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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Ninety percent of donors to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign have failed to kick the tin for Hillary Clinton’s and that in itself means Uncle Joe must run.

There is enmity between Hillary and Barack and there is little doubt he will support his VP in a contest.

There is no doubt that Clinton won the last Democratic debate but she was up against an unelectable socialist in Bernie Sanders and a couple of unknown loons from the Left.

Like Shorten, popularity polls mean nothing when your opponents are considered unelectable. Hillary is all the Democrats have and it’s likely she will fall in a screaming heap.

If for no reason other than an insurance policy Uncle Joe must declare his candidacy... and soon.


What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


FFS - I have never had any other title other than Cosmik Debris. Do any of you seethers who get infuriated over not being able to access PP actually consider that there may be an issue with accessing PP in general? Not necessarily that you are specifically targeted? Then you get all paranoid about who's dobbing on whom and idiotic conspiracy theories start abounding. Just stop it already!!!!!

Jesus H Christ...dodo got binned for lies just like other posters did and yet huffy gets away with it again. But there was no abuse on dodos behalf but huffy can say libel and defamatory things and gets away with it.
If he has called the police, then they would do something...but...there was nothing done. Just like when he called the police on the so called hacker, nothing got done.
As for Cosmik Debris. I don't think your Viv...Shirley isn't it?
I agree with dodo-there should be apologies all round as when I got booted...was not for what I said it was for the lies that huffy and the Kyogle said.

Who cares

... and that concludes that I am Viv? How long did it take to trawl back for that or is it in a little clipboard folder you are accruing. Either way, it must be a sad and lonely life. Or else tell me what it is you disagreed about the post. The topic was about someone menstruating in public to make a "statement" for sisterhood yet wore red pants. If I'd run while in the throes of my salmonella poisoning would that be considered empowering? No it would be considered sick. And that is the statement I was making using sarcasm which you have failed to comprehend. Then you claim I am someone I'm not with no f'n proof and harp on about being victimised by PP. And that is why you're an idiot.

And that is why you're an idiot

Biden another Criminal

".dodo. Thu 22 Oct 2015 08:49:36 am - If I am wrong I always apologise and I believe Larry owes me an apology for binning me." HA! In that case ... I'm still waiting

I was in the ballet box about a month ago. Free tickets. Fell asleep.

Calling this to be a Trojan horse of a drop out. Joe Biden will step in when Hilldebeast goes down for Benghazi.

"Uncle" Joe is not running, but he praised the Obama administration's record and would "continue to defend it". That is a typical example of someone defending the indefensible. This "administration" has been the most shameful in the history of American politics!!! :( :(

Uncle Joe just got steam rolled by Hillary . I wonder if there was a price tag ?

well as I said below..."Rotten" Clinton would have gone ballistic had "Dopey" ran for the to me..."Rotten" must have a truck load of shit on "Obongo the Nigger" and his corrupt criminal here is my theory..."Rotten" went to "Obongo" and told him that he had to put the leans on "Dopey" not to run...or else she will sing like a Canary at the Benghazi inquiry or go to the News Papers with the e-mails and show how traitorous "Obongo the Nigger" has here we are...Jim Webb has pulled out...there is some other idiot...he wont last...and stupid Bernie Sanders cant see that he WILL NOT be nominated...this is all for "Rotten"...this is her entitlement to be the first female matter how big a liar and criminal she is...she will be the nominee.

It's not those who vote who count it's those who count the vote with pre programmed electronic voting machines.

As the old saying goes: Follow the money
Nearly every conflict we see today can be traced back to basic economic interests. Iran’s non-existent nuclear weapons program is a red herring to draw attention away from a simple, yet massively impactful, reality on the global stage.
Iran is on its way to becoming a major world power — so much so, in fact, that it’s being described as the China of the Middle East. To better understand why this is vital to comprehending the U.S.-led negotiations with Iran, a look at the current power structure in the region is necessary.
The major powers in the Middle East today are Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Israel. They’re more or less allies, and they are the ones calling the plays. An end to sanctions would be a major shot in the arm for Iran’s economy, threatening the hegemony Saudi Arabia has imposed on the region through its status as the world’s source of oil.
Yet Iran’s got something no one else in the Middle East has: oil and gas. Slapped with sanctions that prevented both imports and exports, the Islamic Republic was forced to manufacture its own supplies. This had the unexpected effect of turning the country into a major auto and defense manufacturer, competing with countries like China and even the United States.
Despite its sanctions-crippled economy, Iran is home to one of the Greater Middle East’s most highly educated and modernized societies. The media fear-mongering on Iran doesn’t note that that its population is overwhelmingly young and highly educated. Iran also has one of the highest science and engineering graduate and PhD rates among men and women in the world.
In this picture taken on Friday, July 17, 2015, an Iranian woman walks past a Sony dealer at a shopping center in downtown Tehran, Iran. While it will likely be months before sanctions on Iran ease, business and political leaders are wasting no time in trying to tap into a large and what they hope will be a lucrative Iranian market. Ads for European cars and luxury goods are starting to reappear in Tehran. (AP Photo/Ebrahim Noroozi)
Yet these well-educated professionals are often forced to leave Iran to find work abroad due to the crippled economy and lack of jobs. If Iran’s economy is bolstered by the rolling back of sanctions, these innovators wouldn’t need to leave and could help drive Iran’s economy even further.
Without sanctions holding it back, Iran threatens the major regional superpower status quo. It could very well spark a shake-up in the current power structure in the Middle East, leaving Israel and its ally Saudi Arabia out in the cold — or, at least, that seems to be where Israel’s concerns lie.
Indeed, a look back on a couple of decades gone by can shed light on why Israel and its allies perceive a strong Iran as a threat.

Straight from Armstrong :-"Joe Biden will not run. Sources say that Hillary has the banks locked-in for they owe the Clinton’s big time for (1) repealing Glass-Steagall, and (2) handing them student loans as non-dischargeable in bankruptcy. Those two factors mean that Biden would find it very difficult to match the money Hillary has coming from the bankers. This means we have Hillary as a Democratic candidate."

Biden is a brain dead idiot and Clinton is a shrewish Emily's List witch. Either a worthy successor to Obama.

Despite Dismal Human Rights Record, US Approves $11.25 Billion Warship Sale To Saudi Arabia
The U.S. defense agency said in the statement. “Saudi Arabia will use the enhanced capability to keep pace with the rapid advances in technology and to remain a viable U.S. coalition partner in the region.” Continue reading ?

It is obvious to me that this is someone impersonating the real d0d0.

Hey guys who the hell is this .dodo guy/ girl anyway? Just asking OK

Not wanting to get into the other part of the comments but on Biden, Larry was saying why he thought he should run based on his reasoning, not that he will run based on his judgement.