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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse

How Julia and Quentin avoided the Heiner Affair and Islamic bastardry with the stroke of a pen:


“Noting that, without diminishing its criminality or seriousness, your inquiry will not specifically examine the issue of child sexual abuse and related matters outside institutional contexts...”

WITNESS Quentin Bryce, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia.
Dated 11th January 2013

By Her Excellency’s Command
Prime Minister

(Rolf should have stayed home)


What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


That is bloody gross. Makes a total arse of the law... again.

That is why Justice Carmody is so on the nose with the legal fraternity. Most of the lawyers are left wing. Also the Aboriginal girl who was pack raped (nothing to see here) was paid $120,000 by Anna Bligh's Govt. What does that tell you? I despise the Labor Party and all it's facilitators in high places. Money and power are the source of all evil.

The Heiner Affair is far from dead, although Campbell Newman would like it so. There are quite a few more issues to be played out yet. For thed Qld. LNP the Heiner Affair was all too hard and complex and they allowed Crown Law to call the shots. Heiner is not going to go away. They allowed a dickhead like Tim Carmody to run a botched up inquiry which had a predetermined outcome. Don't take any notice of anything you read in the Courier Mail written by an excuse of a journalist, Michael Madigan.

Time to revive the Heiner affair methinks???

No Evan, the scope extends only to children who have been abused while in institutional care.


OMG! I sincerely hope not - Short Willy deserves to be given the works!

Think you are right here DJT.... maybe he'd have been worse than Fraser... thankfully, we'll never know.

This is confirmed in the Interim Report of the Royal Commission. The Government has the power to broaden the terms of reference into all instances of child sexual abuse and should do so:

"Our inquiry does not extend to abuse in a family context. We do not have any power to provide compensation or initiate prosecutions. However, we do refer individual cases to police with a view to their further investigation and prosecution."

You are correct there Jenny.

What a wonderful site! Larry P should be nominated for Australian of the Year. We have the rare opportunity of voicing our opinions on these pages without restrictions and they should be recognised and respected as the privelege that they are.. Keep up the good work, folks. There are so many cases of official corruption and compromise that must have a public airing. I would like to witness the Pickering Post's emergence as a major media entity. Please do your research and quote a reputable authority for your topic. We are so lucky!

Lots of people on lots of blogs (including Larry's), posted contacts for issues to be included in the Terms of Reference, but Lots More (including here at Larry's), burried that information under off topic nonsense and then ganged up to abuse those reminding us that time and opportunity to get justice done, was being deliberately wasted.

Shouldn't Quentin Bryce be called before the enquiry to explain why she authorised these parameters ?

what the fuck is wrong with these woman. his is why we are domed.

Leaves me almost speechless, what a disgrace. I can not believe anyone with a conscience and a moral compass could possibly exclude Islams disgraceful and barbaric child abuse in the form of FGM, cultural pedophilia, child brides. Times those is high places were held accountable for their negligence of their duty to protect Australian citizens.

How does one go about requesting that the terms of reference be amended?

Quentin Bryce has only done what Larry lets the Office of Police Integrity (OPI) get away with...

"What I would hope..would be possibly nothing, in relation to that past {elite pedophile] ring, even if it's still operating." Office of Police Integrity (OPI) 17/11/04

Carmody presided over the Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry and handed
down his final report on 1 July 2013. Among other findings, he concluded that it had been
unlawful for the Cabinet of Wayne Goss to shred evidence gathered by the 1989 investigation
of retired magistrate Noel Heiner into the management of the John Oxley Youth Detention
Centre.[20] (from)

I thought I read somewhere that the Heiner Affair was dropped as all of the evidence had been shredded. We all knew that, but surely there must still be some trace of this incident? What about the young lass, well I guess she is a grown woman now. Is she not able to testify as she took a payout?

Like it or not, Australia still has the habit of following the UK trends. The current review of some dirty dark deeds within the upper echelons of the British Establishment, that were swept under the carpet, may yet explode into a mommoth scandal. And the reverberations of this might well cause similar opening of old cases wit Heiner and Islamic mistreatment of females.Watch this space folks....