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Monday, 26th February 2018

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Paul Zanetti

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Talkback radio is again abuzz with questions asking why there are so many global acts of violence in the name of Islam.

Callers are quoting various sections of the Qur’an (aka Koran) that inspire and incite calls to arms in the name of Islam. As the world searches for answers at the source of the repetitive global acts of random violence, plenty of non-Muslims today are well versed in the passages of the Qur’an. 

Each time there’s another ‘isolated incident’ the same question is asked. What is it about Islam that encourages the worst of human behaviour in so many of its followers? 

Muslim callers also phone in, wanting to disprove that Islam is a religion of conquest and violence. The host takes their calls and lets them have their say.

They no longer say ‘Islam is a religion of peace’. Clearly nobody believes that. On that note, the ‘religion of peace’ is indeed a goal by Muslims. In Islam the world will truly be at ‘peace’ once a global caliphate has been established and the Islamic community of Ummah has been established, hence Islam is the ‘religion of peace’.

The other defence I’ve heard tonight is the quote from the Qur’an that is trotted out every time there’s another act of Islamic violence.

It goes like this:

“The Qur’an teaches us that “…whosoever kills a human being… it is as if he has killed all mankind, and he whos saves the life of one, it is as if he had saved the life of all mankind…” “

That’s partly correct, except that it’s not the full quote, not the entire sentence – it’s an edited excerpt from the Qur’an 5:32.

The full quote is:

5:32: “For that cause We decreed for the Children of Israel that whosoever killeth a human being for other than manslaughter or corruption in the earth, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind, and whoso saveth the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind. Our messengers came unto them of old with clear proofs (of Allah’s sovereignty), but afterwards lo! Many of them become prodigals of the earth.”

Spot the difference? It’s a commandment to the Jews, not Muslims.

It’s followed by 5:33:

“Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment,”

It’s telling that the most often quoted passage to defend Islamic violence is not what it’s promoted to be. Shame that there are no other passages of peace ever quoted, but the one that is, is misquoted and it is in fact demanding others behave themselves. 


Great to see Outsiders agree




Simulated anti-Semitism is used to provoke the desired result.

...It is a well-documented, open secret, that the exodus of over 100,000 Jews from Iraq, they formed one-third of the population of Baghdad, a rich and vibrant community, was plotted together by the Israeli government under Ben-Gurion and the British puppet ruler of Iraq, Nuri e-Said, who was hanged in the streets after the revolution of 1958. Israeli agents later testified to having planted bombs to simulate anti-Semitism in order to provoke the flight of Iraqi Jews. In exchange the Iraqi government got to seize their assets....

French Jews Flock To Israel Amid Rising Anti-Semitic Attacks Investmentwatch (InvestmentWatchBlog)

How Netanyahu’s Policies Are Fueling Anti-Semitism

I am no longer surprised by what Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu says or does. No leader with any pride and sensitivity would have tried to exploit for political gain the tragic deaths of four French Jews who were assassinated in a kosher supermarket in Paris. It is one thing to travel to France and demonstrate solidarity with the French people after the horrific execution of 12 journalists at the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo; it is an entirely different matter to use the occasion to call on French Jews to immigrate to Israel to avoid anti-Semitism and “live secure and peaceful lives.”

At this moment, when France has a good deal of soul-searching to do, we may do well to recall the thoughts of Jean-Paul Sartre, whose Anti-Semite and Jew, though written over 70 years ago, contains observations that are no less true today, such as his diagnosis of anti-Semitism as an all-consuming passion, a “total choice” that transforms hatred into a faith.

Sartre understood that the answer to anti-Semitism did not lie in the Jews of France leaving their country — “their original fatherland” — to live in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, as Netanyahu recently proposed.

Any solution to the problem of anti-Semitism (which is on the rise all over Europe) will involve recognizing, in Sartre’s closing words, that “[n]ot one Frenchman will be secure so long as a single Jew — in France or in the world at large — can fear for his life.”

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls recognized this fact when he expressed deep concerns about the prospect, however remote, that a large segment of French Jews may leave France because of the rise of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish sentiments.


French Jews Flock To Israel Amid Rising Anti-Semitic Attacks

When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggested in a Paris synagogue last week that France’s Jews should move to Israel, he likely tapped into the fears of a community shaken by the recent attack at a kosher market and increasingly concerned about their safety.


They then hijacked another car and we all know what happened after that . Also the policeman was really shot and murdered . That was not faked . Unfortunately I have seen "pink mist" before , and that is exactly what it looked like . Hollywood movies are a lot different to real life .

I've studied the footage many times and as an expert on motorcars I have to inform you that the line you see is actually water from the radiator . Over the full length of the footage from start to finish you can see the line getting longer , this is the hot water coming out of the overflow valve on the car radiator , falling on the road under the car and then running (slightly downhill) towards the gutter . When the car moves off the percentage of direct sunlight on that patch of road changes and the camera finds it harder to identify the line (wet patch) on the road . It is also worth noting that the amount of water the car is loosing is alarming to me , and sure enough , after checking the printed Police statements , they confirm that that car did break down 20 minutes later . They then

French President: The Illuminati did this, Muslims did not do it.

In an astounding broadcast, President Francois Hollandais has has told this to the people of France on national television, on 9th January the day after the Paris terror attacks:

Those who have committed these actions, these terrorists, these illuminati, have nothing to do with Islam. (‘Ceuc qui ont commis ces actes, ces terroristes, ces illumines, ces fanatiques, n’ont rien a voir avec la religion Muslim’)

Listen, O people of France, to what your President has told you! The ‘illuminati’ has always traditionally alluded to the Masonic orders which are very strong in France, to a hidden elite of Judaeo-Masonic bankers.

Muslims did not do it – let’s say that loud and clear, as the opinion of France’s President. This could be a turning-point in the history of state-fabricated terror.

Let’s hope this video of France’s president doesn’t get deleted – so many videos are being scrubbed from Google on this topic. And let’s hope this good man survives as France’s Presidient.

Has the worm turned at last? Are the puppets getting tired of their puppet-masters?

Even the BBC is now saying, the video of policeman being shot is fake – and it uses the phrase, ‘false-flag terror’. The deconstruction we give below (blanks being fired, etc) is acknowledged on BBC news! (11th January). This has never happened before.

A Warning from Israel

On December 2nd, the France Parliament passed a resolution asking that France recognize a Palestinian state. Its lower house voted to recognize Palestine, 339 MPs voting in favour and 151 against. Now Palestine is in the International Criminal Court, poised to take down Israel for genocide.

One week before the event, Israel informed France that it was “deeply disappointed” with France’s vote on a UN resolution that would have required Israeli forces to withdraw to their pre-1967 borders by 2017.

I am Israel -

Proof: It was signed in advance!

In Hebrew, "I'm Charlie" is an acronym for "I am Israel" -

The slogan from the carnage of Charlie Hebdo is "I Am Charlie."

In Hebrew, I Am Charlie writes as: [see link]

With the same letters in a different order, we get "I Am Israel" [see link]

Which, for those who study the Torah, it could mean a lot ...

I know I am wasting my time but your insane, get some professional help you need it

You see the interesting fact about your Arab is that he can live for a whole year on one grain of rice.

JOHN CLEESE: What rubbish! One year on one grain of rice!

PETER COOK. Sorry, sorry. It's the mosquito that can live for a whole year on one grain of rice...I get those two muddled up because they're next to each other in the dictionary."

JOHN CLEESE: What are?

PETER COOK: Mosquitoes and mosques.

Islam is the Religion of fools, then again it makes a lot of money for so called Islamic scamsters - think halal.

Islam is a hijack of Judaism and Christianity. The specific issue is the missing word "Muslim". He who killeth a Muslim etc. Infidels are not human beings, so they have no human rights; they are unter Menchen..

Why do all the old religions have a single elected leader of each of their faiths , but islam (only a new religion) does not ? If there was one central authority in islam we could get answers to why they do such terrible things and leadership to stop it . But they only have local leaders and each one interprets their "rule book" a different way , to suit their specific aim . This is a key part of their plan to use misinformation and contradictory Islamic law interpretation to Bullshit us into thinking most of them are good . The only answer is realise that every word that comes out of the mouth of a mussie is a lie !

As a message of 'peace' within the Qur'an, it has been abrogated.
EVERY message of peace towards non-Muslims has been abrogated by messages of hate - so to quote anything peaceful for the Jews comes under taqqiya.

It is a relief that so many of the public are taking the trouble to actually acquire knowledge about Islam. Taquiyya won't be now so effective a weapon. On the other hand, many lefties seem determined to maintain a patently ignorant and intransigent view of a religion that would normally ridicule.

I am reading a book "Infidel" by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali woman who left her country for Holland where she registered as a refugee and received an education in Political Science. What I found most interesting was her description of life in Holland, one of the first European countries to take in Muslim immigrants and what happened as a result. It is an exact replica of what is happening now in Oz. "She denounced Islam after the September 11 terrorist attacks and now fights for the rights of Muslim women in Europe, the enlightenment of Islam, and security in the West."

Jeez snow you're a match for Christine Mildew alright. The pair of you'd look better on the radio mate. Just had ma breakfast too.

The March of the Hypocrites -

One Student's Epic Tweets Call Out the Biggest Hypocrites Marching for Free Speech In Paris

Adding to the symbolic weight of the demonstrations, more than 40 world leaders joined the start of the Paris march, linking arms in an act of solidarity. But as Reporters Without Borders points out, their policies at home are far from compatible with the solidarity for free speech on display throughout France.

So here are some of the staunch defenders of the free press attending the solidarity rally in Paris today...

1) King Abdullah of Jordan, which last year sentenced a Palestinian journalist to 15 years in prison with hard labour

2) Prime Minister of Davutoglu of Turkey, which imprisons more journalists than any other country in the world

3) Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel, whose forced killed 7 journalists in Gaza last yr (second highest after Syria)

4) Foreign Minister Shoukry of Egypt, which as well as AJ staff has detained journalist Shawkan for around 500 days

5) Foreign Minister Lavrov of Russia, which last year jailed a journalist for "insulting a government servant"

6) Foreign Minister Lamamra of Algeria, which has detained journalist Abdessami Abdelhai for 15 months without charge

7) The Foreign Minister of the UAE, which in 2013 held a journo incommunicado for a month on suspicion of MB links

8) Prime Minister Jomaa of Tunisia, which recently jailed blogger Yassine Ayan for 3 years for "defaming the army"

9) The PMs of Georgia and Bulgaria, both of whom have a record of attacking & beating journalists

10) The Attorney General of the US, where police in Ferguson have recently detained and assaulted WashPost reporters

11) Prime Minister Samaras of Greece, where riot police beat & injured two journalists at a protest in June last year and other journalists and bloggers have been persecuted

12) Sec-Gen of NATO, who are yet to be held to account for deliberately bombing and killing 16 Serbian journalists in '99

13) President Keita of Mali, where journalists are expelled for covering human rights abuses

14) The Foreign Minister of Bahrain, 2nd biggest jailer of journos in the world per capita (they also torture them)

15) Sheikh Mohamed Ben Hamad Ben Khalifa Al Thani of Qatar, which jailed a man for 15 ys for writing the Jasmine poem

16) Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, who had several journalists jailed for insulting him in 2013

17) Prime Minister Cerar of Slovenia, which sentenced a blogger to six months in prison for "defamation" in 2013

18) Prime Minister Enda Kenny of Ireland, where "blasphemy" is considered a criminal offense

19) Prime Minister Kopacz of Poland, which raided a magazine to seize recordings embarrassing for the ruling party

20) PM Cameron of the UK, where authorities destroyed documents obtained by The Guardian exposing civil rights violations committed by his government and threatened prosecution

21) Saudi ambassador to France. The Saudis publicly flogged blogger @raif_badawi for "insulting Islam" on Friday

Islam is desperate to convince the populace that it is a religion because then it can, and certainly does, demand Australian tax payers fund and maintain their islamic schools, mosques and other pro-terrorist establishments. Also, by claiming to be a religion, it can fool the gullible into regarding islam with a certain respectability. However, islam is not a religion nor a race. It is a barbaric, brutal, in-bred, male cult that follows a doctrine of terror, murder, brutality, misogyny, and domination over all women and girls.
Look up google for other cults that have caused terrible human suffering and misery. None of them, however, have lasted for 1400 years!

As the world advances around them the frustration increases for Muslims who are stuck in Islamic mud. The violence represents the humiliation of having lost the argument and recognising that it can never be won when what you are selling is complete mayhem and misery. The world has rejected this Islamic tripe and now the world must pay. This is what happens when real education is sacrificed for the indoctrination of evil. Like a drowning man clutching around in vain, Islam's fireball of desperation will fade to nothing because, for good reason, people don't want it.

Yes you really get a look at how unbalanced and hysterical these fuckwits are, when talk back hosts open up about Islam! My God, the rantings and the tone from these lunatics is unbelievable, they live amongst us!

Its incredible that we, as Australians are actually having this conversation - that ANYBODY in this country must fear for their lives - because of ungrateful, warped people and their fucked up beliefs we have stupidly allowed and continue to allow - into this country.

Australians United Against Extremist Religion – need a bit of help – Facebook is apparently taking down ‘patriot’ pages while refusing to remove muslim extremist pages…One specifically lauding Mons the Murderer as “a brother” and insisting that Sharia law be introduced to Australia - apparently THAT’S not inciting hate speech?

Bumper sticker idea: "Jihad goes both ways".