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Sunday, 24th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Wild animals don’t kill other wild animals for fun... but this wild animal does

Robert Borsak, NSW MLA for the Shooters Party, loves killing things, it makes him feel good.

His friend, Robert Mugabe, accepts large sums of money in exchange for allowing Mr Borsak to shoot defenceless animals. The grander the animal the greater the cost of the permit.

Mugabe personally pockets the permit fees to adorn his multiple palaces while he applauds the mass murder of white farmers and spits on the millions of starving Zimbabweans.

At the next NSW election it might pay to remember the name Borsak.

It’s spelt B.O.R.S.A.K.   



What are They Plotting in Poland



Dingo's will maul cattle rear ends . What is the difference between the fellow in the photo to a government employee culling animals because they are starving or for many other reasons ? Instant death to that of a long and painful death seeing culling in most cases is carried out from a helicopter .

So why do foxes when they get into your chicken coop kill every single chicken? One free range chicken farmer I know has had 300 chickens killed in a night. I have had all 12 chickens (good laying hens) killed by foxes, not once, but twice. Why do dingoes go on a killing spree and kill and maul dozens of sheep in an attack? Also polecats if they get into your chicken house will also kill the lot.

Looks like one shot to the head just above the right eye, another in the ear lobe. Looks like a 12 gauge in the photo, so I reckon who ever did this is a bad shot, I can't believe you could drop an elephant with even a solid in 12 gauge and the person that really shot this poor beast isn't even in the photo. I reckon the wanker really is a complete wanker. Got off the tourist bus and made a hero I mean dick-head of himself.

pity they don't turn the guns onto themselves, leave the animals alone you cowards walking around with powerful rifles, a cowardly act on your part. shame on all of you.

What a bitch ! .....

Uncleron has brought a very important fact to our attention and that is the Kiwi's and their infamous sheep rooting .

How much money did you "pay at the shop" for somebody to MURDER your last meal.

WTF are you on about?

He wont be able to shoot food for the villagers then, & provide money to poor areas?

Thats nothing, 10 times as many voted greens, we need partys to go against green extremism. The S&FP has been very good in our state for a number of reasons, you just have to read between the lines mate, not what you hear in the shock story you hear on the nightly news based on BS, rather then facts.

This story is wrong, cats, dogs, birds of prey, lions, hyenas all kill for fun.


Borsak = Bastard

I reckon he would dive for the body armour if said animal could shoot back....

Bullshit wild animals dont kill and maim for fun/sport

This dog attack cost 10 ewes & we go plently more of this going on around the country.

Wow, I'm am absolutely blown away with how many greens wankers post on this site.

I have been a hunter of feral and introduced species for over 40 years and will continue to do so as long as it is legal. I read all your posts and agree with most of them but, don't tell me how to vote.

Presumably this POS went off on his killing spree on his own dollar, and not at the taxpaters expence on the pretext of some nefarious 'fact finding' mission? How can this be determined? Anyone know?

What is the difference between shooting an elephant for a trophy to that of the Borneo head hunters to make a name for themselves or killing a lion in olden Africa for a young warrior to prove his manhood ?

Moving on to mammals it has been reported in the press that a whale was being harassed by surfies by surrounding it at a beach called Freshwater near Sydney so I ask of you how does anyone harass a whale more so would it be the other way around that the whale decided to near itself to the surfies out of curiosity or looking for fish in shallow waters ; As usual the spectators call foul that someone being in the whales vicinity must be committing a criminal act every time a whale comes up for air .