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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


THE SECRET TO FINANCIAL SUCCESS IN THE US... just don't get married!

After the recent US Supreme Court ruling this could now be a “he and she”, “he and he”, “she and she” or I suppose “a “Muslim and his goat”. But this scenario will use a man and his girlfriend as the example. You can have fun using different combinations to see that all it will take is more actions by the Court to legalize threesomes and the goats. The reality is they can all now, or soon will be able to, live happily in freebie heaven. Until the well runs dry.

Just follow these thirteen easy steps:

1.  Do not get married.

2. Use a parent’s address for your mail.

3. The man then buys a house.

4. He then rents the house to his girlfriend who has two of his kids.

5. Section 8 will pay her $900 a month for a 3-bedroom home

6. Girlfriend signs up for ObamaCare and the guy doesn’t have to pay anything for family insurance

7. Girlfriend enrolls in college for free being a single mother.

8. Girlfriend is eligible for $600 a month of food stamps

9. Girlfriend gets free cell phone.

10. Girlfriend gets free utilities.

11. Guy moves into home but still uses a parent’s house for his mail.

12. Girlfriend claims one (1) kid and guy claims one (1) kid on taxes. Now you both get to claim Head of Household @ $1,800 credit.

13. Girlfriend then gets disability pension for being “crazy” or having a “bad back” @$1,800 a month and never has to work again.

This plan is perfectly legal and is being executed right now by millions of people in America.

A married couple with a stay-at-home mom yields $0 Dollars.

An unmarried couple with a stay-at-home mom nets:

$21,600 disability + $10,800 free housing + $6,000 free ObamaCare + $6,000 in free food + $4,800 of free utilities + $6,000 Pell Grant money to spend + $12,000 a year in college tuition free from Pell Grant + $8,800 tax benefit for being a single mother = $75,000 a year in benefits

Any idea why the country is $18+ trillion in debt?

Any idea why so many children are born with no father?

All of those racing to get married must be blithering idiots.

Wow, the Democrats and their leader Obama have really provided change. The sad part is Congress is too busy getting re-elected to even care about it....By US writer, C Brewer

If you think this is Obama socialism gone mad then what is happening in Australia eclipses that with up to $A4,000 per week in goodies per family unit, but you must be a Muslim. You see, the greatest incentive not to work is gifted to the Islamic communities and it’s the reason that over 80 per cent of them don’t work.

Muslims were instructed by other Muslims how to exploit the welfare system to the absolute max before they arrived here and the rewards they reap are far more than you can earn working your tits off to support one wife and three kids.

Morrison is dragging his feet and has made little headway in protecting Australian taxpayers from being robbed blind. 

Perhaps he is wary of that perennial “racist”, “bigot” or “Islamophobe” tag the Left media are keen to pin on anyone who dares approach the truth. 


What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


Nobody is looking after us, stephenson. WE pay for heaps and heaps but NOBODY helps us - in fact, I read somewhere that they call us "useless eaters". Great, isn't it? All our working lives paying taxes, paying for our own kids, paying off our houses, our cars, etc., etc., and, nowadays, paying for every bludger, every 'refugee' and being called nasty names into the bargain.

Yes! And then start to clean up the welfare mess the Muslims suck from us. Let's get this Country back on track before it is too late - no UN in our lives; no CLIMATE CHANGE expenses etc. We are falling apart - who is looking after us these days???????

In the same boat, however, no super in my tin tank - so have to keep working - the pension wouldn't even cover rent!

Joke, isn't it. It is not only the Muslims rorting the system - single Aussie mothers do it too, the Sudanis and Somolians. They are all "into it" - do any of the kids know who the father is? Socialist governments just hand out willy nilly on the taxpayer's hard work. And it is about time Morrison put a stop to it in our country and cut off all these stupid pensions/welfare payments - RIGHT NOW - will be a bit of a mess for a while daresay, but has to start somewhere - so how about it Morrison - Larry is quite right, you are dragging your feet on this issue.

If you are not "islamophobic"( a word invented by the muslin brotherhood )you are one or a apologist.

Couldnt we just take no refugees unless WE select them. The UN has failed isnt this why we are taking them.

Malo, not even a refugee would live in Canberra. They'd prefer to go back to where they came from first

How many of the 12000 UN specified "who knows who they are" to be settled in Canberra. Let's face it, they are the pricks who make these decisions. Let them welcome all new mosques and mozzies to Canberra.

Yep agree with that.

The Cost of Moral Relativism?
Last March, New York Times columnist David Brooks—who has a “strong connection” to Israel and whose “oldest son serves in the Israel Defense Forces,”[1] not in the United States army—published an interesting article entitled, “The Cost of Relativism,” in which he argued that America is declining morally because no one sets the standards.
The average family, Brooks said, has lost its grip on reality because it has lost its moral foundation. As a result, chaos looms and society can no longer tell what is right and wrong. So, everything becomes relative. An idea can be true for you, but not for me—and it’s all good. He wrote:
“We now have multiple generations of people caught in recurring feedback loops of economic stress and family breakdown, often leading to something approaching an anarchy of the intimate life.”[2]
Brooks concluded his article by saying:
“Every parent loves his or her children. Everybody struggles. But we need ideals and standards to guide the way.”[3]....................
What stunned me was that throughout his article, David Brooks never told us who really was behind moral relativism.
He should have told his readers that postmodernism is an intellectual and subversive movement. And if Benjamin Disraeli is correct, that no revolutionary or subversive movement is possible without Jewish revolutionaries,[9] then Jewish intellectuals would be on the front line supporting postmodernism. Disraeli turned out to be correct.
Even the verification principle, which was popular in the early 1920s among a group of mathematicians, scientists and philosophers called the Vienna Circle, was a largely Jewish intellectual project. As philosopher of science James Ladyman of the University of Bristol points out,
“Many of the Vienna Circle were Jewish and/or socialists. The rise of fascism in Nazi Germany led to their dispersal to America and elsewhere, where the ideas and personalities of logical positivism had a great influence on the development of both science and philosophy.”[10]
Postmodernism was articulated in academe by a number of Jewish intellectuals in the 1960s. Jewish philosopher Jacques Derrida himself declared that when the Jewish Temple was destroyed in A.D. 70, ‘everything became discourse,’ which is to say Talmudic-like commentary on commentary.”
In other words, if the Goyim want to survive, they have to drop Logos in all its manifestations and embrace Talmudic metaphysics. Derrida said:............."

Federation Training recently awarded a $2500 disbursement to a drug addict single mother because of financial considerations.
Education for dummies apparently. It's the blonde one.

Morrison supports the Muslim ripoffs....and the govt funds providing advice to muslims about how to rip off the system..then the Aust govt , like Morrison says there is no monoey and we Aussies need to pay more GST...morrison can go to hell

................and they wonder why they are going broke. Anyone can rort that system and for that America gets nothing in return. A colleague of mine was working in the far north of SA. There is a TAFE for indigenous people and my colleagues wife was a TAFE lecturer with task of teaching the locals how to prepared and print a local issues news letter. No one came to classes, yet she was required to keep attending. Non-indigenous people were barred from seeking higher education. All of that tax payers money spent on wages and infrastructure and no return.

As someone who always paid for their own family, always worked, always paid taxes - I HATE paying for other's children, especially lazy moslem bastard babies who grow into jihadists who want to kill us.

Here in Oz, it's the same old, same old......we are being robbed blind while not a person cares about US (the ones who are paying for the lazy bastards; the ones who were taught to look after themselves and their own families; who were taught to save for their old age....etc. etc. )

Step 6 - Obamacare. Given how many of the Obamacare providers are going belly up, this might be a limited time offer. I don't see it lasting nearly as long as our baby bonus or first home buyers grants did.

Another scam I saw on channel 7 Adelaide..... A Muslim man gets a licence to run a family day care agency. He employs a couple of family members to run day care at home. Woman A gives her children to woman B to look after and claims payment from the govt. Woman B does the same with woman A. Both get subsidised payments from the govt for running a childcare facility. After a while the women keep their own kids and no-one is any the wiser. How about that?

Just noticed Larry that you have captured a picture of our site Horse (the one pushing the trolley).

Am converting to Islam, fuck it.

It all started when Whitlam got elected 72. Dismantling of Lucky Country where man met woman married she stopped work 2nd 6mths and they then lived on his wage. No hand outs for anything except he got a tax deduction for her, then for first child and so on. Its now unsupportable. But the top end of town dont care as they are also paying less tax with loop holes, Trust A/c etc legally paying minimum tax but calling for cuts to welfare & raise GST so stay richer. Gov shit scared of voters so wont attack top end. Left wont cut welfare but did cut married age pension whilst giving single $30 extra a week. Media stum. Meanwhile Muslims making hay, 4 wives can bring in around $3000 each with couple kid plus his dole weekly around say $14,000 plus low rent houses lots of extra's sickening really