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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


WINDSOR WANTS NEW ENGLAND BACK?...Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!!!!

The millionaire grazier who gave us an illegitimate and expensive Julia Gillard is back and spouting the discredited global warming hoax, promoting an unfunded Gonski scheme and still venting his venom over Abbott while telling whoppers about the Ord River scheme.

Tony Windsor has just shown his true colours and they are shades of burnt umber attained by mixing bright red with a dirty green. Barnaby Joyce is pissing himself.

So where is Windsor’s mate Oakeshott? Has he given up his job at Burger King so he can challenge Trump?

How do these galahs get into Parliament in the first place?


What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


If it happens again will just show brain dead sheeple we are.

I have to admit to watching about 10 minutes of Insiders on the ABC on Sunday (10 minutes was enough). Some shelia was trying to tell us that Winsor had a chance, because he would pick up preferences from Labor, the Greens and other independents. What a laugh. Labor and the Greens combined won’t even poll 20% of the vote, and neither will Windsor. The guy has lost all credibility in the area (which is why he didn't nominate in 2013). Joyce will take the seat with an absolute majority. Windsor really is an obnoxious little arsehole isn’t he?

As a boy I learned to tie the Windsor Knot, I never though it would be used to strangle Australia's economy by tying us to Gillard's disastrous policies.

Seeing as the dumbest creature on the face of the earth, The Australian Voter, will be involved,anything could happen. The A V does not seem to be able to understand the words like traitor,liar,disloyal . They may understand two faced c---t as that is what he is.

"How do these galahs get into Parliament in the first place?"

They are elected by all the other Galahs!

Windsor will win, with the votes of stupid and gullible New England voters.

didn't Windsor say he wanted out of politics because of some life threatening illness ??

Tommo, correct, how much of the crap legislation and regulation have the LNP scrapped, bugger all!

Piers Akerman: Windsor has already lost his bitter battle

March 1, 2016 5:02pm
PIERS AKERMAN The Sunday Telegraph

SURELY Tony Windsor is having a lend of the good people of New England.

Having betrayed the conservative constituency by succumbing to Julia Gillard’s siren song and enthusiastically leaping into Labor’s bed in 2010, he now wants the voters to give him another opportunity to see how much havoc he can create with the political system. Naturally, he enjoys the support of the ABC and Fairfax, and locked-in Leftist organisations such as GetUp!, because he is running against a principled conservative incumbent, the National Party leader and Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce.

It was more than telling that Windsor opted to announce his decision in a tortuous ¬address to the press gallery in Canberra on Thursday rather than in his old electorate.

Those who know him best would not have given him the same fawning attention he received in the national capital, and it is also revealing that the letters of support for his candidacy come from inner-city ¬addresses, not from rural and regional Australia. Indeed, while Windsor makes much of his farming background, those who live in New England are well aware that he trousered a fortune from leasing a chunk of his family farm to a coal mining outfit.

But it is easy for the simple-minded Greens and anti-mining lobbyists of Newtown, Marrickville and Balmain to cut Windsor more slack than they might otherwise give a man who has profited mightily from the coal industry because Windsor is a hater and there is nothing the Left revels in more than someone who passionately hates.

The principal target of Windsor’s hatred is the National Party because he harbours the delusion that he was once dudded on a preselection deal. He wasn’t. There was no conspiracy but in his squirrelly mind, there must have been.

Judging by just some of the policies he supported when he gave his all to the Gillard government, the Nationals knew what they were up to when they decided not to let him run under their colours.

Windsor likes to paint himself as conservative independent but that is hardly true, any more than he truly represented the majority of New England voters when he turned his back on the Abbott government.

With the debt they left we now can't afford the bullets!

You are sooooooo right Turbine, it won't be long before car salesmen will be higher on the ladder of esteem than teachers.

So independents are Labour stooges? Sorry your local country LNP lot are carrying on the Labourgreen water theft .They are gone and not just MIA this time.

How Windsor maintained his credibility as the champion of rural rights after he sold his own property to Chinese mining interests is beyond me. You know where you stand with Barnaby. Windsor absolutely exudes malice & bitterness.

The teachers were dumbed down first Gman, at least two generations of them. I n my day teachers were looked up to as leaders and shapers of the coming generation. Now they are a joke, barely at the same level as those they teach with similar snot nosed appreciation of their surroundings.

BK, voters still have the final say, no matter what those retards in the liebor party try to pull and I think the average Aussie is waking up, albeit very slowly, to the lack of truth in the national press. The people on this blog have been aware of the quality of the media in Australia, indeed the western hemisphere, for a long time.

Why is he always looking out of the side or corner of his eyes. An old farmer once told me to never trust a horse that did that.

As predicted , Clive has fallen to his Bi Polar disorder , Windsor in definitely Mad but as cunning as a shit house rat.

Yes Lance , Windsor doe show the hectic flush , once common in TB, but I lean more to your diagnosis of alcohol induced grandiose Psychosis.

I for one would trust neither of them Windsor for all the reasons given below, Barnaby for being piss week and bowing to the pressures of the party, he spoke loud and brave but when it came time to do something he wimped out. Lower House spoil your ballot, Upper House ALA people!

Both should pay back what their actions cost this country !

If they cannot pay .... then like China .... put against a wall and shot