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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Abbott unzipped something that has been said on this blog for over seven years and it won’t get you an invite to any dinner parties because it’s not PC in inner city electorates where everyone wants to project a caring, considerate note of self-aggrandisement and love for everything Left. But Abbott is right… it’s global cooling we should fear. It’s when the globe cools that species die and diminishing food becomes a famine.

If only that galah Gore had made a film about the possibility of cooling, people might have listened to his frogshit. Maybe we would have excused his outright lies and dodgy graphs in exchange for an accurate bigger picture.

                           The greater the level of CO2 the greater the growth

The plant food CO2 fiercely promotes the growth of plants and crops. Ice, snow and cold winds utterly destroy them with an ever-increasing reliance on energy for warmth. But energy is another matter that Labor States believe we can swap for subsidised rubbish like solar panels and windmills.

But I’m well and truly over my “mates” in the leafy suburbs, my SMH friends with strange titles and odd letters after their names spluttering hackneyed hyperbole like, “We need to have a conversation going forward about blah, blah.”

You know, those boring bastards, who can’t say they phoned someone without placing their thumb and little finger to their ear. Small busted birds who roll their eyes at anything sensible? Those uni blokes, who think their shit doesn’t stink, and who need to scratch their balls before setting out to attempt to destroy an argument with unrelated bullshit?

Labor, pollster and neighbour, Rod Cameron, who asks questions of people he knows will give the answer he wants and then explains how right they were in tomorrow’s SMH. 

Then there are the obligatory poofters who, with their cosmetically challenged partners, bring wine that tastes like camel's piss and drink all of the only decent bottle left… the bloody expensive one I brought. 

I don’t bother attacking the plate of broccoli salad before pushing away the inedible experiment of curried Polynesian paw paw shit.

Nup, I’m over it, I’ve now become an Abbott man and that means no more invites for me…phew! 

At least if I stay home eating weet bix and muffle something derogatory about Muslims, I don’t get asked to leave. 

They didn’t want me at their dinner parties anyway. They hate me! They hate it that anyone else might have media influence. It’s the Left’s obligatory “inclusive” thing that’s supposed to cultivate and encourage freedom of expression and diversity of ideas… theirs! 

And if I dare mention something positive about Trump, they call the bloody police!

There is a whole new world out there when you divest yourself of Lefty media “friends”. In all my years in Fairfax I knew of only two people with a middle of the road philosophy. 

Now the entire organisation is bereft of anything conservative. The ABC is appallingly disgusting under Michelle Guthrie (above) and should be defunded. It is of no value to anyone apart from itself. Yet it is overseen and encouraged by PM Turnbull.

Tony Abbott has ideas that would benefit Australians greatly but when he was PM he did not follow through with them, and he is not likely to do so if he became PM again. Whoever leads the Liberal Party must work hard to wrest control of the damned Senate from the Greens and Labor.

Right now I can’t see anyone able to do that and we are facing a tectonic movement away from conservatism with this same sex marriage vote, a vote that will encourage Turnbull to crawl even further to the Left and give the Greens, Labor, media, universities and corporate Australia even more reason to follow the Left over a cliff.

The only way for the Libs to win the next election is to rewrite the book on an energy policy that is dragging us into the arms of the despicable UN and EU.

Last night Tony Abbott wrote the foreword and now it’s time Turnbull started on chapter one.

By the sound of the furore from the Left, Abbott has hit this global warming crap out of the park...

and Turnbull isn't even at the game yet.


the only way the Libs will win the next election is to loose the one before it......

TpmG, you need to educate yourself. Try reading the Torah and the Talmud. Come back when you are in a better position to debate the subject.

Israel did 9/11. Israel is currently behind most worldwide terrorism. Why do you continue to defend terrorism. Are you one of them?

Soooooo.... in your world, the Imperial Japanese Navy mounted a midget submarine attack on Sydney Harbour in May 1942 so their duplicitous Jewish mates could buy into the suddenly depressed Sydney Harbourside real estate market at rock-bottom prices with the ill-gotten gains they had managed to squirrel away when they escaped Nazi Germany.

Gents, I've met some really unpleasant people who happened to be of the Jewish persuasion, but I'm not sure if they were arseholes because they were Jewish or just because they were arseholes, because believe me, I've met far more blue eyed, blond haired Aryans who were as far up the arsehole tree (if not higher).

I'd be really interested to hear your spin on what that Jew John Monash was up to between 1915 and 1918. Getting as many goyim Australians killed as he possibly could as he sent them into battle so there’d be fewer goyim left to be exploited by his ‘Juice’ mates?

Reminds me of what happened in Germany sailor. The vultures coming in and snapping up all of what was worth anything at rock bottom prices. I started to think this could have been another false flag. The deviousness these people go to, knows no end.

Sailor, many of them were relatively recent arrivals from Europe and one night's 'war' by three mini-submarines was small change compared with what they'd escaped from. The behaviour of many of Sydney's rich immediately after war cane to Sydney on 31st ma 1942 was not in the "bronzed Anzac" tradition. They fled in the hundreds to the Blue Mountains, flogging off their waterfront properties for a song. The newly arrived Europeans, many of them Jews, snapped up the bargains.

Read my avatar to see what is planned and what is coming unless people wake up an start thinking for themselves.

It happened before you were born Trader, most of what we are or were taught about history science and virtually everything else is all bullshit.

New Post Up.

OT -
WATCH: Border Wall Prototypes Almost Complete

Border wall prototype construction enters its final days along the United States’ Southwest border in San Diego, CA.
President Donald Trump promised to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. Prototype construction began last month, with crews given 30 days to complete their models.

Watch these latest construction videos from U.S. Customs and Border Protection:

OT - Trump Administration Withdraws from UNESCO, Citing Anti-Israel Bias

Yasser crackafat and ringo starr

Gunmen open fire in a mini-market in Sweden. Several seriously wounded.

Saw Jennifer Lawrence going off at the mouth saying it's because Donald Trump got elected that climate change is happening (hurricanes etc). She said it was Nature's punishment because he doesn't believe in 'climate change'. Clueless Clooney is another who likes to peddle lies.

Tony Abbott called climate change 'crap', now I know why all the dunderheads attack's his fault!!!

Rose McGowan Torches Jeff Bezos on Twitter: ‘Stop Funding Rapists, Alleged Pedos, and Sexual Harassers’

Netherlands - after 200 days negotiating four of Hollands political parties have formed a coalition to govern - and excluding Geert Wilders populist anti immigration party the second largest in the country. .....The Netherlands apparently determined to commit cultural and homeland security suicide and to continue to import migrants and terrorists from the ME and Africa ....why is that.

Despite the barbs thrown at Donald Trump, from every quarter, despite the Democrats bemoaning that 'we were robbed at the last election, despite hurricanes, drought and flooding rains -

- The lowest employment rate in the USA in 43 years has been recorded under Donald Trump - Harley Carnes.

- Donal Trump has signed an 'executive' which weakens the Obamacare law.

Hungarys PM Viktor Orban - Protect Christians in ME and Africa or the destruction of Christians will come to Europe..... Winston says - Christianity has been under attack in Europe and other "former" Christian culture /civilisation Western nations by the Marxists and their fellow travellers for some time - supposedly our own who have got away with blasphemy ridicule sneering etc of the kind that triggers terrorist attacks when they try the same on Islam...and which is called "hate speech" by our politically correct virtue signalling pro mass migration multicultural proponents. Hate speech only goes one way doesn't it - why is that.

‘You’re all p*** and wind’: Peta Credlin cuts loose on live TV

TONY Abbott’s ex-chief-of-staff Peta Credlin left a news panel stony-faced and off to the break in a brutal on-air blow-up.

WELL this is awkward.
Former PM adviser turned political commentator Peta Credlin left TV host Paul Murray throwing rapidly to the break when she unleashed on a live Sky News panel, suggesting she knew more about the inner workings of the Liberal party than anyone else present.

“You’re all piss and wind,” she said, gesturing at fellow-panellists Laura Jayes, former Labor adviser Nicholas Reece and Murray on his show Paul Murray Live.

Credlin fired up when political reporter Jayes floated a suggestion that Immigration minister Peter Dutton was tipped to be the next Liberal leader.

Credlin was having none of it.

“Can I just be really frank here,” she interrupted. “Journos, journos, journos ... and a Labor outsider. Nobody is going to tell you in the Liberal Party what is really going on.

“They are more likely, the conservatives, to tell me. And I think you are all p*** and wind. Because I tell you what ...”

It was at that point Murray had had enough.

“Thank you, let’s take a break here on Paul Murray Live,” he said, throwing to a break.

As the camera’s stayed on the panel, he sipped from a mug. A wide shot showed the entire panel sitting uncomfortable, and stony-faced.

Same thing is happening in australia being pushed by our racist commissioner tim soupspoon also the government has been quietly employing non whites, you're obviously no idiot AB when are you going to realise this is part of wider program to dispossess whites of the countries we built? Are you that indoctrinated you can't see it? We are being flooded with immigration and pushed out of the workforce under the guise of equality and diversity, they are using these pretty names to dispossess white people,