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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



 A beautiful little girl called Miami-Lee Mauger from Queensland, who fell in love with the cartoon movie “Frozen”, has died surrounded by her family who sang the movie's hit song, “Let It Go”. The six-year-old mouthed the words as she took her last breath.

Her family, including mum Katrina (inset with Miami-Lee), were trying to raise money for surgery that would buy her more time to fight her brain cancer... but time ran out for little Miami-Lee.


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I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


Government couldn't find money for this little girl but can spend money to bring 12thous socalled needy refos, feed them, clothe them, house them and will fill their wallets. Shame on the whole bloody lot of you so called caring politicans. You mob of bludgers. Where was big mouth shy while Miami-Lee's parents were trying to raise the money, crying over some illegal because she wanted to abort then no she didn't but the money was there to give the bitch TWO round trips in a tax funded private plane. Sometimes I think life stinks especially when I read a heart breaking story like this one.

RIP Miami-Lee, you beautiful little angel. The world is a much poorer place without you.

I wrote a long time ago ( Many Times ) that there is a silent army of disgruntled people out there who only need a leader and an uprising to show our protected species how few of them there are . This type of unfeeling treatment of a precious victim , left to die and no help , while Politicians take helicopter rides to parties >>>> people on $15 an hour having to pay $500 an hour for a legal rep. .. I'm sure the greed and the shocking share of the cake will have a big bearing on who shoots at who when that time comes.

Yep rosa. I relied on the public system for cancer treatment. It was excellent back then. But each time I went back to the Mater for check ups. I could see the downhill turn. I consulted with my family Doc. He said it's going to get a lot worse. I decided to go for Private medical. It is a strain on my budget. But I have used it for surgery a couple of times. I am happy to pull in by belt to keep paying. Not easy though.I go through the shall I or shall I not keep it going thoughts

This is what her parents shoud have done, fly to Jordan, destroy passports and change their name to Abdul, go to the UN officials there, cry a river then get put on a plane to the west for immediate medical treatment, then afterwards come to Australia, get a fully furnished house rent free and have tax payer subsidised job ahead of unemployed and homeless Australian citizens

Filthy two faced, lying Criminal Australian Politicians would find the money for their own kids.

RIP, Miami-Lee. Forever an angel.

This poor, innocent little girl...Hope you're at peace. No one in this country should have to fundraise just to stay alive. How much did tax payers fork out for that 'refugee' that got pregnant after being 'raped'? If only Katrina's name was Fatima.....God bless Miami-Lee.

What's the go , name the persons who are responsible for this to have occurred , how come the government can look after illegal arrivals better than they care about us who pay their wages ?

I know you are in the arms of Jesus little one, and He will comfort your grieving family. I have a granddaughter who turned 4 last week, and we bought her the Elsa Frozen Doll that played 'Let It Go' when you pushed a heart button on her dress.

Damn the politicians to Hell with their disregard for the will of the Australian people, our people come first, not refugees. This little sweetie died with her parents hoping for just a bit more time for their precious child, alas it was not to be.

So very sad. Prayers of comfort and sweet memories to all her loved ones! :(

Poor kid.

A good man is Charlie Teo but he can't be everywhere..... he does fantastic work! Long may he continue to do so.

Maryanne you may be thinking of Victor Chang?

Rosa16.... I'm so very sorry to hear this - a four year waiting list? and for an initial consultation??? sounds bizarre! Are you saying you have been waiting for four years to see a medico either a GP or a 'specialist'??? four years????? Please do let us know if this is the case.... if so, there's truly something terribly wrong with 'the system' here... have you talked with your GP recently?... don't want to intrude but just want the best that's available to you Rosa16.... please do let us know and if there's anything one can do to be of help to you....

All the shit they bring into our country would be looked after at our expense. Hang your head in shame all you dogooders. May this little girl RIP.

Wasn't he murdered?

I am getting more pissed off as the days go by. Fancy some of the imported parasitic scum taking precedence over this little Aussie kid.

Successive government of all brands have sown the seeds of rebellion.

One can only hope when the shit hits the fan the politicians and the families are the first to feel the pain.

rumpole - well the first Syrian mozzie 'refugee' family got priority because of medical issues. They can do it for them but treat Australians in need with UTTER CONTEMPT.