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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



If I didn’t know better I’d say the current rash of Abbott ambushes have John McTernan’s fingerprints all over them. This hateful, anti-everything-decent, grub led the ALP, along with Gillard, to its worst defeat ever at the last election and, when the dust settled, he figured his pearls of ignorance deserved a job in the Oz media. Apparently they didn’t.

As Gillard’s Communications Director, he realised her far Left policies were on the nose so he had just enough time left on his 457 visa to launch a destructive and divisive gender war on the Oz electorate. That didn’t work either.

Conservatives love him... every socialist Party he has "advised", including the Scottish Labour Party, has lost power using his vile tactics.

Now he is back in the sewage of London’s local elections and tweeting furiously with Fairfax twit Fitzsimons and Labor's Brendan O'Connor.

John McTernan ‏@johnmcternan  9h: “The London story. London welcomes migration. London grows. London trends Labour. This is the future.”


What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


Fitzsimons and that other Chardonnay socialist Mike Carlton are the arch-typical North-Shore bully-boys who are good at dishing it out but not much heart when copping it back. Just like the time Fitzsimons was playing for Australia in a RU Test against the French in Sydney, he was sniping with a range of grubby tactics against his proponents when one of them turned on him and toweled him up, he shit himself and wasn't seen for the remainder of the game. So it would only be natural for him to be aligned with that other grub McTernan.

The turd needs to be flushed.

How many boyfriends did she have?

Hey TRUE Blue by John Williamson the Live* version is patriotic on U -Tube:)) the Lyrics(content) is what matters:)) . For OUR real farmers and Us Together*. Smiles.**

Question, How many of or Pollies have dual citizenship and Who are they?

A SENIOR member of Bill Shorten’s shadow cabinet has written to the Abbott government on behalf of a woman asking that a convicted Nigerian drug dealer now charged with running an international drug ring from Sydney’s Villawood ­Immigration Detention Centre be released.

The Daily Telegraph has learned the manager of opposition business Tony Burke, a former immigration minister, wrote to the immigration minister last month on behalf of a constituent who wanted the man, Drichuckuv Nweke, released into community detention for family reasons.

Sorry.....Never heard of him.

Welllll NOT really Sorry

Those tweets indicate John is has really lost any sense of reality since leaving the Antipodes. Local elections - and soon the EU elections - show that the UK is turning away from both Labour and the Conservatives, towards the anti EU & anti migration UKIP.

Great photo of the POS !!!

Even this rubbish sounds like the crap that McTurdman would fantasticate up( Thanks Larry - great new word ) From the former failed homo-handbag .......
........FORMER first bloke Tim Mathieson has launched an extraordinary attack on Margie Abbott saying the first lady is not doing enough charity work.

Marg Abbott would have done a lifetime of charity work compared to that blow in pretentious parasite.....FFS.

Even though the above is a photo Larry.. ..I feel it is your responsibility to draw in a few flies buzzing around his head. Attention to detail please!

wingnut...Mcternan is gay. the best you could hope for is that he has been playing hide the sausage with Bob Brown.

You mean that low life pedophile piece of shite has finally left Australia? The Rent Boys must be missing the endless dollars he spent on them, courtesy of the Australia Taxpayer.

Didn't the little pondlife start out with Mike Rann as the 'thinker in residence'.?? Then went on to be Juliar's poison pen thinker in residence? Yea, as you say Larry, that all worked out. Good for Rann though. And when London wlecomes migration, that means they welcome the vulnerable. The poor gays, running from Islam. Guess who is willing to take them in?? Lots of rich gay men. The realy really, rich do prey on the vulnerable, and they don't care what religion they are. Cocaine anyone?? Ekky, whatever your drug of choice.

He prefers to be on the receiving end. I'm sure he'd be happy to take one for the cause but his love affair with the red dragon is purely money and power. That bloke is a taker not a giver.

what does it say about the modern day Australian Labour Party that they need to rely on an imported nasty vicious spin doctor ? No locals available ? or suitably qualified ?

Judging from his twitter the poo puncher McTurd has f'ed off back to Blighty after the Piggy Howes labor love in with Gillarse back of Byron . Most of labor hate him and blame him for the debacle exposing the true character of the flawed Rudd and JuLiar .

Well, I think he's married. That would fit her criteria.

Just had a thought based on my watching "High Society" at the moment. Could at least part of the current "Hate" being exhibited towards Tony Abbott be a result of his having facial features similar to Frank Sinatra? Any Psychologists have an opinion? (Not about me).