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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Chris Johnston of “The Age” is a sexually confused Angora goat breeder who haunts the lowlands of Werribee looking for pot smoking interviewees to progress the Left-wing culture of Fairfax.

Actually I have no evidence that he is a sexually confused Angora goat breeder at all. I made that bit up. He could be ‘tho, I definitely have no evidence that he isn’t, so I’ll go along with it, and anyway it sounds good? 

Fifty years ago, when I worked for “The Age” you checked and double checked everything, if you couldn’t confirm it you left it out, and if ever you were wrong there was a humiliating correction. If it was in the paper it was right, you could depend on it and that imposed an awesome responsibility on journalists.

Facts, syntax, punctuation and grammar were once relied upon as gospel by schoolchildren and teachers alike.

Is it any wonder the mainstream media is on skid row?

So, contributor, Kirralee Smith’s introduction to Fairfax style journalism was a rude awakening for a country mum with a legitimate halal beef. She explains here:

“Sunday 28th December 2014 was either a very slow news day or halal certification rackets are finally getting the attention they deserve. Chris Johnston of The Age in Melbourne wrote a story called “Stewing over certifying halal” that was published in the print and online versions of The Age and Sun Herald.

“While it appeared in the “Extra” section of the print versions it was one of the top two trending stories online. And I use the word ‘story’ in the context of fiction and fairy tales.

“I gave Chris Johnston a very long and detailed interview over the phone quite a few weeks ago. I explained to him several times that I founded and direct Halal Choices – an online website and facebook page that aims to give Australian consumers accurate information about the halal certification status of products to give each person the ability to make an informed choice.

“Notice the word CHOICES. It was a deliberate decision to make that a part of our name. We believe most Australians are more than capable of making responsible choices but they need information to be able to do so. 

“The catalyst for starting the website was that many companies, especially the big ones, like Cadbury, Nestle, Mars, Kelloggs and Sanitarium don’t respect the consumer enough to give them the choice. Close to 500 companies or brands on Australian supermarket shelves neglect to make plain and clear that they pay halal certification fees. It is not marked on the label and often it is quite difficult to find evidence on the website.

“Chris Johnston is described as a “Senior Writer” for The Age. I was under the impression that would mean experience, fairness and the reporting of facts. However Chris Johnston made a decision to write a piece of fiction about me.

“The opening statement of his story is, “Kirralie Smith is a permaculture farmer from northern NSW and a mother of three. She is also the public face of the virulent campaign to boycott halal food and products.”

“Well, he got my name right. And I do live in NSW.

“Calling me a permaculture farmer is ridiculous and I told him so several times. I have recently moved to a farm and we have aspirations to follow some permaculture principles. I made it clear that that part of my life has nothing to do with Halal Choices. 

“I began Halal Choices in 2010. I moved to our farm 3 months ago! He was persistent in trying to get a photographer to my house to capture me farming. I refused, stating over and over again, that it had nothing to do with the report and no-one was coming to my house. He clearly had an agenda from the outset and was most unhappy I would not cooperate.

“Primarily I am a proud and happy wife and mother of three. That is who I am! I love my role as wife and mum and it is this that drives me to pursue Halal Choices for Australian consumers. I believe we all deserve the right to choose whether or not we want to participate with and fund Islamic religious practices. If you do, fine, it is your choice. But if you don’t, for whatever reason, you also should be able to choose. Islamic religious practices do not need to be imposed upon everyday Australians and we certainly don’t need to fund them.

“As for being ‘the public face of a virulent campaign to boycott halal food and products’ all Mr Johnston has done is prove his gross incompetence or deliberately deceptive agenda.

“There is a facebook page called “Boycott Halal in Australia.” I do not run it. I am not an admin. I don’t have any influence with the group other than they like or share some of my posts. I don’t represent or lead boycotts at all. I promote information and choices. Chris Johnston has been deliberately misleading in writing such a nasty, opinion based, harmful description of me in his opening paragraph and trying to pass it off as fact. 

“But it says far more about him than it does about me.
“Even after asking him to correct this and apologise he changed a few words to make it more factual but the sentiment remains and no apology issued.

“The word virulent is especially nasty. It means, “(of a disease or poison) extremely severe or harmful in its effects.” In exposing his agenda to harm my reputation it confirms that the media is afraid of an intelligent and rational debate when it comes to giving accurate and extensive information about halal certification. It seems easier to try and stifle debate with petty name-calling and insults.

“He reports that I am concerned about the extra costs imposed on consumers. I explained to him that is certainly a factor BUT not our main concern. It is the deception and corruption which are much bigger factors. He omitted very key points as well as this. Yes halal certification has been linked to funding terrorism overseas and as yet there has been no thorough investigation into the Australian situation. 

“What he omitted from my concerns is that nearly all the money raised goes to mosques in Australia, to build more mosques, Islamic schools and to support Islamic charities. Those pursuits need to be funded by the Islamic community, not every day Australians who are not even aware of it because the information is not on the label. We deserve a CHOICE!

“Mr Johnston reports that Fleurieu Milk lost their lucrative deal with Emirates as result of dropping halal certification. This is what many news agencies also reported in mid November. However, as of the 9th December Nick Hutchinson from Fleurieu said that the contract stills stands, it had not ceased at all.

“To his credit Chris Johnston did mention some of the corruption in the industry but was very careful not to target or demonise anyone else, even though I had passed on quite a few of the reports myself. I guess one house-wife, mother-of-three, aspiring-permaculture-farmer- villain is enough for any fairy tale about choices magically turning into boycotts.

“Be careful what you take in from the media. The apple might look bright and juicy but it could be laced with poison.”



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We in Australia are only around 10 years behind the Brits. Much easier to do something now than to wait. It's a national emergency and should be treated as such. The islamic army of 700,000 is within Australia using their women as breeding sows.

Lord Pearson says that muslimes are breeding at 10 times the rate of the local population and if present trends continue Britain will pass the point of no return within 5 to 15 years.
All this with only 5% of the population. However we're not there yet. UKIP are on the rise and there's an election soon. 95% of the population aren't muslim but unless they start a major repatriation programme they're doomed.

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Boycott Halal on FB has a petition going. It's not an online one but involves printing it off and getting others to sign it. If anyone wants to join in, it can be found on their FB page

Australia's anti-halal campaigns gather pace Exerpts such as "Halal consultant Ahmed Kilani told The Anadolu Agency that the majority of halal products were exported.
He said: “Despite its minuscule cost in the overall scheme of things, even if we were to assume that the cost of halal certification is being passed on to the consumer, over 90 per cent of Halal certified items are exported.”Therefore “any Australian consumer is paying only 10 per cent of what sometimes amounts to less than 0.1 per cent of the sale of an item to pay for Halal certification.”He added: “Even on a logical or economic argument, the halal haters don't have a leg to stand on the issue of having to pay for halal certificati

You've got it wrong PC.. Jack isn't from the Snowy Mountains!


Thank you Larry/Kirralee, for some quality information, which is usually ubiquitous on this site.

The Halal tax is being used to fund ISIS with the beneficiary being Israel.

Written in 2005 this SMH article shows the emerging internal fight over the billions to be made in halal certification and how we have been saying all along that the Saudis are behind the scam.

Iraq’s Shiite-dominated government accuses Saudi Arabia of supporting the ISIS jihadis. On Tuesday (17.06.2014), Iraqi Premier Nouri al-Maliki said "we hold Saudi Arabia responsible" for the financial and moral support given to ISIS.

Iraq’s Premier al-Maliki accuses Saudi Arabia of financing ISIS.
The USA, which is Saudi Arabia’s most important ally, has rejected the Iraqi Premier’s accusation. Jen Psaki, a speaker for the US State Department, said on Tuesday evening that al-Maliki’s accusation was "inaccurate and humiliating."
Money from the Gulf States?

"There is no publicly accessible proof that the government of a state has been involved in the creation or financing of ISIS as an organisation," said Charles Lister, Visiting Fellow at the Brookings Doha Center in Qatar, a subsidiary of the US think-tank Brookings Institution.

Others take a different view. Günter Meyer is Director of the Center for Research into the Arabic World at the University of Mainz. Meyer says he has no doubt about where ISIS gets its funding. "The most important source of ISIS financing to date has been support coming out of the Gulf states, primarily Saudi Arabia but also Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates," Meyer told Deutsche Welle. The Gulf states' motivation in financing groups like ISIS was to support their fight against the regime of President Bashar al Assad in Syria, according to Meyer. Three quarters of the Syrian population are Sunni Muslims, but Syria is ruled by an elite drawn mostly from the Alawite minority. The Alawites are an offshoot of Shiite Islam.

Recently, however, the government of Saudi Arabia has recognized the dangers of this policy. "Saudi citizens now compose the largest contingent of foreign fighters in ISIS. When those fighters come home, there's a danger that they might turn against the Saudi regime," Meyer said. But there are reasons to believe that financing for ISIS continues to flow out of Saudi Arabia, "less from the Saudi government than from rich Saudis".

Money from oil and extortion........................"


Banu Qaynuqa tribe = JEWS!!!

Jews are the one in charge of Kabbah and Madina Munawara to make $$$$$$ !!! All the Hajj Money Umrah Money Oil money and Saudi taxes goes to the Jews and Israel to kill Muslims!

The More we go to Hajj and Umrah the more Muslim will get killed with that money!The Banu Qaynuqa (also spelled Banu Kainuka, Banu Kaynuka, Banu Qainuqa, Banu Qaynuqa, Arabic: ??? ???????) was one of the three main Jewish tribes living in the 7th century of Medina, now in Saudi Arabia. In 624, they were expelled during the Invasion of Banu Qaynuqa, by the Islamic prophet Muhammad for allegedly breaking the treaty known as the Constitution of Medina............

.......King Faisal Al-Saud at that time could not deny his family’s kindred with the Jews when he declared to the Washington Post on Sept. 17, 1969 stating: “We, The Saudi family, are cousins of the Jews: we entirely disagree with any Arab or Muslem Authority which shows any antagonism to the Jews; but we must live together with them in peace. Our country (Arabia) is the Fountain head from where the first Jew sprang, and his descendants spread out all over the world.” That was the declaration of King Faisal AL-Saud Bin Abdul Aziz! ‘...................."

Former British Prime Minister Disraeli in his book "Coningsby" writes -

Taking up a study of the character of Sidonia the Jew, Disraeli the Jew begins to refer to the
Jews as "Mosaic Arabs." If a modern writer were to describe the Jews thus, virtually as Arabs
of the Mosaic persuasion, it would be denounced as another attempt at "persecution," but Disraeli did this a number of times, his purpose evidently being to give the Jew his proper
setting as to his original position among the nations. Again he refers to them as "Jewish Arabs."

Both of these terms may be found on page 209.


“Greater Israel” can only be built atop the ruins of the Arab-Islamic world

"The Promised Land extends from the River of Egypt up to the Euphrates, it includes parts of Syria and Lebanon."

Rabbi Fischmann, member of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, thus declared the intentions of Zionists for a Greater Israel in his testimony to the UN Special Committee of Enquiry on 9 July 1947. This is merely a reaffirmation of the declaration by Theodor Herzl, the supposed founder of Zionism, found in his Complete Diaries, Vol. II. p. 711 that the area of the posited Zionist State stretches:

"From the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates."

The dream of a Greater Israel is a fundamental doctrine of Judaic-Zionists to seize all the oil-rich lands from the shores of the Euphrates to the banks of the Nile.

"....The idea that “Greater Israel” can only be built atop the ruins of the Arab-Islamic world was documented in 1980 by Livia Rokach in her essay, “Israel’s Sacred Terrorism,” in which she details at length how Zionists in the mid-1950s planned to use Lebanon as ground zero for their divide-and-conquer modus operandi. Rather than the irrational work of a conspiracy theorist, Rokach based her argument on the memoirs of former Israeli Prime Minister Moshe Sharett, putting forward not her personal beliefs but rather the political manifesto of one of Israel’s founding fathers.
Within this narrative, Israel’s invasions of Lebanon in 1978 and 1982 can be understood as the implementation of Israel’s Yinon Plan — a strategy to fragment and weaken neighboring states to ensure Israel’s regional superiority.
Javad Arab Shirazi, an Iranian political analyst, believes that Israel’s attempt in 1982 to fragment not only Lebanon, but also Syria and Jordan, served as a springboard for Zionists’ divisionist policy in the Middle East. “Israel’s claims that it wants to see rise strong independent Arab states at its borders [Lebanon, Syria and Jordan] is laughable. What Israel wants are governments which will sanction its expansionist policy.”
“What Zionists want and what they are planning for is not an Arab world, but a world of Arab fragments that is ready to succumb to Israeli hegemony. Israel wants for the region to bow to its political will; its aims are certainly not democratic,” Shirazi continued, “Everything about Israel is actually the antonym of democracy.”
Likewise, Nazemroaya, the sociologist, noted:

“Zionism as an ideology is not intended on the institutionalization of sectarianism necessarily, but in practice it does do that, particularly in the case of Israel, too. The goals of Israeli officials are to entrench the sectarianism that already exists in their ethnocracy by supporting it in the neighboring states. This is why the Israelis want to see Lebanon, Syria and Iraq divided into political entities for Arabs and Kurds, at the ethnic level, and for Christians, Druze, Twelver Shia Muslims, Alawis, and Sunni Muslims, at the level of faiths.” .............


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Read this about Halal Certification:

Anf Fairfax thinks that the Greenies and Lefties they are pleasing are actually buying the papers. No wonder they close to going bust.

Typical corrupt and weak little man, no doubt those companies you mentioned are putting the advertising dollar pressure on the MSM to keep Aussies halal ignorant. And Johnston will be well looked after, the spineless piece of dog shit.

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Jack.. I haven't purchased this 'rag' in a very long time and it'll be an even longer time will that happens again... in years gone by, the SMH was a well respected newspaper.. these days, however, it just doesn't 'cut it'! Little wonder their share prices are at an all time 'low'.