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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


ASIO reckons they can’t keep up with the work load as China now knows more about our secrets than ASIO does. Well, fewer golf games might help the spooks get on top of it. ASIO has been a Canberran joke for 50 years and Red Hill’s embassies have been openly co-opting Parliamentarians like Dastyari and Bob Hawke for not much money. Neither of whom has been held to account.

One incompetent spook boss after another has finally landed ASIO with its current Director-General, Duncan Lewis who, after reclining his Italian leather chair a notch further back, relies on budding jihadists’ families to “dob in” their prospective jihadi martyrs. 

And in the interim, they insist there be no criticism of Islam as it may dissuade these “sensitive Muslim families” from “dobbing in” their family members. Sheeeeeez!

                                   The fight now begins to see who holds it

As we can look forward to a surge in terrorist activity now that al Raqqa has been dismantled as the centre of ISIS’s caliphate, again we are told not to jump to conclusions. These attacks are “lone wolf” things and not a reflection on Islam. We must not upset good, honest, welfare dependent, Labor voting, Muslims.

I know it’s difficult to get the obvious through the top spook’s thick head, but terrorist incidents are pretty well exclusively Islam inspired. “Allahu Akbar” is not a Presbyterian expression. And separating heads from torsos is not a custom of the Hillsong mob. “Oh, but we foiled 25 attacks”, say the authorities. Bullshit! That’s so easy to say when trying to explain your apparent incompetence. 

Name one Muslim who has snitched on an active jihadist and I’ll show you one dead Muslim who won't be looking forward to 72 virgins.

As for Chinese and Russian interference in Aussie politics, there has only been interference when ASIO and ASIS are asleep; they mostly are. As the new ASIO building (above) cost approached $800 million, it was discovered the Chinese had stolen the blueprints replete with all the internal wiring, so the entire interior had to be ripped out and replaced. 

So where was ASIO then? Well, our band of Commonwealth sleuths must have been on the nineteenth hole over the road at Royal Canberra again? I used to play golf with these blokes once a weekday and I can tell you they have combined IQs of a mentally retarded turtle.

And Red Hill’s embassies invite all the likely politicians to their regular, themed, drinkies which degenerate into gear-off affairs. And that’s for a very good reason, you see no-one is ever game to say anything, (including me). A likely politician who is bumping into walls, pissed as a parrot with donger in hand and propositioning an attache’s missus, is a fair catch!

Either he agrees to cooperate or not, either way he will never say a thing!

Okay, I must be honest, this was my experience 50 years ago, but I have, among many, a clear recollection of being starkers talking earnestly to a starkers foreign Consulate Official with the Official’s topless wife (well, I think it was his wife) busy doing some yummy stuff with my package. I just kept talking for as long as possible before rushing off to find my partner.

How espionage was conducted through the 50s and 60s has likely not changed, so when the ASIO boss says it’s all too hard,

… hmmmm, he’s probably right.


Is he trying to build a rapport with the people? Must be the wrong people he's working for...

Lewis is both a butt hole and islamophile. He has totally capitulated to Hanson and should be fired for treason along with Brandis and ScroMo.

To quote John Singleton," every 5 years i just find a woman that hates my guts and giver her $5million"

Sorry DG, I meant I should get off the drugs and stop sending posts to the police.

Homosexuality & Islam are synonymous.

ASIO is just a useless gay club. Defund the cunts. We can do a better job ourselves.

What a jerk off you are DG. Get off the drugs as so charged and you might stand a chance.

Whoever it was that offered you help dotty was 500% correct, Get some help IDIOT !

Where is he. Seems to have disappeared off the radar

Who's can you get up HH? Try as I might I can't envisage any bloke in the country that would root you.

Yes I get the legs in the air for when i banged the bedhead with Bruce.

Wow, it must have taken notice when I said I'd been losing weight since coming off certain medications, it called me little ! LOL

At least I can still get it up Get Up.

When stating Facts becomes an offence, you know things are not going to end well. Political Correctness and Islam have shown that both, bring the Grim Reaper one step closer to you and your children.You should be concerned in the extreme....It will not stop....In the last 1400 Years it has never ceased its desire to Slaughter ALL and sundry in it's name in order to gain power. We have Mr Turnbull and ASIO to protect us all..Both Support the Enemy, and Both allow and promote spending your tax dollars to ensure the Enemy are fed and their Training facilities are maintained to their agenda, the Islamification of Australia. A Dog act by ANY Standard. Traitorous Bastards, you can only feel sorry for all those Australian's whom laid down their lives to Protect Our Australian Values and Standards..

O/T.....Coorie set of teeth found in Germany.Could rewrite human history ....

New post everyone

Bloody hell that Duncan Lewis is a sorry spineless looking piece of shit.

The MSM keeps repeating that the YES vote for same sex marriage in well in the lead.
I was of the opinion that homosexuals in Australia are a minority group.
If the MSM is correct in their forecast.
Does that mean that we are being sold down the river by(Normal ?) Australian families ?

Geeeee, those Kiwi girls are real cuties, the new Labour PM is nearly as cute as Helen Clarke. Who won the Kiwi beauty comp ???? No one.

NZ announced new Stable Block to be added to Parliament for the Old Whorse....