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Thursday, 21st February 2019

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Water is the Weather Wildcard

The climatists claim that atmospheric carbon dioxide drives global warming. But the past seventeen years of rising CO2 without rising global temperatures shows this to be untrue.

So now they say that carbon dioxide causes wild weather. This too is untrue.

Water covers over 70% of the globe, is about 50 times more abundant than CO2 in the atmosphere and it is a far more effective “greenhouse gas”.

There can be no rain, snow, hail, ice or floods without water. And the absence of water produces deserts and droughts.

It is water vapour that maintains the energy of storms, cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons.

And it is water, not carbon dioxide, which plays a crucial role in the feared climate tipping points.

During periods of global warming, water plays a mainly moderating role. As oceans, seas and lakes are warmed by solar radiation, water drives three cooling feedbacks.

Firstly, increased evaporation cools the surface water and the adjacent atmosphere.

Secondly, the moist warm air rises, cooling as it expands in the lower atmospheric pressure. Eventually this cooling air releases its moisture as rain, hail or snow which cools the surface on which it falls, and then cools it more by renewing evaporative cooling. Or the extra moisture forms clouds that shade the surface and also reflect solar radiation.

Thirdly, the moisture in the air releases its latent heat when it condenses high in the atmosphere. Much of this surface heat then gets radiated to space.

Water thus reduces the chances of runaway global warming.

Water, however, can magnify any cooling trends. A covering of snow and ice quickly reflects more incoming solar radiation, thus increasing the initial cooling. Not even the feeble warming effect of carbon dioxide will prevent this. In fact, when oceans cool, they dissolve more carbon dioxide thus reducing the ability of the atmosphere to retain atmospheric warmth. Ice ages are precipitated once winter snow is not melted by summer sun. They have never been prevented by high carbon dioxide levels in ancient atmospheres.

These are all proven processes, not theories in computer climate models.

It is water in all its forms, not carbon dioxide, that is the heavy-hitter in all weather processes.

Carbon dioxide is the side-show.



What are They Plotting in Poland



Some places being or seeming .. motionless at times, still have much gravity, or force related or latency(or kinetic , or magnetic) .. so it`s hard to explain.

Electrifyingly so,... laughs.

Then it`s down to force*, it depend`s if it`s moving in a straight line and / or if a force acts on it so pressure /direction/ volumes / speed . All relative.Re Outbound.Barometric, velocity`s etc.With Earth being 70% water the lunar pull re orbits. so a constant force there esp influencing weather also.Gravity another force , every molecule elemental another esp conductivity wise etc.Kinda complex huh?

There are none so blind as those that WILL NOT SEE.

The heat with space flights is a friction issue .. like an unseen heat forming.

Water composes 80% of 'hothouse gases'. However, because of its molecular mass, (44g/mole), CO2, is attributed to cause a greater alteration (lengthening) in the wave length of light, resulting in an increase in the infrared component, and thus heating. Water's molecular mass is only 18 g/mole. Nowhere have I seen a discussion on which ultimately causes the greatest change to the infrared - water at 80% and 18g/mole or CO2 at less than 0.04% and 44 g.mole.

Well then Larry, we need a great big water tax on everyone in the nation to line the pockets of the Federal Government. I can't understand why the PM doesn't realise the massive con he can do, as our bodies are, in fact, 80% water. so none of us has an argument to stop him. All I can say is that he must be one very honest man to let us off the hook like that!

I STILL Think that we should declare FEBUARY the FIRST to be the 1st ever Day of the CLIMATE CHANGE.
At 11-00 AM - Everybody (sceptics excluded) should Hold Their BREATH for 5 minutes, to show their support for a CO2 TAX.
After all it is We Humans who are Breathing out this TOXIC Waste into the atmosphere and causing the Trees to Work OVERTIME trying to convert it back into Oxygen.
I can see nothing but Positive Results for such a Day. );~)

You should MAIL this (as is) to ALL the ALP and GREENS MPs.
Trouble is - They just WON'T even read it.

Viv, Re your article with the photo of dredging in Dubai three weeks ago, my query below awaits your answer, please.
3 weeks ago

Viv, Do you know which group used this photo and where?

Once again, thank you, Viv.

Thank you Viv:::: so as I have been saying to my friends weather is weather, climate is part of the solar system in which the planet earth exists. Could someone tell me as it is my theory that major cities attract violent storms because of the massive heat banks created by the concrete jungles causes massive rises of hot air into the upper atmosphere and thus condenses and plays a huge part in the storms and weather COULD SOME CONFIRM THIS??thanks

troposphere 5 miles at the poles 10 miles at the equator.To the best of my knowledge.Most meteorological phenomena in that range.

Well said Mr Viv Forbes, thank-you for the clarification in an educational concise manner.I agree , water is mainly an equilibrium regarding temperatures also esp considering co2 in the process of natures cycles.It is also worth so called weather extremists to note that the probability of the huge sub-oceanic mountain ranges Mawson did question in the Antarctic may well (more than likely) produce naturally a heating magma flow below that range again resulting in a needed balance via tectonic contraction pressures (Glacial related forces) when nature decides ; which would create a needed *balance* factor being volcanic emissions , surges upward, resulting in breaking up huge masses re; the refraction you mention Viv, thus rather than over exaggerate and panic folks as they* have been.

Co2 is not the problem, dihydrogen monoxide is what the real problem is, people have died from it after coming into contact with it.

It can't be water because you can't tax it. It has to be CO2 It's the only gas that fits the con..

Sorry brain not on, if you are interested in the big picture read below. It's a good place to start.

...of course CO2 is a side makes up only .039% of our atmosphere...we cant live with out CO2...we will have no O2 with out CO2...its a clever trick and con....Mr Barnum from Barnum and Bailey said many years ago...there's one born every minute...and our education system is churning out idiots and science illiterates by the hundred and easy to hood wink dumb-shits when they are stuck behind a belching diesel truck....but that's not CO2...this whole hoax is like a disease....hopefully it will run its course and eventually this religious fever will just quietly go away....