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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



As predicted here for over a year, wind turbines are on a death sentence due to the ineffectiveness, cost, and stupid subsidies that must now end.

It seems only Obama, Weatherill and Al Gore want to persist with insanely inefficient forms of energy at the expense of everyone bar themselves. Tens of thousands of windmills are now left abandoned and solar panels have extremely limited value in a first world. 

Yet the Greens still hope for a miracle to replace coal.

Coal is here to stay. The Paris Accord is finished. The global warming hoax has been realised and now we can slowly get back to normal while trying to limit the damage the far Left has caused.

The sight of dilapidated windmills will become a common sight that is now an even worse pollutant of our landscape.

Goodbye Gore, goodbye Greens and fuck you Weatherill.



What are They Plotting in Poland



Another "terrorist attack" in Brussels by a Somalian with a machete, concrete bollards going up all over Sydney CBD to protect us against "terrorist attacks", why don't they call it like it is, that being "Muslim attacks" because that is what it really is.

Larry, we are still in the Paris accord, so unfortunately I don't it's finished. Judging by this stupid 11 million dollar eye sore that clover Moor wants to waste Sydney rate payers money on SSM etc. I don't see these lefty wankers lying down anytime soon.

And where were the greens ,Flying, obviously wringing their hands and crying , over the choices , possums or wind mills ,

Jay Weatheral , hoping that the newly opened copper mine north of Pt Augusta will win the next election for labour, Treasurer Tom, eager to grab the hoped for $ mill in royalties,

Al Gore is reportedly making another movie , it is said to be even ""scarier "" than the last one!,

Pallachook and her incompetent Labor/ Union/ Greens/ Independent Party has decided to build 115 turbines near Dalby. It will cost $500m, but it's all okay because, ""This project will contribute up to $4 million each year to the local economy." So, we'll only have to wait, oh about 125 years until it's paid for itself! This whole "global warming" bullshit is certainly putting a lot of taxpayers money in certain peoples pockets!

Fat Boy Kim. Should test his nuclear missiles on SA's wind farms.

Illweather used to take it up the clacker from Wenny Pong wearing a strap-on.

Blow the lot up!

Maybe that is why they do it. Otherwise they have such "in the gutter" minds they should not be allowed on blog sites. Decent people don't talk that way.

I agree with you Wheelie. Sometimes the left wing trolls use such foul language that I cannot pass Larry's excellent articles on.


Wind farms linked to temperature increase

By Science Online's Stuart Gary, posted April 30, 2012

Air turbulence from giant turbines causes air temperatures to rise around wind farms, scientists say.
Researchers including Associate Professor Liming Zhou from the State University of New York examined conditions around 2,358 turbines at four Texas wind farms.
Writing in the journal Nature Climate Change, Professor Zhou and colleagues reported a temperature increase of up to 0.72 degrees Celsius per decade at wind farm locations, compared to nearby areas.

They also found the effect to be greater at night than during the day.
The study could help researchers better understand the impact of wind farms on local environments.

After discounting the impact of surface features such as vegetation, roads, light reflection and surface structures, the researchers concluded that the temperature change was caused by air turbulence generated by the turbines' giant rotor blades.

"Turbine rotors were modifying surface-atmosphere exchanges and the transfer of energy, momentum, mass and moisture within the atmosphere," they wrote.
The findings are based on nine years of satellite data covering an area of central western Texas, where some of the world's largest wind farms are located.

The results match modelling studies showing wind farms can significantly affect local scale meteorology by increasing surface roughness, changing the stability of the atmospheric boundary layer, and enhancing turbulence in the wake generated by rotor blades.

Professor Zhou and colleagues said a large enough wind farm could even effect local and regional weather and climate.


Can't wait for the clearance sale .

We lucky Nth Queenslanders are being blessed with a new wind farm at Mt. Emerald near Atherton. 53 wind turbines with a blade lengths of 57 metres .The foundations are to be 50 tonnes of reinforced steel with about 750 tonnes of concrete. There is to be a special loading area at the Cairns wharf and the blades are to be trucked up to the Tablelands via the Palmerston Highway. The Gilles Highway has 230 bends so is too bendy to be able to handle the blades that long, Ratch Australia are so proud of this abomination . They are due to be operational by September 2018.

I wonder just how many Green Imbeciles are aware of the amount of native bird life that are wiped by daily by these wind farms


Ignore him.

No, feedback, he'll starve.......!

Funny, I have seen new ones being put up in Vic in the Last 12 months, I with I had your confidence Larry.

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