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Sunday, 24th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Difficult to say but must have been close to Turnbull’s office as only he knew exactly what he was planning as huge election spends. So the wind has been taken from ScoMo’s sails giving Shorten a distinct advantage.

I’m only guessing here, but this vindictive leaker must have had the same hatred for the Liberal Party and love for Labor that Turnbull had. Certainly that person must be on the back bench now but was privy to critical Government information during the Turnbull reign.

Maybe that person only achieved a miserable 11 votes for Leader in the latest spill?

The leaker must also be extremely angry that the position of deputy Leader was offered to Peter Dutton.

Whoever it is, those Depends don’t seem to be working.  



What are They Plotting in Poland



I feel, very strongly, that Loosey had a hand in most of this.

....organised by turdball himself!

We have all been told that PYNE with TURDBALL used "GET UP". POODLE opened his gap about the SSM would be before Christmas.It was a SET UP with a postal Vote.That was at a COCKTAIL PARTY at the Casino in MELBOURNE.At a back table was Zimmerman with Georgious SPITTLE BRANT. Tremendous amount for Promotion by the YES Crowd.The whole "IN CROWD" Stick Poodle used the Kiss the Butt in the Back Bench to spill the gossip.Zimmerman being BIG GIRL couldn't keep his mouth shut if his life depended on it.The way he walked into the OLD SEAT of SAFETY. He would be one of the Patsies that would spill but only as a puppet doing as he is told.They all played the MEDIA just like whores.

I must admit that initially I was a bit of a fan of Julie, mainly because she presented as such a contrast to arse-wipe Gillard. As it turns out Bishop is no better! Piss of forever, both of you......

shorten may want emma hussar in that position

Larry, are you suggesting that Turnbull might never have spoken to his son (apparently of the same political persuasion)?

Serial backstabber "Stick baby" fits the position - with bells on.

She has form when it comes to leaking.

Somehow reminded me of this old song -

Rosemary Clooney(Where will the baby's dimple be)1955. With delightful Baby Pictures.Enjoy.


When she becomes GG the couple should again have a good day at the next Melbourne cup, at last years Cup, when she was our foreign minister Lady Julie Macbeth-Stickinsect and her latest handbag "Horse" Pantsoff were spotted in the horse stalls prior to the race checking-out the knackers of all the stallions for comparison to "Pantsoff" kit. Unfortunately the loved-up couple missed the big race as they found an empty stall and ended having a roll in the hay instead.

Good one Larry.... SHE who squeals the loudest fits the roll., Evil is as Evil does.

It is definitely Craig Laundy. He was Turnbull's confidante. Bishop was out of the country most of the time. Laundy was extremely emotional and angry when Turnbull was kicked out and broke down and cried. He wants revenge because he saw his boss as a brilliant man who was making positive changes for Australia. He couldn't and would'n't accept a position in this Scomo government, preferring the back bench where he could sulk.

Statement by Bishop quoted on MSN today in a speech at the AGL Women of the Future Awards.
".....we must treat our parliament with respect."
Doesn't she understand that respect is something that has to be earned; not inflicted by dictate from so called higher authority. If our politicians acted in a way that respected the reason that they were elected, ie., work for the wellbeing and betterment of our nation, then they would gain respect automatically. The conduct of the parliament since 2007 defies any prospect of attracting respect. They don't deserve it and she is high on the list of undeservers.

My bet would be Bishop, Pyne or Craig Laundy. These three Turnbull lickspittles should be dumped ASAP.

HAHA right on the money Laz. Non other than the wizened, bitter Juliar "The Witch" Bitchop.

Says Fat Bastard, the massive Pauline Hanson fan..!

If Shorten suggested Julie Bishop for GG. then I am against it. Remember he got the previous Gov. General's daughter pregnant whilst still married to his first wife. He always has an ulterior motive.

It's a shelia for who is bitchin' and is blabbing her misery to the corrupt media....just the same as Turnbull talking to Tingles on his last interview. These losers can't help themselves. No dignity, no gravitas.

I'm happy to sound sexist right here. It's hard enough to find good men to vote for, having women in there who are MORE than willing to act like the worst of male arsehole attributes means....don't include them, don't vote for them.
Arseholes one and all.

Can I have a guess I reckon it could be the lady whose face enow resembles a round water melon, drips Botex and as a result can not open her eyes