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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



It will be a sad day for Bendigo and its rich Aussie heritage if the local Bendigo council defies the will of the local people and caves into the Bendigo Bank and local newspaper promoted mega mosque.

Apart from the financial skulduggery of the Bendigo Bank, and the fact that it closed the accounts of opponents of the mosque, Victoria as a whole will cringe in shame if this disastrous proposal is passed.

The selfish cult of Islam has nothing to offer Australia.


What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


listen to this and use this against them! I don't want them infiltrating from within with the help of labour and the greenies ( God rest their soul!).

actually the only thing it has to offer is to unite all decent Australians, against this vile peadophile inspired 9th century cult.

The question I would be asking are they shitiboys or sunny boys coming to town?, ( remember them when they were an ice block ) they where the good old days! Now they are just a farkin nightmare. I have given up on this site because every time I read all the comments I get all worked up, I tell my missus about it and she says well do something, I have another couple of beers get more worked up about it, go to sleep and then forget about it, till I wake up at 0400 every time and start thinking about it again! This is my and all Australians new nightmare! At least when we had the Nazis we as a country didn't invite them to invade us by cordially inviting them, giving them accommodation, benefits and providing them with free IVF, so they could out breed us..... Argh!

To the locals who think it all sounds like a fair thing.... just be sure of what you're doing because you will not be able to reverse it. It's far bigger than petty egocentrics.

Learn about mohaMADism , if you don't like a regimated life under sharia it pays to know how they work go to the Q SOCIETY or and become enlightened.

Here we are again. Muslim extremists number around 20%. That is over 300 million people utterly dedicated to our destruction. "Never again"? Yes, it has happened again and again. It's happening right now!

At the end of WWII, leaders of the victorious nations rallied and announced "never again" when the horrors of the Nazi regime were made clear. The Nazi's were not ALL Germans. They were a band of extremists who numbered around 20% of the people. The others were moderate Germans. This band of extremists went on and were responsible for the death of around 60 million people worldwide.

With more than 100 churches in the Bendigo area, some of which are linked to current issues running through our courts and others that are linked to torture and mass killings, how or why does Pickering jump on to the fear smear campaign against Islam. Recently Bush dragged the western world into a fight in the name of his Christian god against Iraq. 500,000 is the estimate of Muslim civilian casualties from that load of crap. The selfish cult of Christianity has nothing to offer Australia.

12 months jail for a few strips of bacon , this proves that bacon is our greatest defence .

Thoroughly agree, maybe the Q society Is the way.

We HAD accounts with Bendigo Bank.


The Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters is calling opponents bigots and wanting them prosecuted under 18C of the racial Discrimination Act. Lisa Chesters is an interesting MP. It's unusual to find so many politically correct ideas rolled up into one horrible little package. She is a union official from Queensland who was selected as candidate for the seat by Emily's List and parachuted in against the opposition of the local branches. In favour of feminism, homosexual marriage, free access for illegal immigrants, multiculturalism etc and is now a Muslim apologist. Clearly holds ordinary Australians in contempt. The result in Bendigo was close so with a good candidate it should be possible to unseat her.


Here... have a look at this. The true culprit is always found, not in the manipulating opportunists that we citizens are, but in the corrupt and disgusting officials who are there to do the right thing by the best side of human nature. In this case, VCAT are the disgusting manipulating opportunists...... we are doomed, unless this paper tiger (that can slice through your throat and destroy entire communities lives with 'paper cuts') is torn down. Will never happen.

Lets look at the real criminals shall we? VCAT should be the one in your targets.... start here, I will find more - ha ha... isnt hard.. just google VCAT corruption, or corrupt and you will get pages of it...

The Councillors political backgrounds are the answer, if they are of the socialist left or Greens it is in their manifesto to undermine the culture and traditions of the country to create divided tribes within. Multiculturalism is their tool. Remember the saying;"Divide and Rule" that is their agenda,always resist it if you can and get rid of any elected public or bureaucratic persons who supports this treasonous act.

There is a very solid problem with VCAT which I investigated a short while ago. Too tired to go find the links now, but they have been meddling in local shires affairs for some time now and overturning locals wishes to boot. There is a very intriguing power culture in the institution. I have experienced it first hand and I can tell you it has a very strong odour. VCAT are already involved in some very questionable 'jobs for the big boys'... mostly to do with large developers getting their way in small towns when locals say NO... .The developers have been going to VCAT (because of the boys club and kick backs there in), and VCAT simply ' overturns', local shire decisions to stop certain developments thus infuriating locals, making local shire's impotent, and destroying democratic proces