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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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$15 grand eh? Are you sure you can afford it?

Renny Carter

Renny Carter, 53, is an old journo and one of the Liberal Party's faceless men, who has opinions on anything and everything in contemporary life.


I'm feeling a bit sorry for Prince Andrew and if I'm to be honest, being a baby boomer, I have enormous respect for the Queen but her dysfunctional brood is a product, not so much of the strictures of a Royal upbringing, but of the contemporary lifestyle.

Today, millions more walk away from dodgy relationships than they did in our parents’ age when we stuck it out through thick and thin lest ye cause a scandal.

The Queen's children are hard pressed to find a valuable role in the world and even harder pressed, if single, to get a root who won't then tell the world all about it for money when it is over. 

 But this latest Australian woman who is screaming that she was a paedophile's number one girl and trained up to root Princes and kings (and Prince Andrew) is a load of rubbish. She was a conniving hooker. Nothing more, nothing less. She could have 'escaped' this 'dreadful' lifestyle at any time she wished as she flew unaccompanied around the world for her 'dates'.

She could have called the coppers if she was being held prisoner by this evil billionaire with his palatial digs in locations all around the world. She was rubbing shoulders with other wealthy socialites and could have whispered in their ear as well if she had wanted to.

But she didn't. She was really a highly-paid call girl getting at least $15,000 a shag by her own admission and could have walked away at any time she liked, given that she claims she met people like Prince Andrew in public bars and discotheques.

She even has the gall to rate him as a lover. What hope has a Royal to become a good shag given that he runs the risk of total exposure whenever the conquest feels in the mood for another payday, and nothing but the slim pickings of a bunch of title-hungry Sloan Rangers to practice on.

I have no sympathy for this woman. She made her decisions and decided to become a hooker to the rich and famous. Sadly because some men labour under the misapprehension that young women are better, her tenure was limited. More fool her. She made big money, got to see the world, got to rub shoulders (and a few other things) with powerful people. Be grateful. You made good money.

Most at your age were working at McDonalds for 8 bucks an hour.

But, as is always the way with these people, they see a pay cheque at every turn. Like the bloke who cut Jack Nicholson off and then got all amazed when Jack appeared at his car window flourishing a two iron and threatening to dent his car. He got a 'Gregory Peck' from Jack for half a million dollars for that. I'd love an opportunity like that!

But to willingly go and shag Prince Andrew for 15 grand. Nah! Any thinking woman would know it's not worth it. But there would be a queue round the block willing to give him a try.

To come out of the woodwork 20 years later in the hope of yet another windfall is really just a return to what you started out in life doing. You are a hooker. Get over it! 


this link is for anyone that may be interested in the world wide pedophile ring in which this woman and Prince Andrew were involved in. When i say were I dont mean Prince Andrew believe he would still be involved. This is 8 minutes of David Icke's weekly Video cast for subscribers. the full version is about 48 minutes. I am a subscriber and I get a link to his full Video casts every week. Like I said it is for anyone who is interested. I dont want any abuse from the usual culprits for posting this link.

Larry, What everybody is missing about this Randy Andy and Virginia Roberts affair is all the connections to many people that are disclosed in these following articles! 'MOSSAD, HILARY CLINTON, JEB BUSH, SARAH KELLEN' Also this one 'EPSTEIN; TARA CALICO; JOHNNY GOSCH; CHABAD; DERSHOWITZ; BUSH' also look up The Franklin Coverup Scandal The Child sex ring that reached Bush/Reagan Whitehouse

Larry, no-one in the Australian media have reported her true motive for this. This is in reality a publicity stunt. At this moment, she has a "tell all" book at the printers, for release later this year. She has done this to gain public interest, notority and publicity, and the Australian media have either conspired with her or have fallen for it

I admire your ability with the pen Larry. >>> Spot on with this one and it is the "floozy " hooker who should be getting the Tax Office boys questions for starters.

(con't) Of course the episode of perverted and criminal “acting out” is videoed and photographed and kept “in the can” ready for the Cabal-owned Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) publish a story that will ruin the “Rising Star” forever within 48 hours if he strays outside his new allowed parameters. This process was featured in the movie “Eyes Wide Shut” by producer Stanley Kubric who was believed to be an “insider”.

Now in order to move up to the next level of power a Rising Star must allow himself to be even more compromised, but such is always met with huge increases in rewards, perks, status and income provided (often as “set-aside allocations in foreign numbered bank accounts), so there is very high motivation to advance, especially because Rising Stars have known sociopathic tendencies or they would never have been selected in the first place or entrusted with high positions in the cabal.

Ultimately this process of incrementally increased human compromise leads to a highest level test which can include attending a pedophile party. Sometimes at the highest levels the party is at a hunting lodge and naked kids are hunted like game with high powered rifles. Sometimes babies are sacrificed and their hearts eaten. Sometimes children are sacrificed and then dismembered. Here is a brief description of atypical entry test or ritual to a candidate for membership in the OCC. He prospect who typically has the potential to be a rising Political Star will be introduced to someone with a soiled track records but lots of money who will offer a partnership of employment to the potential recruit. If the Recruit takes the bait and allows himself to become compromised he is brought into the OCC and positioned for an additional test of increasing human compromise, if passed can catapult that person all the up the Cabal’s food chain to the highest levels.

This might typically be an invitation to a special party of super-elites, Top Policy-Makers who occupy very high positions in the Cartel. Drinks are provided by formally dressed butlers or waitresses and contain either a hypnotic like Placidyl, or a date rape drug like Rohypnal, Scopololine (aka Boradanga) or even a Mickey (Chloral Hydrate). Things get fuzzy and the next thing the “Rising Star” realizes is that he finds himself waking up having sex with a child of either sex.

The host catches him, the “Rising Star feels intense shame and is very confused. The host tells him that things must have gotten out of hand, but not to worry, that sometimes these parties get wild and out of control. The host becomes the Rising Star’s new sponsor and explains that sometimes these parties have very young adults that look like kids to entertain the “Big Boys” and this is what happens sometimes. The Host explains that at such a high level in the power structure there is complete trust between compatriots and they cover for each others weaknesses or mistakes.

WORLD WAR III: Anglo-American Axis vs. BRICS Alliance

Undeclared War on Russia Reflects the Sheer Desperation of the Anglo-American Axis

He is definitely the man for this period of time - setting the stage for the final conflict in my opinion. Pakistan has a very good relationship with China and Iran. Modern day Babylon is going to walk into a trap [Jeremiah 50&51 50:24] Tony Abbott and Shorten haven't got a clue.

Putin's the man.

Yes, you have got it right, it appears she is just a common prostitute, when one looks at the facts and gets down to it (pardon pun) . Maybe she is a bit past it now and not in demand anymore and funds are getting a teensy bit low??? Wasn't there something about writing a book as well? If so, this publicity that the media is so keen to give her, could pave the way for good sales…..if you are stupid enough to buy it…and plenty would be…sex slave ….what a load of unmitigated RUBBISH.

Heres a bit of hot sauce on this subject. My first contribution to the actual subject! In the civil lawsuit complaint, Virginia Roberts alleges that she was used as a sex slave by billionaire hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein. She claims Epstein made her have sex with his political and business contacts, including on three occasions with British royal, Prince Andrew. The lawsuit also reveals Clinton took multiple trips between 2002 to 2005 to the billionaire’s private island in the Caribbean, where underage girls were reportedly kept hidden away.

A slightly different tilt on this story and one I’m more inclined to believe but beware it does mention Israel and the Mossad.

We don't want that sort of stuff thrown in our faces. Kids are too precious to be used as fodder. A win win. Can't wait for the new avatar. Fresh start. I changed my avatar once when I was under attack from DJT.

This site feels cleansed. Much better. We can discuss important things again.

Rinaldo, looks like Russia is on track here

I'm not too knowledgeable about this hooker woman but there's one deranged loon, an emeritus professor, a PhD, bla bla, obviously an example of there being a fine line between madness and genius and she's on the madness side. This of course is Gillian Triggs that pest we see buzzing around Scott Morrison at Senate hearings and compelling him to eat her alive. This loon wants to give a total of $650,000 of taxpayers' funds to two convicted criminals. Could someone please lock her in a room with both of them. Typical of the trash a few too many Australians want back.

Shame marigold. Don't let stuff get to you. I hope you reconsider going.

How Russia Can Stick It to the US in 2015

•Discredit the post-Maidan Ukraine government
•Move along the peace process in East Ukraine
•Have a great China relationship
•Ease contradictions between China and India
•Beef up the Eurasian Economic Union


HRC commissioner Gillian Triggs wants the taxpayer to compensate this criminal $350,000.......A DETAINED Indonesian refugee who beat his Australian spouse to death with a child’s ­bicycle should be released into the community and given $350,000 compensation for seven years of “arbitrary” detention, the Australian Human Rights Commission has found.

John Basikbasik, 51, a former West Papuan independence ­activist, has been repeatedly deemed too dangerous for release following decades of violent offending fuelled by alcohol. His offences include the manslaughter of his de facto wife in 2000 and numerous assaults during his seven-year jail term from 2001. He has been held in detention since 2007.

Psychologists have ­assessed him as having a high or moderate risk of reoffending, citing his impulsive personality and lack of “insight” into his crimes. Basikbasik had failed to adapt to a Western lifestyle, one said.

HRC president Gillian Triggs accused successive federal governments, dating back to the Howard era, of breaching the man’s human rights by holding him in immigration detention rather than monitoring him in the community.

“There is no information ­before me to indicate that the commonwealth considered whether any risk which Mr ­Basikbasik posed to the community could be mitigated by a management plan to assist with his rehabilitation or by a requirement to reside at a specified ­location, with curfews, travel restrictions or regular ­reporting,” Dr Triggs wrote.

“I find that the failure of the Minister (of Immigration) to place Mr Basikbasik into community detention or another less restrictive form of detention — if necessary, with conditions — was inconsistent with the prohibition on arbitrary detention in … the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.”

The Abbott government has rejected Dr Triggs’s recommendations, arguing that Basikbasik’s ongoing detention was “appropriate, reasonable and justified in the individual circumstances of his case and therefore not arbitrary”.

“His criminal history and imprisonment as a result of his criminal conviction of manslaughter in September 2001 would have been relevant in considering risk to the Australian community,” former immigration minister Scott Morrison wrote to Dr Triggs last May.

Dr Triggs’s push to have Basikbasik released into the community is detailed in a commission report released late last year.

The Australian has uncovered details of his offences and the psychologists’ reports.

The Abbott government has rejected a string of controversial arbitrary detention findings by Dr Triggs in recent months. The Australian last week reported Dr Triggs had recommended a $300,000 payout for a US-born convicted fraudster whom the government deported after he swindled $644,000 from taxpayers and banks.

The man was held in ­detention while delaying deportation with legal arguments ­described by the Federal Court as “frivolous, vexatious, embarrassing and (lacking) any support”.

Basikbasik, a self-described former alcoholic who fathered 14 children to four different women in Australia, cannot be returned to Indonesia because successive government assessments have concluded he is a genuine refugee.

Basikbasik pleaded guilty to the 2000 manslaughter of his spouse after first being charged with murder. Police said he had struck her over the head with a child’s bicycle several times after first punching her in the head.

Chief Justice Paul De Jersey sentenced him to seven years’ jail for “spontaneous” attack and noted he was “drunk at the time”.

Psychologist Kipling Walker found Basikbasik displayed a “persistent pattern of abnormal emotions and behaviour” and was at high risk of violent reoffending.

“He continues to use threats to get what he wants,” he wrote. “He has little insight into his problems with his temper. He will not benefit from psychiatric or psychological treatment,” Dr Walker reported in 2010.

Another psychologist, Emma Collins, found Basikbasik’s risk profile might be downgraded to “moderate” with “a proper management plan … and a supportive environment”. She warned he did “not appear to have acculturated to Westernised lifestyle” and likely expressed himself through ­aggression “due to his culture and the influence of machismo”.

Basikbasik has committed many violent crimes since arriving from Papua New Guinea in a canoe in 1985 and has a history of breaching bail conditions. In 1986 he was sentenced to community service for disorderly behaviour and in 1989 he was sentenced to three months’ jail for grievous bodily harm. Over the next seven years he was convicted and fined for numerous assaults, property damage and failure to answer bail. These include a string of offences in 1999 that included causing wilful damage, obstructing police and drug possession.

The Immigration Department said Basikbasik was involved in 50 behaviour-related incidents in detention, including assault. Investmentwatch (InvestmentWatchBlog)