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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



The eight kids who won’t wake to the thrill of Christmas presents on Thursday morning, or any other morning, is an unimaginable horror. Where were the screams, where were the neighbours? Why didn’t the older children run next door after watching their siblings being stabbed to death one by one? Why didn’t the mother, after having allegedly murdered four of her children, stop and ask, “What in God’s name am I doing?”

After watching the news break for three hours, finally someone suggested Murray Street, Cairns was a known trouble area, then the term “indigenous” was quietly mentioned, then Torres Strait Islanders. Why the reticence to report what every journalist knew but what most viewers could only suspect? Are we to be protected from the truth? Some people were even screaming terrorism!

Identifying race and creed when crimes are allegedly committed was always an intrinsic part of reporting. Now, we need to wait for names or a flash of flesh that might imply the origin of who was responsible.

It wasn’t until a flag was held up to a Lindt cafe window that we knew it was Islamic terrorism. Even then we were told, untruthfully, it was an isolated incident and not related to Islam.

The callous murder of eight innocent children is one of Australia’s worst ever crimes and we had a right to know what the reporter knew, but the fact that it was an indigenous crime was withheld from us for as long as possible. Why? It is no less or more of a crime because of who it was committed on or who committed it?

Are we to be protected from reality, is the media avoiding racial identification out of political correctness, or are reports such as these legalled with 18C in mind?

If it had been a white Anglo Saxon accused of such an horrific crime, we had a right to know that too. It’s called honest information.

And if it’s suspected the mother was under the influence of methamphetamines (ice), we had a right to know that too, without having to wait until Police decide to release an official charge sheet.

As long as information is withheld, rumour will run wild, that that’s far worse... it’s our community too, with all its warts.  



Sydney's sister city of San Fran... or is it brother city?




Could not agree more,sandod, well stated

I don't believe this case will ever go to Court. The mother has been transferred to Brisbane for psychiatric evaluation and treatment. My bet is she will be found "Not fit to stand trial" or "Not Guilty Due to Insanity". Either way, I can smell a 'whitewash',(pardon the pun), coming on as PC takes over! The poor woman has been pushed over the edge and I wonder how much blame the '5 fathers' are prepared to shoulder? Either way, the wheels of fundraising are rolling along to collect money for the 'family'. Not sure which family will pocket the proceeds as there appear to be 5 groups involved and it will be interesting to learn just how many 'family members' have got a free ride from TI plus accommodation and spending money for Christmas in Cairns and what's the total bill going to be?

Had the offender been a policeman, a doctor or a Jewish rabbi or similar the press would have screamed out from the rafters this very fact to sensationalise their news. I don't intend to be racist but they really should call a spade a spade and report news factually, accurately and without bias or bullshit. Don't hold your breath though.

"She was a mother who went completely loopy on crap supplied by societies garbage and now she's going to have to live with that horror for the rest of her life." Hopefully that life is short and she does the honourable thing and suicides.

If it were a Caucasian father, he would, rightly, be demonised and abused by every medium and reporter, but because it's a mother (and moreover a non-Caucasian), the whitewash has already started - "She loved her children". Wow, I bet mine are glad I didn't love them! "What drove her to this?" - read it's society (viz men's) fault. And so nauseously on, and on...

When a man kills, it's (correctly) Bad Dad, off with his head. When a woman kills, it's (temporarily) Mad Mum, "how can we help her?" "She needs understanding, not punishment".

IF the murderer was a a Caucasian Christian they would have been immediately jailed, beaten up or murdered in prison, put into Solitary Confinement, tried and found guilty by the media and there would be calls for return of the death penalty ! and it would be all TA's fault.

On the Anthropological evolutionary scale, the Australian Aborigines are on the very bottom rung of the ladder as Hunter Gatherers. The Torres Strait Islanders are one rung above that as Agriculturalist. That means they planted crops such as Sweet Potatoes, Bananas etc. which the Aboriginals never did.

TF, it is statistically proven that children are safest with their biological father. The perpetrators of infanticide or child abuse are more than likely the mother or the mother's de-facto husband.

PP got a mention from Julia.

You are tarring us all with the same brush and that's exactly what you're accusing us of doing. Unless you're a black or of a minority group you mustn't be heard or have an opinion. I don't give a toss about colour, I do give a toss about a society where children are murdered, where the destruction of family life is causing misery to children, where people who are monoculturalist's are dropped into our society and then we fear for our lives, where people picked up from parts of the world where barbarity is the norm are then dropped into a suburb near you, where people talk about decriminalising drugs that send people off their heads, where people who have had a so-called education think that they know what's good for us, even though I've had an education and have had some success in life. You are the closed minded racist, you can still be called a racist by hating white people, just as you do. I also believe you are ageist, which is also a despicable thing to be. Believe it or not but the country where many people from around the world (most of them from stuffed socialist societies or despotic religious dictatorships) what to come is here, you know that country created by the silly old white farts that you love to hate.

the sobering consequence of 1984

The term racism functions not as a word with which to create insight but as a slogan designed to suppress constructive thought. It conflates prejudice and discrimination and is the icon work of those committed to the race game which they apply with mindless zeal.

Political correctness - that terrible insistence that some things must remain unsayable even if they are patently true. Political correctness - the system of censorship which has settled over Australia like a dense cloud of phosgene gas.

Because of the race game being played so effectively by the leftists who use political correctness to silence and censor.

PP, not a bad idea, but i think we need to repair the whole extended family.

ardeotis australis, well said

politicaleditor, quite simple really, all Mr Abbott has to say is, after one baby, there will be no more unmarried mothers pension and that the new Legislation for this will come into force in 9 and a half months time, that allows for someone who delivers late. All existing ones can still get the pension until each child reaches 18 and then no more payment. There is no excuse for girls to fall pregnant today, not with the pill and everything else. Poor little babies.

Oh I see the Xmas spirit is alive and well. Well done all the would be redneck hangmen and assassins.

I have just spent some time with a person who knew the mother of the children when she was aged 14-18 years. A suspected victim of child abuse who has been clean and was trying to remake her life. Unfortunately something has driven her over the edge.

Please let us wait for the official investigation before we brand all Islanders as murders and misfits.

politicaleditor, "May I suggest that you form a committee and take charge of the investigation and report, as a further service to the community"

What a pile of shit that you peddle, its arseholes like you that have created this problem with your PC mantra , "form a committee" and do nothing you fuckwit!

because the Joo owned media hates white people and are out to discredit them every opportunity they can