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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Why bombing alone can’t work

Rules of engagement require that no (or an acceptable minimum of) civilian casualties are at risk. This cannot be ascertained from 30,000 feet. Therefore targets are extremely scarce.

Exact coordinates from the ground will locate precisely targeted facilities with a minimum of collateral damage.

After an area or facility is bombed, troops must be on the ground to claim that space or the enemy will move straight back in.

At the moment, as bombing raids are carried out at night, ISIS militia, anti-Assad rebel forces or Al Queda etc, embed themselves in what’s left of the civilian population because urban areas are off limits.

The practice of bombing without ground troops is a waste of resources, it’s largely ineffective, indiscriminate and razes infrastructure that may be valuable later.

It also creates more of a refugee problem than would be the case otherwise.

Rules of engagement have been set by Obama... it seems they are designed to be ineffective so as to ensure his friends on the ground remain relatively safe.


What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


Why doesn't everyone start seeing this concocted crap that is being fed to us by the West for what it is:

Easy way to upset ISIL would be for drones to drop Skunk on their hiding places pushing them out into the open , no cover ,no protection from drones .

Conventional bombing that is!

But a nuke on barbarity central, mecca, would be nice!

Agree, bombing dies not win wars, but it HELPS to win wars.

It makes the army's job easier by disrupting logistics and reducing the capacity to resist the invaders. It kills soldiers and reduced the fighting ability of the defenders.

A war is NOT won until the invader can march down the main street of the enemy city UNARMED!

This world we live in is turning out like a B grade science fiction movie , Hollywood and Bollywood will entertain us with their fictionalised viewpoint of our reality forever now that this war will never be over while there is still one Muslim standing .

Larry, sorry but you are half right. Bombing can work, or should I say a bomb a nuclear bomb epicentre Mecca and from North Africa in the south to Lebanon to the North including Israel, Fuck the lot of these cu#ts

What about the Australians who have already died on our Australian soil because of the islamists' agenda. And islamists are invading the free Western world, so they are everywhere, not just in one location. That is the unknown work environment for doctors, police, the army and all the other workers involved in this difficult work. That's it alterego, you're entitled to your opinions and I'm entitled to mine.

So whose children and grandchildren would you like to work with diseased patients in our hospitals - trained and experienced doctors and nuses. So whose children and grandchildren would you like to do the work involving hardened criminals with weapons - trained and experienced police and detectives. So whose children and granchildren would you like to do the work in Syria - specially trained and experienced Army personal.

Thank you Larry, I totally agree, in addition, I hope that after he steps down, he is arrested and charged with treason. It will probably come to nothing, but it would well expose the treasonous activists in the legal profession, who could also be arrested and charged. Without an uncorrupted Legal Profession and Judiciary, there can be no democracy. The same applies to Australia. Joe McCarthy took them on by himself, because as a War Hero, he expected that the system was honourable, however it was not and he was hounded into an early grave and had his name blackened forever. By the way, he was proved fully correct in his fingering of communist agents in the State Department by the Venona Project tapes, which were declassified in 1995 during the Clinton Administration. Action taken - NIL !

It's about time the Yanks started playing Cowboys and Muslims.

Totally agree Gentleman. I believe the West should arm all the middle east with tactical nuclear weapons. As many as they want. But only weapons with a range of 500 to 1000ks.

Egyptian TV Reaction to Obama
What you are about to see will probably get pulled from the airways, but not before you have a chance to watch and listen to what Egypt has to say about Obama.

Muslim world reacts to Obama's latest speech

Bombing alone will work ... if it's nuclear ...

The ground war will be bloody as well because we have seen Middle Eastern regimes quite prepared to use human shields against opposing forces, what will be the Military approach I don't know but I am sure if the Military were given their go ahead unimpeded by the media and Politicians it would be sorted quick smart! I am convinced the Vietnam War was lost because of the media!

Obama, killing time until the next election. IS is contained, Paris on Friday 13 just a setback. Chemical weapons ??? Obama kills time whilst IS kills innocent people.

ISIS took off from Raqqa long before the French bombers got there.Only 30 odd people have been killed and you can bet they are not ISIS. US of A told them to piss off quick and gave some nice satellite pics to France with red circles on them. Probably the homes of ISIS' and US enemies

Winners can make whatever statements they want about the use of overwhelming force in war. It matters none, as long as you enter the fight to win. Never take a knife to a gun fight. If you want to win a fight, you do not start a debate about "Marquess of Queensbury" rules, you throw in your finest, most powerful, best armed and supplied forces in overwhelming numbers and obliterate the enemy. Any other consideration is stupid and a folly.

The talk now is that Hollande is sending brigades of French Foreign Legion to hunt and destroy isis. If there's any outfit that's in need of a war, it's the FFL....(Gurkhas need some action as well...) Happy days!!!

Yes Mr. Pickering, the current rules of engagement are a waste of resources, largely ineffective, indiscriminate and unnecessarily razes potentially valuable infrastructure, but most of all , they are unbelievable stupid. How we continue to vote for absolute idiots to make decisions they are not qualified to make and are so weak they dare not make a decision that may "offend" some no-load, irrelevant enemy, beggars belief... We need a Ronald Reagan and we need him now.

If we are at war, as has been declared on us, but we are still trying to figure it out, all enemy aliens should be interned as was done to the Germans, Italians, and Japanese during WW2 until the war is over. If indeed we are at war, the simple equation is win or loose. Perhaps this is why our leaders won't commit. They would be forced to do something tangible.