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Saturday, 21st July 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Tragedy excites the loony Left

Vile vegans and green gophers attempted to capitalise on the fate of an unfortunate horse by filming its collapse at Flemington after the running of the Melbourne Cup and distributing the footage to TV networks.

The magnificent Japanese horse, Admire Rakti, had been exhibiting a suspected congenital heart abnormality for years with mixed form. This grand horse, like many humans, died what it loved doing most.

Racehorses who don’t love racing never see a racetrack. Hurdlers who don’t love hurdling never see a hurdle. Horses, like people, will never excel at something they don’t love. But animal rightists never feel for people who die competing.

For thousands of years our horses have been a part of our agriculture, our wars and our competitions. Many, like their masters, have died in the process and for the vegetarian Left to go to the Melbourne Cup hoping to film misfortune is disgusting.

Anyone who doesn’t love to witness horses enjoying competing is subhuman and the complainants are invariably those who know the least about a horse.

The whip has always been an integral part of a horse’s performance. A horse is capable of feeling pain from only one area of its body at a time. When muscles ache through exertion, the whip redirects the area of concentration.

People feel enough pain when their horse is lost, without opportunistic idiots exacerbating the feeling of terrible loss.

The horse that suffered a broken pastern had nothing to do with racing and the only humane thing to do was to have it put down. No-one likes accidents.

The only people to take success from a Flemington tragedy yesterday were the animal rightists.  



Richo empties his colostomy bag on LathamĀ 

Climate Lessons from King Canute


The Government should sack all Lefty-Green-Labor scum from the ABC immediately. They are all Demented, Sick, Vile, Lying Arseholes.

Excuse Mr Host with the Most Mr Pauly Z*.. may I please ask for my Grey faced bald barby `No avatar `back that someONE stole or took* the liberty of stealing ? Please, I like having a choice not being bullied to wear some strangers avatar.I did not choose some tree face? It is bullying.I will Keep asking politely .It is a form of Identity theft IMO like using anothers choice to a leftys Loop advantage. Next it could be a Pro (yuk) greens logo :(( or a Pro Bung Dud logo.. so no I don`t consent.Must be bitter trolls stealing our right to correspond , by abusing others.So I photographed the abuse another cheated on my option to not use an avatar.It repulses me the principle of fraudulent conduct.

Animal rights loonies/Greens want to progressively shut down livestock farming. That's their agenda.

I'm with you Rosa. I too don't like being painted as being a loony leftie just because I'm a softie when it comes to animal welfare. Larry gets it spot on most of the time, but on bikies and this one, he's got it wrong IMO.

LP . The looney left Greens never complain about some halal slaughter houses in Australia even who refuse to stun cattle prior to killing. Nor do they say anything about some of the horrific treatment of some of our live sheep on arrival in the Mid East. No veterinary surgeons on hand there to provide assistance. In fact do any of those Islamic countries even have such a thing as a Vet?

But what ever you do Greens don`t mention the leftys silence on child female genital mutilation.. just talk ...?? horses? instead? wow. They can`t be serious surely.Where are their priorities ?

The lunatics jumping up and down believing they have done the right thing. Meanwhile thousands of animals are put down each year because they are unwanted. If they truly cared for animals, they would adopt them and organize themselves so a system of adoption and humane caring is in place. Instead they get on social media, vent their spleen and wait for the next opportunity.

These were the lucky ones. One race horse dies in Australia every three days

Normal? Cheez mate you need to do something positive with your life - like parachuting - without the parachute!

Sorry Larry - I'm not with you on this one. A horse with a known congenital heart abnormality for years? And they let it race in the Melbourne cup? Besides - no human- being should be able to whip any animal, let alone do it to make money from them. They're talking about a rogue roo up this way which is scaring some of the local residents with it's seemingly aggressive nature. They'll probably kill it in the end to appease the complainants but I wonder what those same complainants think when they shoot the poor sods simply to fund a desire to kill something - anything? Bring it on people!

if a horse shows tendencies to be easily spooked, duty of care means that the animal should not be placed under such conditions, I would have thought.

yep they are a biggest threat to Oz's security that these young idiots from Sydney who want to go over to isis

they won't because thats not what they are concerned with, its all about gaining control over the people, so banning horse racing is just a little piece of the strategy. Ban horse racing, what next, ban kids from riding at pony club?

The same animal rights people who at too fearful to oppose Halal slaughter of animals and possibly humans?

They obviously have no respect for the church in which the funeral was held. It is a wonder the lefty athiests would put their feet inside at all. If these people were not policed I think they would kill our Prime Minister and any conservative. (Shades of Adolf Hitler)

Horses are edgy at the best of times , thoroughbreds are even more so,they will get spooked by the proverbial drop of a hat.A horse will get the spooks if it is quiet,if it is noisy,if the wind rustles the grass,you can never know,even a "bombproof" horse can suddenly shy at the slightest movement....Never bet on anything that has four legs or can talk!

yes it is sad to see the demise of these beautiful animals. But to ban racing? that is not the real issue, what it is just a prime opportunity for the socialist greenie, and all their associated idiots to try and gain control over people lives, even if it is just bit by bit. Ban horse racing what next? It is the socialist dream to have total control over the populous, Churchill, George Orwell, Reagan, Thatcher were all wake ups to them, I just hope we are too....

Sounds like another culture of lowlife in your first 7 lines.

I have ridden horse all my life and Larry has got it pretty right ,forty years in the saddle seven days a week