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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



“If you’re well hung you won’t need to speak”, hmmm. If fellow PUP senator Glenn Lazarus had said to a female caller, “If you’ve got a tight pussy you won’t need a brain”, then instead of raucus laughter there would have been outrage, resignations and a Senate inquiry. The feminists of the Left would have exploded in ballistic fury, with the dust not settling for a month.

Now there's no way I'm averse to a bit of friendly bar room banter, but fair dinkum, why do the handbag brigade complain of sexual inequality?



What are They Plotting in Poland



gee,u have to be well hung with flippers to go near that map of tasmania,it would be as big as her mouth!

This "Senator" was branded as a malingerer by the ADF. She "injured" herself before being deployed to a mission.

OMG... just had another look! She's not 'nice' is she??

I am amazed she has two kids what male would have sex with that inbred bitch. Would have to be different fathers no one would come back for seconds.

I thought she was a Jockey.

You can take the girl out of the army but you can't take the army out of the girl. No wonder they have problems at the defence academy if they have foul mouthed sluts like her in there.

Gillards Hand Bag Hit Squad are hypocrites, pure and simple! They are more offended at TA looking at his watch and giving a It's ok wink to a male radio announcer, when an obviously loopy, female caller set up is introduced. Then showing any objection to this bogan bitch! Proving that these people have no credibility, honesty in anything and that previous hysterics were nothing more than confected outrage designed to score political points! Next time they shoot their lying hypocritical mouths off with confected outrage, they should be reminded of this and many other examples! But don't hold your breath waiting for anyone from the ABC or Fairfax media to point it out!

Whats Sarah Hanson -Young laughing at?

It is hard to believe this bogan woman is going to contribute to this country's destiny for the next 6 years on a huge salary. Complacent, brainless non thinking Australians have allowed this to happen. Just go to any super market and look at the dress and general presentation, and listen to the rubbish small talk spoken by those who are all entitled to vote ... little wonder Labor still sits around 50 % !

I see distinct similarities, particularly facial gymnastics and verbal offerings, between Hanson-Young from Adelaide, Jaquie from Tas and Jackie Kelly from Adelaide - which is it about these small states - perhaps they are too remote from mainstream Australia.

The Qld speaker, Fiona Simpson, has blasted CP on his "dinosaur ways".

What is the female equivalent of dickhead?

I guess a big tunnel needs a big train

Strange she should call TA a psyscho. Isn't she the one who had a mental problem beside a lot of other things?

She has turned parliament into Bogan Central,

From Mike Willesee's interview: Clive, being the chairman of the JFK Library, has organised tours of the library and we're going to some pretty swanky functions with a lot of ex-politicians. And hopefully, by meeting these dignitaries over here, it will give us some good ideas about how we can go into our term come July 1.

I hope she kept her trap shut for most of the time.

I look at all four in the picture and think: "A monkey in silk is a monkey no less".

Australia's electoral system is an ABSOLUTE JOKE. How much more evidence do we need to propose a referendum to fix this SHAM of an ELECTORAL SYSTEM in which a minority of mad and unintelligent people effectively control this nation.

What a great candidate for the Pied Piper you'd be brucie, add yourself to the list of the Chihuahua heel yappers you backward fool. Direct you fake, moralistic, outrage towards those treacherous bitches who deserve it (you got two words right in your post you big brave boy you, Brown, Milne, both women). Try Rhiannon, Hansen-Young and the rest of the truly dangerous ones in the ALP and the Greens, not a right-leaning newcomer who utters a joking response to a joke put to her by two more jokes on a joke of a wireless 'show'. Tell us how outraged you were with Joe Hockey dancing with the Kennerley woman on that silly TV morning 'show' wearing that ridiculous tutu. Joe really was a joke, you're another. Watch out for that Pied Piper now and nominate for the Senate and see how you go.

I was told the story had made the UK press