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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


More like a lack of leadership decision. And the new tranche of anti-terrorism legislation has more holes than a crumpet, but it’s a start and shows the Government has recognised the threat even if it still can’t legally identify it as a Muslim threat. It would never have passed the Senate anyway. 

The trouble with a Government with a large majority is that many new Members, with likely-to-be-reversed majorities, pressure Cabinet to desist from making controversial decisions. 

The onus to be placed on an accused Muslim suspect to prove his innocence is not likely to be used, and certainly not in a criminal case, which it would need to be. The judiciary would have a pink fit. 

But in civil matters, Government agencies already place the onus on the accused to prove the agencies’ assessments wrong. 

This applies to the ATO who will assess you as owing them a certain amount and the debt will stand unless you can successfully prove them wrong. Default judgments also apply to all councils and police who can fine you where the burden of proof of innocence rests with you, often at great expense and without hope of costs being awarded.

But in a criminal case, “guilty until proven innocent” is simply unacceptable and unviable in our Westminster system of justice. It’s surprising Senator Brandis even considered it.

Declaring a home-grown Muslim to have been radicalised in a foreign theatre of war is a misconception. A home-grown Muslim has already been radicalised well before he decided to book a damned air ticket. 

And where has he been radicalised? Either within his already radicalised family, within his already radicalised circle of friends or in a mosque, or within all three... and that’s where the Government’s mettle will be tested.

Mosques’ clerics are serial offenders at inciting terrorism and must be covertly monitored. Judges can sign a warrant to allow police forced entry to a mosque at any time where they believe an offence is being committed. 

Where an offence under current legislation has been proven, the cleric must be either deported or charged and the mosque decommissioned if not indefinitely then for, say, 12 months. 

A second offence and the mosque is destroyed.

Islam’s evil is devised and planned from mosques’ tentacles outward, the unemployed foot-soldiers on disability pensions are radicalised right here. 

They don’t need to go to Syria to discover how to make a suicide vest... instructions that are not already on the damned internet can easily be made available to those intent on mass killing! 

Communications with overseas or local terrorist cells is a simple process unless the Muslim is already on a watch list. But terrorists who attract Islamic youth know every trick in the book.

Apprehending Muslim suspects returning from overseas or even restricting travel will be pointless if a Muslim has simply bought a return ticket to Egypt and has taken a bus trip through any porous Syrian or Iraqi border post carrying a letter of approval from any “approved” terrorist.

Australian mosques are protected centres of Islamic extremism and the rapid proliferation throughout our cities and towns must stop. Group Islamic violence is committed after Friday prayers! Now, why would that be? 

We should not prevent any citizen from worshipping his god of choice but when a house is designed for and used by criminals to manufacture drugs it can be declared derelict. If police discover an illegal brothel or betting shop they close it. 

There is already ample legislation to cover a mosque that incites terrorism or public unrest, it’s just a matter of political will... and I doubt that will be there until after the first tragedy.

The howls of protest coming from the Left will be drowned out by a hitherto silent majority. There is a massive groundswell of support to actually name Islam for what it is and bring it to account.

It’s simply no good pussy-footing around Section 18C. The threat is an Islamic one, it is a cult that promotes the violent destruction of those who disagree with its vile edicts and it should be outlawed. 

Our children are too important for it to be necessary for us to prove which snake in a writhing nest of vipers is poisonous.

The bullet should be bitten, Islam must be named as the dangerous cult it is and its followers as potential public threats, as other nations have done, and damned well deal with it before what is otherwise certain to happen happens.

Isn’t that the role of government, if not of opposition?


Muslims in Australia SHOULD feel targeted because they are NOT WANTED in this country. Their cult will never be accepted or integrated into our communities. Its as simple as that.

18C is supported by Jewish interests. See here, you one-eyed fool:

Yes it’s Easy to Hate the Moslems like the Rat Bag in the above picture.....
That’s EXACTLY what the Illuminati WANT.
Take a good look at the screaming morons above and consider the following;
The Yanks have the ultimate defence network specifically designed to prevent attacks like 9/11.
It’s called NORAD. It protects both the US and Canadian air space from ALL sorts of attack and has at it’s disposal the very latest up to date super duper technology “Star Wars” at the Cheyenne Mountain instillation.
Do you seriously think the above Barbarians, armed with Stanley knives could completely rout all of these systems?
Not ONCE but FOUR TIMES all on the One Day?

But the Illuminati COULD !
And DID !

9/11 Was an Inside Job !

Does this sound familiar? ........
"There will be no 18C under a government I lead." Australian GLADIO. First let in the enemies of the local white culture, then use the tactics of tension to force people into demanding their own enslavement. And never, ever let the secular mainstream free born people of an anglo-saxon / celtic country have their God given rights including free speech. The controllers know that it took no more than handful of committed anglo saxons, saxons or vikings to upend the barbarism apple cart and found a civilisation at the drop of a winged helmet. So it must never happen again, eh? #AustralianSpring

The Palestinians propaganda machine knows how to touch our hearts. It never is right when the innocent get killed, but how do you stop a force of utter evil from hiding behind the innocent. They would behead us without blinking an eye, yet we have empathy for them and why is that do you recon? Because I believe they use the words “women and children” this gives them the tools to use for sympathy from the west’s bleeding hearts against Israel, a democracy who is only protecting its people like I expect our Government to do if in the same situation. Hamas have stated that they will fight till there is no Israeli standing. So what hope is there for peace in that region.

ALSO - I just Don't Like the Bastards!!!

I remain convinced the TA is a strategic thinker. Strategies are hard to spot, tactics are very obvious. TA has charge of the armoury and he has just found a weapon that could silence both the progressives and Islam, section 18c. So why would he throw it in the trash can? In my corporate life we were taught to use the defences of the enemy against themselves, a principle known as " turning the trebuchet". Section 18c was created by the progressive left to censor the right but it works both ways. Does anyone on PP really think that Bolts sins were worse than Imams, Muslim racism, progressive bile, Mike Carlton, Price, New Matilda and the Conversation? Of course not. So how do we smack them over the head for the hypocrisy they dish out daily? Easy, Section 18c. Don't miss strategy.

There has been much criticism levelled at Abbott of recent times and calls for others to replace him eg Morrison . Turnbull etc . I always understood that a great leader was one who ensured his team were better than he was . TA has done that . Why stuff up the team when TA is leading well

18 (C) was dropped because of the Jewish Lobby, close to, and within the LNP.

I know how you all feel. My first reaction was the same - very disappointed and almost betrayed. Then I thought: what if he had gone ahead and presented it to the Senate? It would have been rejected for sure and it would have given the left media, labor and the greens enough ammunitions to destroy the government for months. Now, the government is in the process to introduce new controversial security legislations. Tony says he wants all communities to co-operate and does not intend to give the left any ammunitions. All I am saying is be patients. Give the PM some time and trust. After all he has stopped the boats, repelled the CT and is in the process to restore the budget. All this with a very hostile Senate. He will get to 18C in time. Give him time.

Dweezy - I think you need a bit more resolve yourself. Don't give up so easily. Your Liberal days are over? - why - just because Tone doesn't do everything you want. Both Parties have their flaws but I think the alternative is a basket case. The Liberal leadership needs a review. Tony has done some very good stuff but agree he does a number of things out of left field which are hard to understand. Maybe a change of leadership but I think writing off the Liberals is a bit extreme. You have a choice of Liberalism or Socialism or heaven forbid Loony Greens or the Rabble. Liberalism is still the best choice without doubt. We need someone with more resolve and Morrison looks like the front runner at the moment. Don't give up on them yet - you know there is no one else to turn to.

Zionism must be named as the dangerous cult it is and its followers as potential public threats

dweezy....I feel the same.I am so disappointed in some of the things that Tony...and his advisers (there have been bad there a nigger in the woodpile?) have done. However, I would still vote for him as he, and the Coalition ,are all we have between us and the Muslims.Please re-consider your non-vote.Write and let Tony and your Federal member know how you feel...I'm going to! He should tell us WHY he made this terrible backflip, otherwise he is going to lose a lot of voters!

Oh Dweezy, I am thinking on similar lines to yourself. We saw Tony Abbott as the answer to our problems with Gillard/Rudd/Labor union heavies, but alas, we are stretching our patience. My advice is just wait a little longer, the alternative is frightening. Tony Abbott is not a man of charisma, charm or presence, he is a professional politician, and that's good. but he is lacking the ability to LEAD HIS PARTY. Look at the telltale signs of body language, lip licking, stumbling over his lines, repeating his core message over and over again. Quite clearly the job is beyond him, he has been over-promoted and now the flaws are appearing. However, let's give him some more time to shine. God knows, we need leadership now. Could it be that the gene pool has finally depleted itself.

And aren't they just loving all the attention - see China has outlawed burqas, beards, veils etc in one of its cities - we should do the same here and send all those muslims back to where they came - they have destroyed their countries over thousands of years - leave ours alone - nick off!

madmax---have got to be honest----the Budget wasn't explained,and was not sold well.---It left too many gaping holes for the labor/greens.---But understanding the Budget,i thought it was fair.

Here is a poll on 18C,