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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Halal certifier, Mohamed El-Mouelhy, capitulated yesterday in the face of damning evidence that he has contributed to Islamic “charities” that funnel the money to terrorist groups. El-Mouelhy probably won’t know what capitulation means, so I will spell it out for him... “give in”, “fold”, “go to water”, “concede”, “surrender” and a word he should know intimately... “submit”.

This detestable bloke was suing Kirralie Smith and the Q Society for suggesting on a YouTube post that he might have been involved in contributing money from halal certification receipts to terrorist organisations.

Well, far from "suggesting" he did, and still does do that, proof positive is available right here on the PP homepage in a root and branch forensic expose of exactly what, how and where he does it.

To put it bluntly, El-Mouelhy has shat himself and no-one is prepared to lend him either a left or right hand.

He has clearly suffered financial loss as a result of Kirralie’s endeavours in a Senate inquiry and he balked at the evidence that was about to explode in court that may have led to charges that, if successful, would see him spend the rest of his miserable life in gaol.

To say he is one of Egypt’s worst exports is an understatement and he clearly believes all Australians are spineless fools. He may well change his opinion after experiencing a battle with the attractive firebrand, Kirralie Smith and her army of supporters.

Fairfax has been in regular contact with El-Mouelhy and its report today was typically biased in favour of halal certification and the greedy one man band of El-Mouelhy. Kirralie refused to comment to the SMH rag.

Well, El-Mouelhy ol’ mate, have another read of the 13 part series here on PP and you will probably shit yourself again. So take me on, you cosmetically challenged oaf. There is no doubt what you are up to and as soon as Turnbull stops dragging his feet and implements the advices of the Senate inquiry, the sooner you can pack your bags and relieve us of your presence in Cairo’s seedy backblocks.

Kirralie appeared effervescent and far from enervated when I spoke to her today. She is happy to have her family back and able to concentrate on far more important things than a low-life like Mohammed El-Mouelhy. 

(My words not hers.)


A Question Our Politicians don't seem to get....Can anyone here guess WHAT it is: Here Goes.......... It Kills Australians in Coffee shops, It kills Australians in front of Police Stations, It Runs down Australians on Footpaths, It Stabs Australians, It Bashes Australians, It Steals from Australians, It Rapes Australians, It Hates Australians, It Hates Australian Values, It Hates Australian Culture????? AND our Politicians, Well, we have all seen how they splash our Tax dollars in their direction at every opportunity to fund these Activities and ensure all their needs are catered to.....Well, are you clever enough to guess what it is????


The big question is this. Homos sodomising each other, slurping knobs, in full view of children, on the streets of Sydney, and bull dykes fisting and straponning each other, are they going to be arrested by the poofterised police service? Some sheila walking around topless might not be arrested these days, but I am sure she would be moved on after being told to cover up, but blokes rooting each other in Homo St, well, it's the culture of the street, of Sydney actually, so illegal acts of blokes pumping each other's arses is okay. Just like genital mutilation and child rape is cultural, it also trumps our laws.

_sailor_ the embecile (poofter / lesbian) - on the float tonight are you _sailor_ ? The 130 pillow-biter / carpet muncher ?

Whomever supports Islam in Australia, is a Traitor to Australia and its Conservative Western culture and values. The Qur'an is a book whose only place in Australia is in a Museum as a reminder of what a well proven Terror Manual looks like.

Wallied Aly’s wife, Susan Carland has drawn comparisons between the witch trials of the Middle Ages and the recent treatment of activist and author Yassmin Abdel-Magied. In an opinion piece for The Saturday Paper, Carland described the “Salem-esque furore” that descended upon Australia and surrounded Abdel-Magied over the past two weeks since her heated debate with Senator Jacqui Lambie on ABC-TV’s Q&A. Carland wrote: “In The Australian alone, there have been 26 editorials and opinion pieces, and four front pages and exclusives.” “Every major news site in the country, and some internationally, has run at least one piece on the unfolding drama – 184 at last count.” OF COURSE THIS MOSLIM THINGO WITH THE CURTAIN ON HER HEAD WOULD SAY THAT ABOUT THE COLOURED CLOWN.
Carland went on to explain that the media has taken screenshots of Yassmin’s Facebook exchanges and written scathing stories about them. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has weighed in. Our politicians have discussed the controversy during parliamentary question time. A former prime minister has voiced his opinion on the issue. Petitions with thousands of signatures have circulated both in support and condemnation of Abdel-Magied. The trolls on Twitter have come out in force. And even Solange Knowles has chimed in. Carland believes this kind of viscous, excessive response would be more fitting if Abdel-Magied had “outed herself on the program as a paedophile or a North Korean spy”.
“Yassmin’s crime was to say that she found Islam feminist,” Carland wrote in The Saturday Paper “She also said she believed sharia taught adherence to the laws of the land, that culture and faith were often conflated, that killing gay people was against her religion, and that she’d travelled the world telling people how much she loved Australia.” Carland believes that the media, especially the Murdoch empire, set out to annihilate Yassmin. “During a time of wars, famines, terror attacks and the most controversial United States president in history, Yassmin is being treated by the media here as Public Enemy No.?1.”
As Carland explains, these attacks on Yassmin were initially confusing. Isn’t Abdel-Magied the kind of Muslim people across the political spectrum want in Australia? Moderate, feminist, patriotic, tolerant and liberal? She’s a mechanical engineer who won Queensland Young Australian of the Year. She’s the gender ambassador for a bank and she sits on the board of an anti-family violence organisation. In fact, she fits so well into the description of a ‘moderate Muslim’ that politicians and the media have been demanding, that Carland says it would be ‘laughable if she weren’t so authentic”.
Carland believes that Yassmin’s claim of a personal coherence between Islam and feminism was the tipping point for many media outlets. “Women’s rights are theirs, and the subject has no place being bandied about by uppity Muslim women. Feminism is something the West beneficently imposes on Muslims, never something that can be indigenously theirs, and certainly never in a form that isn’t Western, liberal and secular.”
EVERY AUSTRALIAN VIEWER KNOWS THAT HER “islam is the most feminist religion” IS A DOWNRIGHT LIE because under sharia, women are not equal to men: a woman’s testimony in court is worth half of a man’s; she inherits half as much as a man; husbands are allowed to beat their wives for disobedience; sex with prepubescent girls, and having female sex slaves is allowed…..
“To them, the only way a Muslim can be a feminist is to view Islam with the same unwavering misogyny-goggles they do.” Carland says that the disproportionate treatment of Yassmin was a warning to other Muslims – keep your head down or we will destroy you. “So often we hear the same bleating refrain, “Where are the moderate Muslims?” After the past fortnight, the answer is apparent,” she writes. “You just threw her, and every other Australian Muslim, in the water. Moderate or fundamentalist, sink or float, the outcome is the same. And that was always the plan.”

A Christian father and his son have been murdered in an Egyptian ISIS hotbed just days after the group vowed Christians were its favourite prey. The two Coptic Christians were found murdered Wednesday in Egypt's North Sinai, a stronghold of the terror group. They said the son was found having apparently been burnt alive while the father, a man in his 60s, had shot multiple times. Their bodies were discovered at dawn behind a school in the provincial capital of El-Arish.
The Islamic State group, which has mostly targeted Egypt's security forces since the army overthrew Egypt's Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in 2013, warned on Sunday it would set its sights on the country's Christian minority. In a video released this week by the terror group, a narrator encouraged jihadis to terrorise and kill Christians across the country, according to Almasdar News.
It was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday under the title Kill The Kuffar, but it has subsequently been deleted. Christians make up around 11 percent of the Egyptian population and nearly all of them are Coptic. They have become increasingly vulnerable to ISIS attacks. On December 11, the jihadists claimed a suicide bombing during a service in a Coptic church in Cairo killing 29 people.
Masked assailants on a motorbike on February 12 gunned down a Coptic vet at the wheel of his car also in El-Arish, where gunmen killed a 35-year Christian civil servant at the end of January.

oops! said latter when i meant former!. you get the drift.

There are many people who commit crimes of many sorts there is your common thug who assaults others for their pensions and cards, there are the corporate crims who are after the big money, and there are some who specialise in scamming the public, and work on the idea that it is easier to scam a million people of a dollar each , that a million from an already rich person! this Halal scam is the latter, a dollar here a few dollars there , and bingo MR Houillly is a millionaire! it is no surprise that such a scam is tied in with a medievil religious cult,

Kirralie is a true hero. I do not want a single bit of the money I pay for food, vegetables, groceries etc. going to Muslims via the manufacturer of the product I buy. I don't know the legality of the practice, but I feel as if I am being ripped off bit by bit by a small group of people who have no moral right to be in this country and should not be here. It sounds illegal to me, and perhaps someone (read government) has not tried hard enough to get this sneaky, fraudulent practice into the courts.

Yes, a real concern in Queensland is the sale of huge water resources to Chinese interests!

All governments should take immediate action to ban this shit halal certification. They want it they do it themselves with all the proper health certifications so those of us who do not want it do not have to suffer their shit. That saying "Australia Love it or Leave, we need to add Australia our Food our Way, Starve or Piss Off! A great fight by the QSociety against this sniveling little grub!

Great news, congratulations Kirralie you must be relieved to finally get a result and maybe rid Australia of this grub.

Will do

Fake news or not I wonder......

Jeezus CC that's a big call mate. You recon PH has that in her?

Congratulations and thank you, Kirralie, for putting so much time, effort, knowledge and determination into fighting this halal tax scam on our behalf.

allready sold in qld cost ya a minimum of an extra hundred
thanks to that low life beaty

Abraham Gilbert saffron, clearly had links to the American Mafia (run by Jews not by Dagos as Holly-Jew-wood would have you believe, eye-ties are just the hired help.
The following wiki links reveals the names of much of the trash in NSW.
One good thing about the recent sexual revolution and poofterdom in general is people are less likely to be bribed over their rooting actions, the truth being we are all sexual beings.
John Howard is still a cunt
White power