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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Typhoons and Carbon Taxes

Naturally the Chicken Littles of the climate scare industry are blaming the use of carbon fuels for Typhoon Haiyan.

There is nothing unusual about typhoons in the Eastern Pacific. In 1274, Japan was saved from invasion by Kublai Khan when a typhoon destroyed a huge Mongol invasion fleet. A second bigger fleet in 1281 was destroyed by another typhoon which was named Kamikaze or “divine wind” by the grateful Japanese. Typhoons were also frequent and severe during the Little Ice Age around 1670.

Nowhere in the world are cyclones, hurricanes, typhoons or tornadoes powered by the tiny trace of well-dispersed, invisible carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Anyone who studies storms can observe that the energy of tropical storms comes from localised heat and moisture. Thunderheads are not composed of carbon dioxide – they are composed of water in its various forms. Water is unique in the atmosphere in that it can change phase from a gas, to a liquid, or a solid all within the temperature ranges found on Earth’s surface. Every phase change generates or absorbs considerable energy. It is these latent energies of evaporation and condensation that sustain storms.

Storms form in areas of sun-heated low pressure where there is a plentiful supply of warm moist air over the sea, and masses of cooler high-pressure air over the nearby land. A mega-storm grows as air rushes from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure. It starts spinning because of the rotation of the earth. This low-pressure vortex is maintained by the release of latent heat as moisture in the rising air condenses into rain and hail.

Mega-storms are common in warm tropical waters which supply solar heat and abundant moisture. They tend to die over land, often bringing welcome rain.

Carbon dioxide plays no part in any of these storm processes. Moreover, average land and sea temperature has not risen for 16 years; nor has the frequency or intensity of destructive storms.

Clearly, typhoons are unaffected by carbon taxes.

Continuing to argue that a carbon tax is required to prevent typhoons and cyclones is just nonsense. Using this mad logic, it would make more sense to have a “hydrogen tax” on emissions of steam and water vapour (H2O) in an equally futile attempt to remove the real driving energy from tropical mega-storms


What are They Plotting in Poland


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All we have to know now when has somebody something recorded ever about the snowfall over there lolol.

Global Warming has evolved into a religion of huge scope. Like any religion, evidence is never needed or even sought. The adherents of a religion simply believe what other adherents have told them who in turn, got their belief from other people who did not seek or want evidence - and on it goes. Eventually though all religions die out one way or another - the ancient World is littered with the decaying structures representing the religion of that time and place.

(Return key again) ..........."The whole world, including the United States, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age, made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science." He also made this comment when referring to the truth. "The truth is the most valuable thing in the world-indeed it is so valuable that it is often protected by a body guard of lies" The Greens make up that bodyguard.

(Damn return key) To continue...... Winston Churchill was a prophetic when he said

The global warming cabal don't know the meaning of the truth.

Thank-you Mr Forbes.Your articles are educational quality delivered with a stern reason and care.

Information like this needs to be published in the newspapers in the hope the loonies walking among us will hopefully read it.

I always look forward to your voice of common-sense and logic in a world of insanity, Viv.

Maybe the government could bring in a stupidity tax for all those stupid enough to believe that tripe. I'm sure most would come to their senses pretty quickly

The average joe is showing more common sense and intelligence on this subject than those who would cajole and brainwash us into believing a bizarre notion. As Australia was supposed to lead the world into a CO2 free Nirvana, with its gold medal carbon tax, the average Australian voter has put the climate dragster into reverse gear and there are signs we may end up leading the world to a Nirvana of CO2 fuelled lush prosperity once again.

This country is largely populated by gullible fools, who continue to believe this global warming rubbish. Could human activity have an impact on our weather patterns? Quite likely. Will it create doomsday? Not for a few thousand years. Until there is proof that too many cows and too much industry are leading us to an irreversible and pending catastrophe I, for one, will continue to enjoy the benefits of the internal combustion engine - and the climate alarmists know what they can do to themselves.

The Typhoon just proves that the carbon tax that we have had for a year is a complete failure at changing the weather. The 0.0038 of a degree projected change in global temperture will never stop the storms. Billions spent and no result at all, gotta be a Greens Labor policy.

Well explained, Viv. I'm going to send it to my family as it's easily understood and so well written. Thank you Viv.

We should also put a carbon tax on the two volcanoes errupting on Sumatra and Java at the moment. That'll stop 'em in their tracks

The Statist-Marxists have successfully and fraudulently convinced a significant proportion of Australian leaders that CO2 is the cause of climate change and that climate change will destroy humanity unless carbon-based fuel use is regulated. Their lies the problem...politicians.