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Monday, 18th February 2019

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... but the Don won anyway

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


It is of no consequence that his name was Abdul Razak Ali Artan and it doesn’t matter that he was a refugee from Somalia. And of course the fact that he had driven into a crowd of infidels before taking to eleven of them with a butcher’s knife just happened to be an instruction straight out of the ISIS handbook... it still wasn’t enough for authorities to declare this a terrorist attack, much less an Islamic terrorist attack, before they viewed his suicide notes (above). Presumably, Obama is still President!

Muslim, Buddhist or Christian... the real threat is Islam itself and what is required of a devotee of the cult. Each and every attack since (and including) 9/11 was by people who would never be suspected of unpaid parking tickets, let alone the killing of thousands, and that’s what makes Islam so dangerous.

Unfortunately the rhetoric that protects Muslims will remain until the 20th of January when Trump takes over and a new approach to Islam will catch up with Europe’s hard-learned lessons. 

Obama’s cowardly refusal to face and deal with any damned problem will be his only legacy. Turnbull will follow him into historical oblivion as he too refuses to face and deal with our Western Sydney Muslims and Sudanese refugees rampaging through Melbourne.

The Left has infiltrated our Security Agencies over many years and they are demanding that we don’t blame Muslims and that Islam is an honourable faith. And you think Donald Trump has a lot of cleaning up to do? Australia’s Green Left has remained unchallenged while it infects every corner of Aussie society, and we are sans a Donald to fix it.

Where is Australia’s rebirth of sanity? Where is our Wilders, where is our Le Pen? There isn’t one. Those who see Pauline Hanson as a saviour will need to wait for another decade or two, she is leader of a micro party in the Senate, and micro parties are not known for their longevity, even in the Reps. Not even the Nats, as Coalition partners, are known for their bush bravery.

Australia is in danger of being left behind with the plasticine Turnbull and a UN besotted stick insect to lead us. Both have resolved to leave the centre-right Abbott sniping away on the back bench. They have learned nothing from the disastrous Gillard experiment with Rudd.

Our craven Conservatives, under fire, have fled to the Left hopping into bed with Shorten while he pretends to have gone off sex and starts domestic arguments over nothing. So, who the hell do we vote for? Shorten’s out, Turnbull’s out and Pauline’s confined to the obstructionist Senate. 

Basically we are rooned, destined to drown in the wake of a reparative Trump tsunami with no-one in sight to deal with our Islamic terrorism or the UN’s massive global warming hoax which is designed to bash energy dependent nations into submission and allow Islamic OPEC to call the tune... which they are already doing.

All roads to destruction can be traced back to the UN where it planned a new world order as the defunct League of Nations. So what hope do we have with the stick insect photocopying Gillard’s infatuation with a UN seat where she can relax holding hands with her sleepy Mr Wonderful?

And Mr Turnbull? Well, while the rest of the sane world was lauding Trump’s win, he was emulating Gillard, snapping selfies and playing touchy feelies with Obama.

And Abbott? Well, if he was to be reinstated, which he won’t be, the main players and their roles would all still be the same. Abbott has suffered fiscal deprivation on the back bench and only a front bench Ministry can remedy that.

“No vacancy”, eh? Turnbull’s ridiculous appointment of Senator Marise Payne to Defence eventually had to be augmented with a novel "dual Ministry" that includes the 60 billion dollar submarine man from South Australia, Christopher Pyne! Neither is capable of the monstrously unwieldy Defence portfolio, whereas Abbott would be ideal.

Turnbull’s Australia runs last again!

But isn’t it nice that Abdul Razak Ali Artan held off his Islamic terrorism until after the Presidential election. I mean, any terrorist activity during the hustings would no doubt have assisted Trump and hurt Clinton, but the Don won anyway.

Yet it does make you wonder just what lovable links flourish between Islam and the Left.


Christianity is historically in conflict with Jewish values and the Christian New Testament replaces the Jewish Old Testament. The Christian apostle Paul even writes in the Thessalonians (2:14-15) about "the Jews,who both killed the Lord Jesus and the prophets, and drove us out. They are not pleasing to God, but hostile to all men". But the ranks of Christianity have been corrupted, materialism and pro-Imperialist support on behalf of the Church has tarnished the legacy of Jesus Christ, the freedom fighter. And so-called convert Jews have entered the ranks of Christianity, even its leadership. The Jew and Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger in France was even contemplated as one of the candidates to become the new pope. On a visit to Australia, Cardinal Lustiger was quoted in The Weekend Australian, 4-5 August 2001, p. 9:
"I was born Jewish and so I remain [...] For me, the vocation of Israel is bringing light to the goyim. That's my hope and I believe that Christianity is the means for achieving it."
This quote of Judaism using Christianity as a means for Israel is corroborated by Rabbi Martin Siegel, who in New York Magazine, January 18, 1972, p. 32, said:
"I am devoting my lecture in this seminar to a discussion of the possibility that we are now entering a Jewish century, a time when the spirit of the community, the non-idealogical blend of the emotional and rational and the resistance to categories and forms will emerge through the forces of anti-nationalism to provide us with a new kind of society. I call this process the Judaization of Christianity because Christianity will be the vehicle through which this society becomes Jewish."

Ummm he commented ! He commented! Anyway off that - back to the bill in US Congress. Seems EU has passed similar laws. RT therefore forced to closeScotland office and reporters trotting off to other countries outside of EU. If they stay charged with treason. So interesting developments in that real news cannot be reported without the threat of terrorism charges - so MSM can print whatever garbage they like. The only reason I real Sputnik and RT/Tass was due to the mere fact they only had to print the truth on the EU and US. Western leaders laid the foundations for Trump and snowflakes - war with Syria and ME problems. Seems no one interested in the fact that Putin aligning state with church - banning YouTube etal. Always a better FU by another i.e. Erdogan ...

Deary me sailor, did Mummy not let you have your way with the family goat?

W2 I refer to his knowledge of me. If sailor wants to indulge in stupid attempts to insult then his knowledge and opinion amount to exactly fuck all. PP is for intelligent and idiot free comment. I am not, however, insulted. Only fools can be insulted.

and yes I am whacked!

ummmm Glem - he cut and pasted from a news article - and it is correct - and his opinion is his and I support it. As for Italy's vote - well that was a big F.U. to the E.U. In fact I will take Italians F.U. and pass it on to you.... Unless of course you can adequately describe why the Italians voted the way they did.

sailor, you should keep your opinions limited to subjects about which you have some knowledge, ie; fuck all.

Israel is the only country in the middle east where you can practise whatever religion you choose to follow.

Obama left addressing terrorism, in the too hard basket. Simple for very bad people who, eg, had murdered someone in Mexico, to easily walk north across the border. In the past, bad men would father a child in the USA and that would seal the arrangement. Now it appears that even this is no longer a requirement. With a currency advantage of 17 to 1, these immigrants, once they get hold of some US dollars, can send substantial cash back home to family in Mexico.

We should not forget that Syria was home to anti Israel groups and both have been at war with one another off and on for decades, the last one was slap in the face for Israel, the Israelis think they can handle ISIL but would not be able to defeat a strong Syria, sure Assad has what passes for a democratic form of government , one of the few, but it still comes back to inter tribal and Israel/the Palistinians, the Iranians, the Saudis etc , this is the hell hole we get when religion and politics combine with tribal and ethnic hatreds,

When we read the ""manifesto"" of theses Islamic killers . one or the co called complaints! that spring straight from the Koran is , the supposed raping and killing of muslim women.Now i have read several books about Islamic societies Kirsi Ali ,s books ,one called Underground Girls of Afghanistan , and others , and it seems to that if anybody is mistreating Muslim women it is Islamic men! so called marriages between mature men and very young girls ,, the ""ownership"" of women and all their assets, by men, the difficult position of womens rights under islamic law ie almost non,honor killings , child labour in most Muslim countries the list is long, and such claptrap goes right to the top of what passes for governance in these crap holes, many devout muslims hate living like that .

is this vern actually derm the poster

Burqa Beetles !!!

Kaos has taken over the US and the world is worse off. According to Julian Assange Wikileaks, ISIS linked directly to the CIA and the Saudi's. The Yanks and their pathetic excuses (national security, democractic rights)for creating hell on earth.

Islam is not a religion. Islam is a violent brainwashing cult for the mentally disabled and inbred that must be totally wiped from the face of the earth with extreme prejudice. Australia must declare itself a Muslim free zone and demolish every mosque. while Obama thought he was protecting Islam and Muslims, he has through his inaction, lies, and fraud and support for Islam has awoken the general populations in the west to the despicable, fraudulent, anti-west actions of the elites and their hatred of their own populations.

Israeli intel chief: ISIS defeat will put Israel in 'hard position' - Israel to do "all we can" to avoid it
Jason Ditz
2016-06-21 17:54:00
In a speech at the Herzliya Conference, Israel's military intelligence chief, Major General Herzi Halevy, took Israel's long-standing position that it "prefers ISIS" over the Syrian government to a whole 'nother level, declaring openly that Israel does not want to see ISIS defeated in the war.

Maj. Gen. Halevy expressed concern about the recent offensives against ISIS territory, saying that in the last three months the Islamist group was facing the "most difficult" situation since its inception and declaration of a caliphate.
Israeli officials have regularly expressed comfort with the idea of ISIS conquering the whole of Syria, saying they find it preferable to the Iran-allied government surviving the war. At the same time, they were never so overtly supportive of ISIS and its survival.
Halevy went on to express concern that the defeat of ISIS might mean the "superpowers" leaving Syria, saying this would put Israel "in a hard position" after being so opposed to the survival of the Syrian government.
He then said Israel will do "all we can so as to not find ourselves in such a situation," suggesting that the Israeli military is looking at direct support for ISIS as a matter of policy, and not just rhetoric.
Protocol 3
1. To-day I may tell you that our goal is now only a few steps off. There remains a small space to cross and the whole long path we have trodden is ready now to close its cycle of the Symbolic Snake, by which we symbolize our people. When this ring closes, all the States of Europe will be locked in its coil as in a powerful vice.
Bastille Massacre: What The Globalists Don't Want Leaked Has Been Made Public!

The Untouchables.
Banu Qaynuqa tribe = JEWS!!!

You Can’t Understand ISIS If You Don’t Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia!
"Israelis: Is Judaism more similar to Christianity or Islam?"

So, this peanut-headed maggot has been put down by police action.


Let there be much more of it!

My tip is there will be plenty of vacancies after christmas!

The MSM would have spun it as a reaction to Trump, like they did with the gay night club shooting. The other problem we have is intelligence agencies seem to be full of 'Yes' men. So if the chief still thinks of terrorists being in cells with leaders and a chain of command, as was the preferred model for 1980, then the 'Yes' men will agree. Even though this assymetric terrorism is no different to the concept of the sleeper agent. The only difference being that the head of the organisation doesn't need to have a chain to communicate through to it's appendages. It doesn't need the agent to travel to it to be indoctrinated and programmed. Yet all these talking heads are stuck on their outdated models and can only say 'lone wolf' despite change of tactics and methods being Terrorism 101.

The real enemies lie within!