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Monday, 17th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



At last many of the Left Libs are questioning if they did the right thing by punting Abbott. Turnbull’s performance since the coup has been pathetic, lacking imagination, urgency and foresight. Abbott at least never gave Shorten the breathing room Turnbull has allowed him.

But how does he feel now that the two Party preferred vote is back to evens because Turnbull has squandered all the political capital that Abbott had safely banked for the next election.

Things are getting more and more strained between Morrison and Turnbull because Turnbull doesn’t want to spend any inherited popularity on remedial economic measures.

That’s why nothing has been done! And it has allowed Shorten to fill a gaping policy vacuum with stuff like a rehashed version of Keating’s negative gearing disaster.

Of course when you reduce the number of people eligible to negatively gear an established property, demand and therefore prices will fall. And when prices fall, especially while interest rates hover barely above zero, banks demand the home owner’s equity margin be increased.  Naturally the home owner is not able to post another $100k to give the financing bank a greater level of comfort... the home owner is battling to pay the damned mortgage as agreed.

So, the banks happily foreclose on a falling market leaving the home owner homeless and penniless with renters under increased pressure in a rising rental market.

Within weeks Keating had seen the inevitable problem and immediately reversed the ill-conceived legislation.

It’s doubtful Shorten ever will. 


What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


Bring back Tony Abbott. It will only involve a motion for a leadership spill in the party room.

As an EX landlord over 8 years, the renters of Australia can sleep in the park for all I care.

Simply not worth the trouble, hassles, and expense of it all.

Why is it always christian muslim etc. I am an atheist and raping kids is not my way. I live to protect the next generation so that they may improve humans, their is plenty of room for that. By the way my spellcheck says muslim should be capitalised, doesn't say the same for christian. I have no time for any religion, they are the evil of all evils. If I ever met god and had the ability, crucifixion would seem like a holiday.

BK, That's what Tony Nutt's email of last Thursday, seeking support was about. The achievements of the Libs - Mr Nutt used Howard, Tony Abbott's achievements were not acknowledged. Ho Hum. Gambaro has gone. How many have already gone before the next election? How many more will depart the sinking Empty ship?

she was doing everything except what she was suppose to ,managing the pm's office and not his agenda

The sooner Um and Ah Turnbull gets to an election, the better the chance for him. The people are quickly waking up to the fake. A decent Labor leader would win comfortably.

A handful of thieves already control the worlds currency issue namely the Bauers of giant Rothchild global fraud. Why some one has not shot those SOB's escapes me. Anyway, I digress, they already control the governments in the civilised world by dictating money policies, they can cause boom or busts, war or famine at will. They are the embodiment of evil and yet our so called leaders do nothing, and in the Turds case, they embrace it.
They can't help it, they are collectively ignorant of any biblical teachings and are totally stupid when it comes to visualizing where all this will end. They are as much to blame as the banks.
Stupid is as stupid does.

Billy B,so your OK with Turnbull throwing our Democratic rights in the "Dustbin"?Never reward a "Traitor"

Bloody hell, the cracks must be practically gaping in the Turnbull facade for the meeja to be publicising any criticism or dissenting voices against Lord Wentworth (Waffler of Wankdom) -

Anyone else think Alan Jones should just step out of the closet now?

A hard working team destroyed by the "perception" of narrow-minded, sleazy bigots. Disgusting. Not one new policy or achievement since Turnbull snatched power. No improvement in the fiscal outlook, no drop in un-employment and worse, more businesses closing their doors. Those 54 lily-livered, lazy, incompetent Liberals deserve to loose their seats. What a choice: either a backstabbing fraud or an accused rapist who still can't keep it zipped.

Shotgun. Just goes to show how many people watch the GayBC.

You are wasting your time BK.

Sorry, innuendo.

BK, the idea that a man can be happily married to the same person for life is abhorrent to those morons in the ABC. Their world view does not include normal people, the ABC is submerged in smut and inuendo.

Where were his short tight sparkly spandex shorts? - if he's gonna do it he might well do it properly.

BK as I said Credlin is correct.
Go waste Credlin's time.
Quote...." We worked together to take Labor to a draw in 2010 "

BK and preferred PM was easily won by Mal. The great unwashed losers are doing a Kevin with moderate success.

Peta got the 2010 election right
Yesterday silly BK declared Abbott won it.

When I went to vote it was only 250 people. 426 votes on this subject is very indicative of how many people are actually interested.