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Sunday, 24th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



There are a few more heads to chew off before this little insect is finished, she lives longer than male insects, while only the males can fly, and she spends six months as a nymph. Hmmm.

But she’s a cunning little insect because she is a known failure at anything other than doling out cash to people who ask for it or demand it.

She copped intense criticism as Liberal Party Shadow Treasurer for apparently having no interest in exposing the economic vandalism of Kevin Rudd and Wayne Swan. 

Despite her being a multi millionaire, due to her days at law firm Clayton Utz, she appears to have little interest in, or knowledge of, finance as she lasted only 56 days at Harvard Business School.

She objected loudly when told she had to go.

              WTF was her Mr Wonderful doing seated (albeit asleep) at the UN?

She competes with Gillard in the boyfriend stakes too and at 62, and in need of a good ironing, she boasts plenty of past partners. Both Liberal State Senator Ross Lightfoot and Lord Mayor of Perth Peter Nattrass felt their necks at risk before calling a halt to the relationship prior to her snaring Property developer David Panton.

The Foreign Affairs portfolio is bullet proof and sequestered from dangerously damaging domestic portfolios, but ability aside, as long as she can tell the difference between canapes and hors d'oeuvres and knows which side her bread is buttered she will not soil her Depends until after ScoMo falters or she can organise another assassination.

Don’t be fooled, she has made a lot of low friends in high places, and definitely has her Left eye on the top job. If successful she would also compete fairly with Gillard’s disastrous performances.

In the meantime she will be happy to flit around Perth in the social set of one of the safest seats going… but you can be certain the treacherous Stick Insect will return to the fray to chew off a few more heads post copulation.



What are They Plotting in Poland



Lady Macbeth-Stickinsect and her beau "Horse Pantsoff" had been given permission by Lord Turdbull to go on a worldwide shagging and celebratory hosting trip prior to the leadership coup for services rendered, Poor Pantsoff looks like his been in the saddle all-night, as for Lady Stickinsect she brushes up OK, with a quick iron of her face she ready to go again.

Is that a satanic symbol she is wearing or the Illuminati one ??

The Strange Death of Europe Series - Netherlands - "We will Die for the Prophet" - Islamists Rally Against Dutch "Draw Mohammed" Event - TEN THOUSAND RADICALS have rallied in PAKISTAN against a 'Draw Mohammad' contest being hosted in the Netherlands by Geert Wilders , AS THE SOUTH ASIAN COUNTRY'S POLITICIANS DEMAND GLOBAL BLASPHEMY LAWS. Islamists defied the authorities to march on the Pakistan capital of Islamabad from the city of Lahore chanting "we will die to protect the honour of the prophet" to protest Mr Wilders contest according to The Washington Post. the march was organised by Islamist groups including Tehreek -I-Labaik group, which supported the election bid of new Pakistan PM Imran Khan - who is famous in Britain as a cricket star and celebrity playboy,

Could i suggest that the crux au Pair thing is that these young european women are here for a while then they will comply with their passports and return home when ordered. On the other side there are those who enter the country illegally,try to get around the migration rules , and , will eventually want to import members , and we know many will need welfare, housing schooling , income support , and oap pensions etc etc, This is just the lefty media trying to get at Peter Dutton, because of his stance on illegals,.

Politicians get lots of flak but the real villains are the faceless army of public servants who, like the parasites they are, just live off the public teat in their unreal world called Canberra.

God help us from the stupidity of public servants. Some nitwit, a "senior officer", declared a young Italian girl to be "high risk" in denying her a tourist visa. Reason? She might have got work as a baby sitter. Now we all know baby sitting is a highly contentious and protected industry essential to the national well being and safety but I fail to see that the plans of a young Italian girl, or a French girl for that matter, warrants the undivided attention of a "senior" public servant. How on Earth do petty minded dickheads like this bloke ever get their foot on the lowest rungs of the ladder in the first place. Good on you Peter Dutton for applying some common sense to override this little Tin God. How many other stupid decisions do we cop every day that we never hear about.

It might be a taxpayer monies wasting skank, after all, it's not its money that it so wilfully frittered away on shithole countries trying to get a leg up into the UN or some other putrid international outfit, but at least it scrubbed up more than good enough to not embarrass the country like the new Foreign Minister will, that huge lardarse ex-Defence Minister who needs to have purchased for her two seats so she can park her lardarse on a plane, First Class or Business Class and all. But looks and lardarseness aside, Payne is incompetent, seriously incompetent, truly a non-entity as a politician, so bad it could be a labor slime or green filth politician. I once thought highly of Morrison, as Immigration Minister, but once the knives went into Abbott, he has been pathetic.

What a disgusting lot they are. The bad ones are really bad and the good ones are guilty by association. Disband the Liberal party and let the real conservstives amongst them join with Cory.

It was all about presentation. She was a reasonably presentable to front the world with the cheque book. Makes you wonder if Scomo appointed Payne to distance the world and save some money.

Auntie Jack?

Well that's the way of the world isn't it. As more women have advanced to positions of authority the further we have sunk into the mire. Apart from the Queen and Margaret Thatcher tell me one woman who has made a difference for the better on the world stage.

I see the Abos have something else to grizzle about. Some bloke called Rod Little (how's that for a typical abo name) is grizzling about Tony Abbott's appointment as special envoy.
No satisfying these grizzling pricks. They get more money per head spent on them than any other group and still after 40,000 years still have nothing to show for it.
If Tony was half smart he would toss in this job. It was an insult in the first place anyway.

Men don't have to " leave children behind" the marxist family court forces them away. That's the fact of the matter....unlike that old hag from the human rights area who abandoned her disabled child.

Must have put the CV out and got knockbacks!.

The LNP MP (MRS) Banks says she will resign before the next election because of bullying by a faction of the party . But she won't say what faction !!!!!! Don't dick around . Say what you mean or fuck off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She met her match with Peta Credlin.

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That is telling you tigerpuss.

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The lady who made her name/fame as a lawyer representing the management of the ASBESTOS company delaying, for as long as possible, payments to sick/dying Australian workers. Couldn't give a stuff about anyone but her own advantages. Surprised she didn't do a Turdball and resign just so she could stand back and watch Scomo and the Libs flounder and be forced to a new general election before time.