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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Don’t know about you, but of the many State of The Union addresses I have heard, yesterday’s by Donald Trump was the most inspiring by far. Of course the media is in meltdown over its lack of support for Democrat philosophy of open borders.

The duration was met with sour-faced Democrats refusing to applaud and led by their Nancy Pelosi apparently for the entire address determined to dislodge a pubic hair from her teeth with her tongue.

The Left have a right to be angry because it showed them up for what they are… unAmerican commos in the same mould as our unAustralian Labor/Greens.  



What are They Plotting in Poland



That's what you'd look like after a few years when demon spirits had take over.

They are all demented - sad nasty group -

She looks cute

Pelosi is ugly enough to be a faggot.

yew your right Lazza...this is a piece of fucking work all right...Pelosi's hippocracy knows no bounds...her lies, misinformation and delusions are breathtaking...worth hundreds of millions of dollars living in the ritziest area of San Fransisco married to some financial services guru who is into insider machinations thanks to government connections and they run 2 seems that this piece of garbage loves illegals...that she and her husband employ lots of illegals in their vineyard operation in the "Nappa Valley"...oh guessed it..they pay them way below award wages...sure...her gardening and other household chores are all looked after those wonderful illegals...if she can get them to vote...they will be a permanent underclass that will always vote for the Democrats..

With a head that you just couldn't get tired of kicking, Pelosi would scare drunks sober.

Trump strikes terror into all lefties everywhere. He has, in just one year, removed thousands of *vote for hire* illegals & denied entry to thousands more. The tap of illegal money has been reduced to a drip. The entire propaganda machine looses credibility day after day. The democrats are heading for irrelevance by decimation & the manic greens are in disarray. The bulk of the American people are finding their voice again but not mouthing socialist slogans. The UN is apoplectic because the truth is being told & the EU is disintegrating. China is very worried about having a real rival who has the ability to knock them of their industrial might, perch. All is getting better & better.

This country would be so much better if the ABC were to Implode taking the Fairfax Press with it, I should also mention Di Natali and his band of MISFITS be part of the Implosion.

Australia is infected with the same hate, it's all around us. A moral less society.

It's fright night!

What a BEAUTY The sort you would NOT take home to meet Mum and Dad

Another idiot like that Feinstein Frankenstein

Pelosi says Trump’s immigration plan will ‘make America white again’ Yes, that's right Nancy you dumb fuck, that is the whole idea! Duh!

Now that's gotta be a face you never get tired of smashing

Correct Larry - As the great Tony Abbott said of Julia (Flirdy Girl) Gillard - "She's a piece of work".

Turnbull donated $1.75 million dollars to the Liberal Party after the election. He wanted to make sure he had the Leadership.

ONP to contest the next NSW election.

David Feeney resigns, to be replaced by Ged Kearney ACTU President.

she makes pruneface Milne look reasonably good (only a small bit)

Making America Great...Or Poorer? Dissecting The State Of The Union Speech

President Trump called for much more military spending in last night's State of the Union speech. He also called to keep Guantanamo open and to even add new prisoners. More money for nuclear weapons "modernization." And he wants $1.5 trillion to spend on infrastructure projects. He takes credit for a booming economy, but will he take blame when the Fed's bubbles begin to burst? Today's Liberty Report looks at the policy behind last night's "feel good" speech..

Just the first look I had at that face made me think of Neanderthal woman..she's a dead ringer for her.

Open borders mean leftie votes. Just look around the world and you will see world wide buying of votes by the left leaning parties. They know by giving them entry the airheads after they get public money to buy their food and drugs that they will get their vote. As meerkat says "simples"