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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



That is pretty much part of the FBI’s handbook and now that the surge in Republican polls has been stemmed, I wonder who has benefitted the most from pipe bombs where the out of control media can turn their lying eyes on Trump as the sole instigator of violence.

Never has there been such determination by the fascist Left and the malignant media to remove an elected President.



What are They Plotting in Poland

I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


Fairwell Larry

What does NITV stand for? Is it Nigger TV

I notice a piece that said that Gillard was now our most ""honoured"" women, So getting the job via Kevin Rudd and losing an election plus other dodgy deals, gets you into the most honoured league these days,It also says more about the march of the left through the institutions ,especially in the Unis, by the left. It is well known that her main legacy is the NDIS, and Gonski, Both were never costed or even allowed for in future fiscal earnings,, Both were , much like the Rudd inspired NBN thought bubbles , pushed through the house and left to a future gov, to fund, So why the ""awards"" For being a women and a leftist and having a couple of very expensive , unfunded thought bubbles?Its all about the tribe and not the nation.

Ha ha Angus. If Mr President said it there would have been Black riots.

Yes Larry. it is a disgrace. How I hope Mr President has a huge landslide. I heard the ABC this morning on TV having a go at TA and his visit to the Abo communities. He said "Thank you for putting up with the Invasion. The nasty bloody ABC did not get it. What TA meant was the Invasion from TA and his team. They don't miss a dig do they.

Try eHarmony, I think she's on there.

Listening to the steve price/ andrew bolt show last night,They were both disparaging about a nsw pollie appearing on a community tv station in an episode of a fishing segment,, which they said had zero ""watchers"".I would suggest that among the millions of fisherpeople who pay their license fees , these little admittedly minority shows are favourite viewing,After all most of the content is made in Aus, with real aussie people , in real sea and estuary environments,There are many people who watch this type of community tv because the big players put on so much crap, Re runs of so called ""reality"" shows passed off as entertainment for the lounging on the couch set,Fishing is also a family affair, ,gets people off their arses , into the real Australia,

We all know that when some moronic cocksucker taking part in a "reality" show shouts "fuck [as all these bogans do], the word is 'beeped out'.
Well, now the mouth of the bogan or boganette is pixilated so we (the viewers) cannot have the opportunity to lip-read this horrid word.
Thus we suburb-dwellers are protected by these guardians of our sensibilities, widely & popularly known as 'cunts'.

Dust to bugger off and bother your cat.

Alas brian, she loves you not. Neither does anyone else from the look of things.

I lived in Queensland once. Left it with pleasure and have no desire to return. The place is infested with bogans and sheer fucking idiots like Justice Fucking David Boddice.

I have just read the most outrageous travesty of justice ever inflicted in our country handed down by a fuckwit masquerading as a judge in the Queensland Supreme Court. A woman who was raped then threatened to harm her daughter unless she agreed for him to do it again killed the scumbag rapist. For that she has been found guilty and sentenced to 9 years gaol. She then went on to tie the body to the back of her car and drag it to a site where she dumped it. For that she got an extra 18 months. She should have got two gold medals and a knighthood. Instead she gets a pompous lecture from this probably pedophilic judge who is obviously dead from the neck up. A plague on all your houses Your Fucking Scumbag Honour. At one time rape attracted the death penalty.This clown has put it into reverse

What is wrong with people being white supremist when we have people who are black supremist or other who claim the are Muslim supremist ?

Jewish leaders tell Trump he's not welcome in Pittsburgh until he denounces white nationalism
A group of Jewish leaders told President Trump that he is no longer welcome in Pittsburgh until he denounces white nationalism following the shooting at a synagogue there over the weekend.
Eleven members of the Pittsburgh affiliate of Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice penned a letter to Trump following the Saturday shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue.
“Our Jewish community is not the only group you have targeted,” the group wrote. “You have also deliberately undermined the safety of people of color, Muslims, LGBTQ people, and people with disabilities. Yesterday’s massacre is not the first act of terror you incited against a minority group in our country.”
Trump was fiercely criticized after he failed to condemn white supremacy and asserted that there is “blame on both sides” after last year’s white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va.
The group also said Trump is not welcome in the city until he also stops targeting minorities, immigrants and refugees.
The president has “spread lies and sowed fear about migrant families in Central America,” the group wrote.
“The Torah teaches that every human being is made b’tzelem Elohim, in the image of God. This means all of us,” the leaders wrote. “In our neighbors, Americans, and people worldwide who have reached out to give our community strength, there we find the image of God.”
They noted how Squirrel Hill, the Pittsburgh neighborhood where the attack took place, was once the neighborhood where children’s television host Fred Rogers lived.
“Here in Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood, we express gratitude for the first responders and for the outpouring of support from our neighbors near and far,” they wrote.

I was watching a US video today that told me that Big Pharma has been bankrolling Hillary since 1993 for her to win the 2016 election to protect them for pushing their prescription drugs that cause death .They paid for her to become a Senator and for her to contest the 2016 election

Trump caused the bombs by attacking the media but the media hasn't caused any violence by attacking Trump. pathetic can they get..

In the UK a survey has found that ethnic people are ""over represented"" on and in the media i assume that is because of the politically correct attitudes in that sector, That explains why every panel show, and most movie and tv shows seem to always to have the obligatory gay, black, , Muslim, a woman (or all four) (usually fiesty and of the left"" The straight white guys are usually of the weak , the comedic and or the nasty type, Strange really when we consider the ""all encompassing"" leftist ABC in Aus,can present a nationwide panel discussion show with reps, of various attitudes and agendas, but rarely if ever a conservative!

Some in the media are reporting that 80% of people want those remaining children on Nauru/Manus removed to Aus or to NZ, 80% really! Who did they ask and how was the question put, Maybe the so called survey was done at the latest pro people smuggler open borders, green inspired rally . Another scam by the left to dictate our migrant entry policy .

Exactly Laz.

The chosenites don't like anyone especially the president of the USA who doesn't do their bidding.