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Monday, 18th February 2019

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Warmth is wonderful… it’s cold that kills

It was ice, not global warming, that killed and entombed millions of mammoths and woolly rhinos in Siberia and Alaska.

It was unrelenting cold and then ice, not global warming, that forced the Vikings out of Greenland.

It was bitter winters, not heat waves, that finally defeated the armies of Napoleon and Hitler in Russia. George Washington’s army also suffered from an unusually bitter winter at Valley Forge in 1778, in the depths of the Little Ice Age.

Snowy blizzards periodically kill more cattle than heatwaves in Colorado, South Dakota and Texas.

When the Tambora volcano exploded in 1816 it spewed massive volumes of ash and “greenhouse” gases including carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. There was no global warming from the greenhouse gases, but the heat-blocking ash-filled atmosphere and a quiet sun caused “the year without a summer”. Failed crops and famine stalked Europe, Asia and America.

It is icebergs, not warm oceans, that sink ships like the Titanic, and spreading sea ice trapped “The Ship of Fools” in Antarctica.

Every major geological era has ended with massive volcanism on land and under the seas. Molten lava heats the seas and eruptions on land fill the atmosphere with dust which blocks incoming solar energy. There is rapid evaporation from the warm seas followed by rapid condensation in the cold dark atmosphere. This process dumps massive snowfalls which become ice sheets on land, starting a new ice age and bringing the extinction of many species.

It is lethal global cooling we need to fear, not life-sustaining global warming.



What are They Plotting in Poland



There was a story on ABC on melting tundra and sink holes in Siberia. Terrible consequences of Terrible global warming. They are finding all kinds of animals in the holes so it must not have been frozen at some times in the past. No one questioned how they finished up there, in a frozen wasteland (our time)

Greatest environmental tragedy is the countless amount of plastic in all shapes and forms now creating havoc as our garbage and some wood-ducks want to change the weather?

You gotta love Viv Forbes, nobody could satirise him better than he does.

a b, to certainly reflect in your post the evidence of a good solid university indoctrination. No logic or commonsense just Marxist motivated bullshit.

Tony said the same thing Viv in his London speech last month & thank God people are gradually waking up to this giant, hugely expensive hoax as polling in today's Australian demonstrates that a majority of Aussies want OUT of the Paris accord that Jules & Turd couldn't wait to sign up to after they backstabbed poor Tones.

Electric cars yet to turn cobalt market into gold mine – Nornickel

Rick Perry suggests proposal to force utilities to pay more for non-renewables

The sun, treated with respect is your friend.

Not to detract from your insights Harry, but to add meat to it Ian Plimer has just published "Climate change and the great electricity rip-off", get yourself a copy quick.
A great read, worthy of your dollars.

I would seem the usual Leftard Scoundrels of this site are misrepresenting Viv's point about heat versus cold by linking heat with bush fires. This is not the intent of Viv's essay and nowhere does he make this representation. Of course Australia is subject to bushfires which from time to time end up as catastrophic. This has always been the case but they are now made worse by Greens preventing adequate fuel reduction burns and tree clearing around properties and the sheer stupidity of persons wanting to live in and amongst forest. For those with this death wish it is only a matter of time irrespective of the Global Warming lie.

The lethal disasters in Australia com from heat not cold. Bushfire disasters come in a combination of conditions that combine high temperature, high wind, fuel loads and low humidity. The worst fires come after periods of drought. There are rare extreme weather conditions that create epic firestorms- Black Saturday in 2009, Ash Wednesday in 1983 and Black Friday in 1939. So cold weather is an inconvenience over most of Australia outside the alps but heat is a real danger to extensive areas.

When you have fools manipulating(geoengineering) the w/x anything may happen.

You probably don't hear them in metropolitan areas but in rural areas on the wireless and tv you get the 'sheep graziers alerts' during the cold months as plummeting temperatures can kill stock very quickly. Here in New England it is common.

The Vikings didn't abandon Greenland because of the heat.

When can we expect Cairns weather in Melbourne?

Well said. The idiots who chase carbon emissions have obviously never studied their history.

True Viv, Hot is much better than cold as long as there's plenty of water to drink, colds a killer.

It was bitterly cold winter that killed so many people and destroyed so much property in Australia's worst wild fires
Give it up Viv you have lost all credibility

Could this be why people that live in a cold climate, use a HOT HOUSE to grow certain plants, maybe.

Polar bear giving birth in a zoo but making it appear that it happened in the Arctic. Sounds a bit like Gore's picture of a polar bear standing on a small lump of ice and claiming it was due to climate change; he forgot to add that it was filmed in the Summer when things tend to melt.

David Attenborough: BBC’s Blue Planet II helped by fakery row -

Accusations of fakery in BBC wildlife programmes have helped the broadcaster to raise standards, Sir David Attenborough has said.

He said that a sequence in his 2011 Frozen Planet series, in which a polar bear appeared to give birth in the Arctic but which was filmed in a Dutch zoo, would not be permitted now and the corporation was taking greater care to avoid complaints of fakery.

Attenborough defended the sequence at the time, saying that if he had told viewers that the footage was from a zoo “it would completely ruin the atmosphere and destroy the pleasure of the viewers and destroy the atmosphere you are trying to create”.