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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


WTF will we do when the footy’s finished?

It’s so painful to watch a once great Aussie side be subjected to third world, sub-continental, annihilation. So I don’t watch any more. The Ashes are gone again.

Time for a reset... our Aussie batsmen couldn't hit the water if they fell out of a bloody boat! 



What are They Plotting in Poland



No more GAYFL form me. I'm done, after 35 years. Thinking burning everything Swan's that I own. Post to youtube. Just like the Steelers guy.

The Homo's now have control of NRL and AFL. Time to find another pastime for me.

Some decades ago some of the arty farty types complained that Australian ( Art ) should 'get off the horses back' as a reference to preoccupation with certain lifestyle choices (among other things).....Perhaps its time for Australians to get off the sporting field....there are more pressing and serious issues we have to deal with. Sport is a smoke and mirrors Michael Collins was supposed to have said......" we don't play the garrison sports of our occupiers"......Rage against the Machine....don't accommodate it.

If you live in Qld watching the AFL is pretty stuffed anyway as every bloody week we have to watch the bloody Suns and the Lions even if the the leading teams are playing each other and this season the bloody money hungry AFL arseholes charged to watch match replays.

It has been too diluted and twisted.....Go back to the One Day matches with the odd test...Now they are all chasing the dollars instead of playing the game...Just like our Political Leaders, they have lost track of the reason they are there in the first place..When they get their snouts out of the trough they might be able to see the ball or swing a bat....

Any comments on those over stuffed and over paid hand ball players in the states getting all pc ,parading around like fairies with their helmets on giving one another high fives,.A pretty stupid game, if not for what passes as entertainment at these games who would watch such crap,. Some get paid millions just to grapple with another player,Rugby Union, The Kiwis play the rest ,now that is real game ! And by the way more blacks kill blacks than whites kill blacks, But they blame everything on Trump.

What to do? watch replays of the best games of each round, watch the SSM debate tear the country apart, watch Malcolm meet his waterloo in early December, and then before we now it, it will be pre-season.

I stopped watching these over paid under performing cricketing prima donnas years ago. I'm with you Larry, what the hell do we watch on TV now that footy's nearly over? A bit of golf occasionally but the rest of TV is shit.

Even when we had complete dominance of the game, that wasn't enough for the anti Australians in the media etc, continually bagging the players. Like Rugby, Athletics, Swimming and AFL, the game is run by fuckwits who believe it is their right to set political agendas. You can't even shout out support or make a smart remark, ( ala Yabba) without some PC fuckwit having a whinge. The attack on a 13 yr old girl at an AFL game by that big sook Goodes said all for me! Sport in this country is fucked. It is nothing but a tool for socialist engineers.

OK, so the Aus cricket team spend all their time playing the subcontinent. The fans here lose interest. The fountain frogs now rule the game. It was a game played by anglo's. Simple as that. The Windies were an exception because they were ferocious bastards. No one is interested in teams that are based on endless spin bowlers that rig their wickets. Forget them and play them poms, the NZers if we have to, and South Africa. And the Windies when they can field a decent team. Let the rest of the darkies play amongst them selves. They just see us as useless tossers now that we have been defeated..

Cricket is a sh1t game anyway. Never watch it.

Footy is finished! The way the present crop of sexually confused AFL administrators are concentrating on promoting their sexual preferences and their minority political campaigns I am sure it is finished! Next year shall be the year non contact AFL with all players wearing rainbow tutus and it shall be renamed WOOZZY FOOTY!

I like those old black/white pommie war movies, guess I will be looking a few of those up and watch them for a while!

TV, some great shows coming but tonight? Maybe 4 Corners other than that it's all shit, on all 652 channels. And Murdoch and his stupid old mate want to fight over Channel 10 ownership? If they only knew how many of us really watch their crap offerings.

I used to enjoy watching cricket but can't stand it now because we haven't got a cricket team anymore.

Breathe a sigh of relief.

For us diehard rugby league fanatic's we still have the world cup coming up starting on oct 27 with the grand final on dec 3, but after that its not looking good for the cricket so i 'll probally go camping up the beach for a couple of weeks.

mow the grass, it's been a while LOL do me tax return, get those damn divorce papers sent off, and of course send off that yes ah no letter LOL that should get me past a couple of weekends!!

WTF will we do when the footy’s finished?

Those that follow AFL will find watching dung beetles a suitable replacement

My trenchant views on all sport is well known, but those black morons in the USA really take the prize. Do they REAKLLY believe that most yanks want to hear about their pathetic attempts to keep black criminal yoof in the news? Prove every day that they are over paid, over sexed, under educated, and anti America. When they kneel en masse, I'd get one of IS's head loppers in to finish their misery!