the Democrats have no emergency reserve.

The latest GOP debate has sealed Jeb Bush’s fate, he needs to stop haemorrhaging dollar notes that could assist a genuine candidate. Huckabee is hopeless, Jindal’s a joke, Paul is pathetic and most of the others need to get a proper job. Only Cruz, Rubio, Carson and Trump remain as possibles with Fiorina appearing to be a top running mate.

Three separate polls show the unthinkable Sanders beating Trump and Bush by between 9 and 12 points which might be an indication of how far left the dependent Left has drifted under Obama's socialism.

But it’s more important that the GOP decides who can best beat Clinton, and at the moment that looks to be Cruz. The Trump flame is flickering and come the primaries it could well flame out completely now he has written off California, and possibly Florida, with a promise to deport 12 million wetbacks.

“I will build a wall and the Mexicans will pay for it”, he exclaims. Well, there are plenty of ways to make them pay for it, but a wall is no deterrent as he can build a 40 foot wall from Tijuana to the Gulf of Mexico and all the smugglers will need then is a row boat at either end.

If he builds it into the sea the smugglers will get a bigger row boat or make use of any of a hundred drug tunnels at one hundred metre intervals. A bloody stupid idea!

There will need to be some sort of amnesty and then drone surveillance with effective backup unless the US is happy to go the way of a borderless Europe.

Trump is good entertainment for now but few would see him as a serious alternative to Clinton in a Presidential election.

Ben Carson is unusual with a quiet magnetism. Both sexes are attracted to him and so are Tea Party conservatives but he is too far Right to get much of the black vote. He is a fraction naive and has macro economic and foreign policy blind spots (which could easily be fixed of course). It's hard not to like the bloke.

Ted Cruz reckons he’ll eliminate the partisan IRS (it has been caught targeting conservative taxpayers), the politicised Department of Education, Commerce, Energy and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The same duplicated Federal Agencies Australia could well rid itself of, plus about 20 more. But unlike in Australia, US candidates tend to carry out their promises when elected.

To win a Presidential election you must be able to attract either the Latino or the black vote, Huckabee’s evangelicals are a diminishing force as all religions are waning in the US except for Islam, and Islam seems happy to hate everyone, so that should even things out a bit.

That leaves Marco Rubio who is likely the best credentialled and politically competent of all but he lacks presence, and Americans don’t like short candidates, particularly when they look about 18. (He's actually 43.)

Only the diminutive try-hard, Rand Paul, is shorter than Rubio, and the taller of two candidates has won 80 percent of all elections during the entire 20th century... maybe times have changed.

So, unless you still believe in Trump, that leaves Ted Cruz. Both pass the height test but Cruz and not Trump should pass the primaries and caucuses test in the new year... and that’s where polling will start to make sense.

So in the meantime I’ll frame a new book: Cruz, 5/4 on

                                                                           Rubio, 5/2

                                                                           Carson 3/1

                                                                           Trump? Write your own ticket.

Fiorina?... Unlike Trump's assessment of her, I reckon she’s sort of yummy, if you half  close your eyes.


Cruz has some sense, at least he understands the AGW and green energy scams.

Amazing that Larry thinks a wall won't work when it works well for Israel and those razor wire fences thrown up by Hungary and a few other countries in the last few weeks stopped the influx of muslims into those countries dead.

If you want to make up reasons Trump won't win, go ahead but you'll be wrong when the election happens. Trump's policies are widely supported not just by the Republican base but by large numbers of independents and many Regan type Democrats. He has a long history of getting done the things he commits to doing.

Oh, and that Rubio chap is an out and out RINO, just another Clinton type without the dress and the lengthy track record.

Hey Larry if I half close my eyes all I see it eye lashes .

Trump is most likely candidate to win the Republican nomination based on all the polls since the primaries began. But at the end of the day, people must understand that Hillary Clinton is an "untouchable" and no matter what scandal, what lies, what controversies the woman has been involved in, it's like she has a "Get out of Jail" card. Nothing happens. There are some very powerful people behind Hillary Clinton, including the powerful (illuminati) Bilderberg Group, and these people have decided Hillary Clinton will be president, and absolutely nothing must get in the way of that ... except Donald Trump who is not indebted to anyone.

Carson has not got a hope because of the lies in his book. he is a liar and fraud like all useless niggers

Kate "Babooshka' Bush for President.

The Bish sends her naked Selfies to Ben Fordham.

Hey, Malcontent, .. did you see Camilla and Charles at Martin Place ?, ... more popular than you, You Dick-wad.

How can we keep Turnbull out of the Country ?

The Bish, is she Scab Ripper Off-erer or just Scab ?

Fiorina reminds me of the Bish, Julie Bitchop, ... and I am sorry, but hard power women have a high Dog factor and turn straight men gay.

Cruz impressed. Smart and not a bad bloke. He would do a good job, But, ... is he what the people want?

Internationally, Trump, like Putin, will have magnetism.

Carson, too quiet to be a President, and his Anti-social youth is a bit strange, and will turn many people away. He has many religious backers. Obama has spoilt his African American chances. Smart people will not trust a man with a manufactured soft voice. He sounds like Michael Jackson's Doctor, ... a bit creepy.

The Republicans used Carson v. Trump to bring Trump's numbers down and to level the playing field. However, this will only serve Trump in the end, as a desperate public will bounce Trump back to fill the US International status and power vacuum.

Rubio looks like a dickhead,

I reckon Trump should call a truce with the Mexicans by installing a visa system or something that supports both parties so Trump can protect his American's by deporting all the Muslims out of the US instead of the Mexicans (who do want to work and they do) and the free world will clap him .

Seeing Trump doesn't like Mexicans invading the USA how does he feel about invading Muslims ? Seeing most of the invading Muslims are men how are they supposed to get married and have a dozen children to help them suck the public teat of their new homeland a branch office of Islam, if there are no women of their kind to become married to breed what good are these men of Islam in a western country ?

Today! The Winner of any Nomination or Election is the one and their team who promise the most for NOTHING! The Bludgers and the Zombies are in the majority, so Socialist and Communist liars and false Prophets are the current preferences. Ob has destroyed the USA so WHO would wants to take on the Challenge of turning such a Juggernaut around !?Still reckon any nominee who shows talent, commonsense, acumen and charisma will have to 'watch their backs' !?

Great choices:

A Criminal, A Whore, An Idiot and a Liar.

..for mine...."the Donald" is the man for me to be the next President...he espouses issues very simply that need to get America going again and get from under the styfling wet blanked that "Obongo the Nigger" has cast over the country..."the Donald" will stop illegal a big wall that Mexico will pay for...deport all the criminal illegal cockroaches to where they belong....and thats South of the border....rebuild the its woefully depleted and bogged down with equal rights for minorities and LBTGFUCK crap...he will tell arseholes that want to fleece America to go and get fucked....I just love it...he will cut taxes and bureaucratic crap...thats about all you need to do to get the country firing on all 12 "the Tedster" too...

No matter who gets in they will be serving the interests of the U.S Kikes and Israel

Dont know where you are looking and seeing but disagree on this one Larry. Trumps doing fine and as for giving up California? Republicans never win it anyway its always Dem and Florida is not gone at all. There movement at the station in the US so things may surprise.

I liked your post Kill.Never be afraid of having a go at telling the truth.It is always better than a perfectly presented lie any day.