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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



There is only one way for Hillary Clinton to improve her polling and that’s to stay in bed. She now has no chance to win the Democratic nomination much less the Presidency. So incumbent Vice President Biden and even dishonest global warmist Al Gore are starting to panic.

If America’s answer to UK Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, far Left nutter Bernie Sanders is on an equal footing with Hillary then it’s all over for her, but that would leave Sanders with an unthinkable chance in the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries in the new year.

Sanders is a proponent of early 1900s communism with a sizable inner city following of uni students and unemployed drug dealers... an impossible thought even for those who gave Obama a second term. But Hillary, after sucking all the oxygen out of the Democratic nomination process is now struggling for air herself, and there is no apparent replacement, giving the outrageous Sanders polling figures he could only dream of.  

Biden needs a presidential race like he needs a hole in the head at the moment, and Gore has a far greater need for his carbon credits, but Hillary’s bubble is about to burst and there is no-one around to replace her.

Joe needs to grit his teeth and nominate this weekend in time to gather a head of steam into and beyond the caucuses and primaries that are held early February.

If he nominates he will certainly be the Democrats’ Presidential candidate because right now he is neck and neck with Clinton and Biden is not even in the race yet.

The Republican list is about to thin leaving Rubio, Fiorina, Carson and Trump to fight it out in the early primary States with Carson looking a likely favourite and Trump a likely casualty. But the interest is in the Democrats.

How a Secretary of State could keep an Administration’s server in her garage with 60,000 emails concerning everything from Chelsea’s new babe to highly sensitive Benghazi stuff is incomprehensible yet understandable at the same time,

... after all, this is the Obama Administration and the chants of, “Four more Years” have fallen silent this time round.  


Sydney's sister city of San Fran... or is it brother city?





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He would need a colossal cock.

Biden is and has been the planned candidate for the Obama crime family which is determined to remain control of the WH and not let the Clinton crime family anywhere near it. Biden's election would depend on a campaign by the machine that got Obama elected and on Obama getting out the black vote for Biden.

It has been obvious for months that the Obama crime family is behind the publicity that has sunk Clinton's campaign. They have been working behind the scenes to destroy her position so they can they put Biden up, and they have succeeded.

That headline brings a most unfortunate image to my mind.

The Germans had a legitimate complaint against Poland because of the poorly thought out Danzig corridor that cut off East Prussia. Rather than negotiating the British guarantee encouraged the Poles to be intransigent. Britain had no way of assisting Poland so the guarantee wasn't worth much if you were a Pole being bombed in Warsaw. History is full of what ifs.

The USA now does NOT have a manufacturing base to support any drawn out war,The USA went to war to protect their investments on the carve up

America only entered the war because it was attacked. Britain declared war because a treaty with Poland was broken. Part of the traditional British approach to keeping the countries of Europe balanced. Hitler was surprised because he had no quarrel with Britain. Again, Britain went to war against Japan because its colonies were attacked.

Russia didn't enter the war freely, like the Brits, Australia, the US... they entered because Hitler attacked them... An enormous difference. As a matter of fact Russia and Germany had signed a non-aggression pact, but the Germans reneged. The Russians fought to protect their country, like any other country would. The west largely fought to protect other countries... an enormous difference.

Alexander Werth in Russia at War discusses this question and gives a full account of Lend Lease aid which he calculates to have been between 10 and 15% of heavy equipment used. Some of the equipment was unsuitable but it was greatly appreciated particularly the trucks and clothing. There was nonetheless a strong feeling among Russians in 1943 that the west was contributing money but the Russians were contributing blood.

Or "Is Carson to Hillary, what Lewinsky was to Bill?"

Hi Larry, re your headline, "Is Carson Hillary's Lewinsky?"

It might be a bet as to what Lend Lease meant to the Soviet war effort but a certainty Hitler could not have been defeated without the Soviet Union. The closest Australia got to a war of attrition was the First War which was bloody awful. Reflecting on that from the Honour Board of our long closed primary school in a tiny district, fatality rate of 30% of volunteers.

a $19 trillion dollar debt is large, but not overly so if you have a GDP of $17 trillion... perspective. Not panic time and only half the debt they had after WWll. The US provided the USSR with a todays equivalent of over $150 billion in military and food aid from 1941 to 1945. A significant factor in the ability of Stalin to carry the fight to Hitler (Lend Lease aid)... History is full of events that shifted the outcome to a different result had not those events not taken place. It is a fair bet that russia could not have survived without that aid.

The American political system is bust. The Democrats stand for America's destruction. The Republicans are dysfunctional and can't even find a replacement speaker. The president ignores the Constitution. Congress refuses to enforce the Constitution. This is why Donald Trump is determined to fix this mess in his quest to make America great again. He sees the country is failing and someone must stop the rot. Ben Carson is another who wishes to fix the mess just as is Carla Fiorina. Good luck to them.

America has never fought a serious war of attrition like Russia in WW2. They have not had a war on their land since the Civil War. They were unable to land in Europe until a few months before the end when the Red army had substantially gutted the Wehrmacht. As Montgomery said, the first rule of modern warfare is never invade Russia. The old Soviet Union had developed a large scale civil defence system in case of attack. A vast decentralized country with a prepared and determined population is difficult to conquer.

With a $19.1 trillion debt the US is borrowing massively for its out of control military spending, but I guess you need this when spreading democracy (bombing and chaos). In the Crimea the population overwhelmingly voted in favor of reunion with Russia after 60 years of separation. European delegations have visited recently and confirm the population is happy to be a part of Russia again, this can only be a good thing. The Crimea did what the US champions, self determination of a people.

War is about atrition and it is costly in assets and human capital. Ther US can and will out last Russia because as you say, they project power, neither of the others do or can. The US would take the fight to them and stand off weapons reduce human casualties... It will be aboutr capacity and numbers, if it comes to a fight and the US has a significant advantage in human resources, production capasity, sustainability and an enormous advantage in taking the war to them. They can put 600,000 onn the ground anywhere in the world and sustain them. When they start calling in the National Guard, they release thousands of more uncounted aircraft, tanks, artilliary pieces, that are maintained at a reasonable level and updated regularly. The Air National guard, for instance, has over 100 squadrons of aircraft including C17,s, F22's, F15's, F16's, A10's, C130, KC135 etc... The US has over double the official count of available weapons and if they get serious in a full on war do not underestimate their capacity. You may call the US cowards, how then do you categorise the thug Putin, who used his superior power to ANNEX sovereign territory from another nation? Do you honestly think the US stands by and watches Russia and China develop new AA capability without putting in place counter systems. The US (Raytheon, in particular) are partners in the Israeli Iron Dome protective system that is unbelievably effective. The US flys aircraft through Chinese claimed airspace in the Spratley's all the time and the Chinese do zip...

The Russian air force has never come into conflict with the Americans. In Vietnam the North Vietnamese air force was in a decidedly inferior position. The Americans are cowards and only fight well against markedly inferior enemies like in the bombing of Serbia or third world states. The Russians and Chinese did not commit substantial air power to Vietnam but if Chinese air space had been breached it would have been another matter. The SS330 system delivered to Iran worries the Americans and the SS400 now being deployed would make attacks on Russia costly. If the Americans try it on in Syria we will see what happens. What is more likely they will increase high tech supplies to their terrorist clients to make the Russian intervention costly just like they did in Afghanistan.

Not true... Annexing sovereign countries is NOT defensive... There is no doubt the Russians would be a formidable apponent at home but they would struggle badly from a full on NATO confrontation with fronts in the North, South, East and West... In the Vietnam warm the US shot down 202 Russian built MIG aircraft in air toi air combat against 90 US losses. In the most recent confrontation between Russian and US aircraft in the Balkans in 1999 US, F15 and F16's shot down 5 MIG 29's. In the Arab, Israel air to air combat arena, US built aircraft have shot down in excess of 20 Russian aircraft for the loss of every 1 US build aircraft. I have served in the US military on exchange and I served in Da Nang during the Vietnam War in a USN facility with EOD responsibility form the top 1/3rd of South Vietnam. I am a student of military and I do not desert my mates easily... Many here seem to be FAIR WEATHER friends... I am not. I think you miscalculate Putin if you think Russia is friendly.

Twodogs, if stringybark is smitten you sound in love, more so than what the average American is with their country right now. Stringbark is pointing out the Russian military is mainly a defensive force whilst the US is offensive. No matter what the military power of the US is they and their reluctant allies in NATO would not be able to defeat Russia on Russian soil. The Soviet Union is no more, the Russians are not our enemy. The US is trying hard to make it that way but have not succeeded. The US has got its dirty washing out for the world to see in the Middle East and it smells badly. Do you know whose side they are on because I think they don't?