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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



“Madam Speaker, I seek leave to move a resolution which has not been moved in this form in the House since 1949.” Well that’s simply not true Tony.

It’s reasonable that you may want to forget the Gillard chaos of late last year, but your nominated Speaker, Lib grub Peter Slipper, suffered an identical resolution from the then Opposition.

He too survived the motion of no confidence. The only difference was Slipper had no choice but to resign due to the exposure of lurid sexual texts he had sent to his staffer James Ashby.

It’s doubtful Bronwyn Bishop is involved in such putrefaction.

But maybe it’s a good thing that Labor has memory lapse regarding its modern history. After all, it certainly can’t be their favourite subject.



What are They Plotting in Poland



I believe every politician should be held responsible for their actions in whatever they do or say. Have they forgotten that they represent the people of Australia or are they just their for self satisfaction and ego, looks like they are there for both. I do not care what side of politics it is after all they are public servants.

Burke has been sold a pup, as the leader of opposition business, he becomes the terrier dog, and he was conned by Albanese et al to take on this role to balls it up to be PM…career path if you like, however in being conned he has hammed it up far too much and therefore made the way for Piggy Paul to worm his way in and get the support as Shorten could join the que for regalia of a different sort along with the rest of the conga line. I thought that Burke would be a good leader in time, but like so many others I was so wrong…..'around the tea urn he is known a Burke the JERK'

I just hate the thought that we are paying the wages for these losers.

heard the member of Adelaide--had a fall and broke her leg in 2 spots,just wish it had been the cows neck.

When I first saw Tony Burke and Chris Bowen talk in their earlier years I thought that they both had a lot to offer but after watching them closely over the last couple of years I admit I was wrong, wrong, wrong.

This scenario has been carefully orchestrated by Burke and his ALP cronies.
They remind me of a class of junior highschool brats who decide to "muck up" on a new trainee Teacher to see how far they can go to un-nerve her.
From day one BURK has been cowardly insulting to Bronwyn Bishop, calling "Point of order..." at every opportunity, even when he knows full well there is NO Point of order whatsoever in order to disrupt parliament so that NOTHING gets done in running the Country.
BURK's final insult, resulting in him calling for "No Confidence" in the Speaker was when his ALP stooge (Dreyfus) called out "Madam Speaker" and was booted out of the room.
BURK declared that it was the first time a member had been expelled for saying "Madam Speaker".
What actually happened was that the ALP Stooge (Daft-Pus) SCREAMED Out " MAD-DAME Speaker".
Gosh! I wonder why the crud got booted out?

As far as the burk's stastics of ALP v LIBS being expelled at 98 to Zero.
That's because the ALP are constantly "MUCKING UP" in Class.
No wonder NOTHING gets done in Parliament.
The ALP stooges SABOTAGE Everything the Government tries to achieve,

as we all know,labor has got away with murder--so far,if I were them--id just shut the fuck up----and learn.

Tony Burke would be better of returning to his 'roots' and going down to the local council park and stand on a milk crate and tell any of his dumb ' followers that Labor won the last election and that BAD Abbott and LNP should start to be nice to him - What a CRY BABY

I only have one thing to say; the lithping idiot.

That's my new swear word. Forthwith, any dickhead taunting little old ladies shall be called a "burk". Any wanker throwing his weight around and teasing insecure people shall be called a "burk". Any thug intimidating innocent people (similarly as union thugs threaten workers and management) shall be called a "tonyburk". Lawyers defending repeat pedophiles shall be known as burks. Idiots kicking own goals will be called burks.

Labor has no memory of a lot of things Particularly about governing for all of the people. The worst government in our history.

It will always look as if the speaker is bias when she has to deal with morally corrupt looses all the time. The Labour opposition are a bunch of pretenders, pretending they're intelligent, pretending they know what day it is, pretending they could lead Australia.

They trashed the country over a period of six years, why would anyone think they wouldn't trash the parliament as well in opposition; That's what they do, everything they touch they trash. Everyone who voted for the coalition last election played their part in saving Australia from being utterly trashed, for this, I thank you.

Larry..come on mate you spelled it wrong...its Putridfacation.....its the ALP you are talking about here, old boy.....The other problem with that Labar mob is that they have perfect pitch selective the extent that they think that they actually ran a decent government for 6 years..........Blurke is a prime example of how fucking brain dead they all are.......

Burke's been causing all the trouble, ridiculous interjection, being a smart ass, answering back disrespectfully, and it's all part of a plan to disrupt QT. Bronwyn should throw him out more often. Little Shortie acts like a little kid, I wonder what his mother in-law thinks of him deep down.

One World Government and/or END OF DAYS?
Is the Electronig Tatoo at 4min in actually the MARK OF THE BEAST?

Burke is a real BURK !

Burke BURK !

ghuck, Ms Bishop is no less impartial than Labor's previous screeching Anna Burke who engaged in bias when saying Gillard's (ill-directed) misogyny speech was spot on. Further, if you think a balanced debate is a part of our democracy, please contact the ALPBC and tell them that not only are taxpayers funding their blatant bias, taxpayers are as mad as hell about it and we are not lying down and taking it any longer.

One but wonder just how this little 'person' became an elected member of parliament.. he's just a 'little man' with perhaps big ideas... no matter.. he just doesn't cut it~go do something else Mr. Burke - get a real job and then come back and let's see how you go!