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Monday, 17th December 2018

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Warmists Watch Wrong Weather Warnings

Climateers keep trumpeting alarms that glaciers and ice sheets are melting, thus threatening land-based life with rising seas and supporting their dubious claims that Earth faces catastrophic global warming.

Life on earth cannot be extinguished by a sun-warmed atmosphere or retreating ice – sea levels merely rise steadily as land-based ice melts, animals and plants migrate and the slowly warming seas expel carbon dioxide. This allows the biosphere to thrive with more ice-free land in a benign, warmer, wetter, carbon-rich world. 

The threats we should fear are the periodic violent eras of volcanism and the life-killing ice ages many of which start with massive snow/hail storms such as the one that suddenly extinguished the mammoths.

This is why many ancient peoples celebrated the warmth of spring and worshipped the Sun God. 

For too long the western world has been misled by alarmist claims that a tiny trace of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere will cause catastrophic global warming. In the continuing drama of natural climate change, global temperatures are the result of far greater forces. Climate research should focus more on the cycles of the sun and solar system and their effect on global climate and on the periodic eruptions along our vast sub-marine volcanic belts. These control the ebb and flow of ice ages and most of the many extinction events that Earth has suffered.

Most geological eras have ended with massive volcanism on land and in the long volcanic/tectonic rifts beneath the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and Arctic Oceans. Outpouring of lava under the seas causes ocean warming and increased evaporation while the dust from land-based volcanoes darkens the skies, creating a frigid atmosphere. Warms seas and cold skies cause heavy precipitation of rain, hail and snow. The increased snow cover then reflects any solar energy that gets through the volcanic dust, thus maintaining surface cooling. That is how the life-killing ice sheets grow.

Atmospheric modellers have dominated the climate debate for too long. It is time to ask well-informed geologists about Earth’s ever-changing climate history which is written indelibly in the rocks. Instead of wasting billions on bigger computers for yet more atmospheric models, let’s do some factual research on volcanoes beneath the oceans. Then ask some astro-physicists about the possible influence of solar cycles, sunspots, cosmic rays, cloud formation, earth magnetism, rogue asteroids and movements of the solar system through the galaxy.

To believe mankind can counter the effect of these powerful natural climate controllers by trading carbon credits and capturing a few sea breezes and sunbeams using green energy toys is indeed a sad sign of the modern climate madness.


What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


Some Climate Change Centre says bushfires are getting more severe. I know my fire history for Victoria and it's not so, just average fire years. Every 25-50 years there is a major disaster (2009, 1983, 1939, 1851 and so on). There are also years that are bad for fires where whole districts get burned out (1956, 1944-5, 1977). One can safely predict there will be a number of bushfires this summer, houses will be lost and people will bleat about climate change. The worst fire there's ever been is always the one coming up the paddock at you. There's an awful lot of luck. Hot north wind days after dry spells are always dangerous. The wind is more important than the temperature. So keep the fuel down, get the pump working and good luck.

The EU are so dumb. They demand emission control technology on all their autos. Trouble is , it reduces efficiency by up to 20% . So burn more fuel, produce more co2. Any wonder they're a basket case.

These clowns are now going to broadcast "The Facts about Climate Change" on ABC3 to Kids.
Is NOTHING beneath these Bastards?

ABC - catalyst - using taxpayers dollars for climate change propaganda ! (she's a bit brainless isn't she ?)

You got it.


What will be the outcome , Viv ? How long will this hoax continue to consume oxygen ?

I am forming the firm view that anyone voting for Labor is either brain dead , a drongo , a sexual predator or a unionist. If that group equals 50% of Australia , then Allah Akbar !!

I think that Julia's carbon tax was so effective that is thas reversed global warming. We should all go out and buy her insightful book and give thanks that she came to the world's rescue. I am sure she is headed for great things in the UN - unless Victoria's Police pull their fingers out...

I think that Julia's carbon tax was so effective that is thas reversed global warming. We should all go out and buy her insightful book and give thanks that she came to the world's rescue. I am sure she is headed for great things in the UN - unless Victoria's Police pull their fingers out...

It's so annoying that so many are still spouting this crap, trading on the scared community's propensity to accept a negative scenario! That the bastards are making money from their lies and sending up living costs makes it more annoying.

The IPCC has been so discredited yet they're " hanging on like grim death to a dead volunteer" ( Ned Kelly ) . Too much honey in the pot to give up now. (Winnie the pooh) Selfish greedy arse bastards. (Me)

Some Climate Alarmists Refuse to Concede

Surely there can't be anyone with half a brain left who now believes in global warming climate change. Those that do would be a good target for the Nigerian scammers.

I try to make sense of the World but it’s not easy. I worry that we are supposed to believe the so called clever people make the right decisions for us. The financial situation has me puzzled. A child would know what’s going on is not sustainable yet for the last 10 years or so we are governed as though there is not tomorrow. It starts to make sense if someone knows maybe there is no tomorrow.
There are some very strange things happening with our Planet, and I’m not talking about stupid C02, which maybe just a cover for the truth.
The magnetosphere has weakened alarmingly, the poles have moved a very long way from where they should be, and the Sun is playing silly buggers. If you think this is unimportant fine, move on.
I think it’s all cycles, and I think we are entering a very interesting time. The big mistake was calling our Planet Earth, we should rename it Blancmange. Something is affecting our little ball of blancmange floating through space but I know not what.
Then we come to the Human Race. I honestly think we are witnessing Global insanity, people just don’t seem to know right from wrong any more. It’s not a question of being clever, it’s as though our brains are not functioning properly. I think it’s a virus, a stupidity virus. The cure is quiet meditation, but when you have a severe attack that doesn’t help. Maybe we have run our race and it’s time to let another species have a go. We do have the ability to remove ourselves from the Planet, interesting times indeed, I wouldn’t be dead for quids, pass the popcorn.

It has always intrigued me as to why thousands of panicking scientists measure temperatures all day but virtually none are working to invent new base-load power. They see a threat that is decades away and yet they're not concerned about the threat today of Islamists getting their hands on long-range nukes. And the preachers of doom spend their days burning more fossil fuels than any one of us being told to curb our emissions. It's all just more nonsense from charlatans and communists. Leave us alone.

I have a question?
If you three quarters fill your bath tub with warm water...and draw a texta line around the bath tub at that level ...then you get in the bath, does the water level rise above that line or sink below that line??

Viv , the minority common sense people know your telling the truth , but the masses of ordinary people find the lies easier to believe . Keep trying mate .

...well...all I can say...this whole Global movement religion in Climate Change has nothing to do with saving the planet...its all about destroying the industrial western countries and set up a global tax to fund the One World Government via the United Nations...what it also is a wealth distribution scheme by these socialists so that money will be diverted to shit-hole countries at the expense of wealthy western countries to create utopian paradise...its social engineering on a grand make all in world equal...except for those that are part of the "Oligarchy"...the privileged few...the elites....they will live un-accountable to anyone...they will be the ruling class....orders will be handed down every so often and we all us plebs will have to dutifully follow....

You mean the climate deniers Graeme