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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


The Ocean Thermometer

Apart from bubbles of heat surrounding big cities, the thermometers and satellites of the world have not shown a warming trend for 17 years. This is in spite of some inspired fiddling with the records by those whose jobs, research grants and reputations depend on their ability to generate alarming forecasts of destructive global warming.

To explain this absence of warming in the atmosphere, the warmists now claim that “the missing heat is hiding in the deep oceans”.

This sounds like a water-tight alibi, unlikely to be disproved because of our inability to measure “average ocean temperature” directly.

However the ocean itself is a huge thermometer – all we have to do is to read the gauges.

All liquids expand when heated, and this property is used in traditional thermometers. They have a glass reservoir filled with liquid mercury and a graduated scale to measure any thermal expansion of that liquid.

Oceans have the essentials of a global thermometer – the huge ocean basins are the reservoir, sea water acts like the mercury, and tide gauges on the shore-line (or satellites) measure changes in sea water volume.

Two factors, both dependent on global temperature, are the main causes of rising sea levels – how much ice is melted from land-based ice sheets like Greenland and Antarctica, and the expansion of sea water volume as ocean temperature rises.

Therefore average sea levels are sensitive and accurate indicators of trends in average global temperature.

Historically, sea levels (and global temperatures) rose steeply as the great ice sheets and glaciers melted and Earth emerged from the last ice age. Sea levels rose by 130 metres in just 10,000 years but they have been relatively stable for the last 7,000 years. 

The sea level thermometer was higher than today during the Roman Warm Era, and lower than today when the Little Ice Age ended about 160 years ago. There is no unusual spurt in recent years, proving conclusively that there is no significant extra heat going into the deep oceans, and no global warming hiding there.


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A typical denial relying on vague misapplied science. Viv may be a geologist but clearly does not understand geodesics or climate. He has offered no data. Global temps have increased 0.6 C in the last 100 y and sea temps have risen 0.1C (to 700m). What expansion does Viv expect and how would he measure it. Does he also believe the world is flat and that all was created in 6 days? Global warming is already costing Australian Industry; grapes are picked weeks earlier than a few decades ago, construction can no longer rely on the old statistics for wind loadings. We see many more extreme events; recent cyclone in the Philistines was one of the worst storms ever recorded. Future will see more extremes more fires and crop failures.

Regarding the weather, have a look at these two websites for more meddling than you think could be done! and Also the pdf entitiled "Angels Don't Play This Haarp Advances in Tesla Technology" which was created for the US military decades ago. It answers a lot of questions.

An interesting article on measuring sea level.

You’re a treasure Viv. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s last report claimed that the world was dangerously warming, but we couldn’t feel or measure it because all the excess heat had disloyally slunk down to the depths of the ocean. I thought to myself, Jesus, either they’re all devoted Monty Python fans or they’re trying to resurrect the old Goon Show with their very own script.

If heat was hiding in the oceans, surely there would be a rise in water temperature, requiring less suns energy to evaprorate, adding more water vapour to the atmosphere, resulting in heavier and more frequent rain and storms. None of these claims by these scientists adds up.

Just look at the bloody trash from Garnaut and others in today's Age. These hysterics should be put on compulsory sedation for life. Thanks to them we are paying a fortune in power bills and seafront blocks have crashed in value (never mind, Gillard got hers in Adelaide cheap). Bloody scum, the lot.

I agree Mr Viv Forbes,that and the fact that the Ocean is in fact a huge mass of equilibrium,in regard to co2 .Thank You for your well intended contributions, it is respected.

Sea levels were very much lower at the time of the early migrations of man from Africa across to the Arabia. They were able to walk across into the area we now know as Yemin

Dr.Bjorn Lomborg, Climate Change Scientist is giving a speech at the Press Club right now and there is no sign of Milne or 2 Fathers or anybody else for that matter! Maybe they forgot it was on.

A simple explanation of a complex issue. Thanks Viv. So much sense but too much money being made from all the BS to justify too many fools jobs and they are supposed to be smart, educated "scientist"?

We are living in one of the most interesting times possible. The climate is changing but absolutely nothing to do with Co2. The climate has is changing on the other planets as well. If you are interested in climate change a good place to start is here. fascinating subject.