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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Crumbs it was a hard decision when time zones were taken into account, but it is hard to separate “Missionchris” for clever consistency and “simmons” for sheer speed and brilliance. Among other notables were Billy B, Trader and Batman and some excelled at Daily Doubles with Sheerluck Holmes often chiming in.

But the inseparable Missionchris and simmons each win the prize, so would you both please send name and address to pickeringpost at (with ampersand of course) as soon as possible. Well done to both and to all the others who participated.

Merry Christmas,



What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


'@' is not an ampersand.
'&' is an ampersand.

Well done one and all. I did pick those two as my preferred suspects last week. Good call Larry.

Did they thank Wikipedia and Message Alert for their efforts???

Where is Waldo ?

Who do you think wanted Trump to be President .

A.. Christmas.. Past.

He was about four years old,..coloring in at Gran’s kitchen table.
Pa suggested he draw a picture for Santa..When completed, they walked to the red post box.
A week later,.. the boy received a Christmas card reply from Santa.
Then on, .at Pa’s before Christmas,. he would send Santa a letter and receive a reply.

When he was seven,. a big kid said there was no Santa…….He asked Pa, who explained.. -
‘ I can’t remember if I saw him when I was a boy,. but one thing is certain –
if you stop believing in Santa,..your Christmas will never be the same.’

Some time later,..Grandpa went to heaven and became a star.
Next Christmas,..the boy wrote Santa’s note at his bedroom desk without Pa.
Santa never replied...Was the note lost ?..Nobody would discuss it.

The following year he wrote. Still no reply…He ceased to believe and never wrote to Santa again.
But he found Pa had been right,..Christmas wasn’t the same.. –
until he fathered children and saw the excitement in their eyes.

Now,..years years later, he persuades the grandkids to send a Santa letter.
Excitedly they tell Pa about finding a reply in their post box.

The circle of life continues and nothing stays the same,. but fond memories endure.
Such as one derived from our Christmas traditions - a priceless gift to all.
For that alone,.. we must resist those who would banish it and all it represents.

all grandparents, and those who value love,..peace and the innocence of children.
As for dear ones no longer with us..-..may their star shine bright forever.

Well done Guys (am I allowed to say that?) I thought it would be a close one.

To the worthy winners, honourably mentioned and youse all, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. Things can only get better after this tumultuous year - who knows the Maladministration might even end sooner rather than later. He's decided that polls don't really mean anything as he got first prize when they suited him. Hopefully the clown will bite the dust....God I hope so. I close with reference to one of the most moving Christmas Carols of them all...if only for the stirring music, sung by a baritone or mezzo-soprano..."Oh Holy night...". Peace and Goodwill to you all. Thanks enormously for your efforts Larry, truly masterful and delighted that you still walk among us... (:-))

Have a merry Christmas Larry with your family and thank you for keeping this old coot so well informed. Hope 2017 is what you wish for.

well done

Well done MC. If I am not mistaken that it two years in a row. I will improve next year as will my golf.

uh'' you give honors- to a left wing cut and past propagandist
mmmmmm'' lowering your colors Larry

simmons, did you get the address?

And may I add: Merry Christmas to all.

I add my congratulations and best wishes. All mentioned are very quick off the mark, and I get get some entertainment from some of the intelligent quips.

Well done guys ...... (are we allowed to use that terminology to express affection to "chaps" these days ... or has the false Australian of the Year, Morrison, taken that away from us as well?)

Speaking of Winners, how about the 102 year old Dr David Goodall who was to be evicted from his office at Edith Cowan Uni Wa. he has been given an office nearer home by UWA. This is very good news for all of us oldies. I've been thinking about coming out of retirement myself and have regrouped my 'tools of trade' so that I can restart my career as a house breaker.........

Congratulations to both.

Has been fun and I wish Larry and all his posters well in 2017 and beyond!

Well done Mc and Simmo. I'm just happy to have gained a mention. All the best for 2017, Larry. Keep it coming. :-)