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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


The Green Empress Angela Merkel and friends have No Clothes

During December 2017, Germany’s millions of solar panels received just 10 hours of sunshine; and when solar energy did filter through the clouds, the panels were covered in snow. 

Even committed Green Disciples with a huge Tesla battery in their garage soon found that their battery was flat and there was no solar energy to re-charge it.

The lights, heaters, trains, TV and phones ran on German coal power, French nuclear power, Russian gas, Scandinavian hydro, plus unpredictable surges of electricity from those few wind turbines that were not iced up, locked down in a gale, or becalmed. 

Germany has long supported two incompatible ideas – engineering excellence and green totalitarianism. 

Angela Merkel’s support of climate alarmism while preaching energy efficiency continues this discordant tradition. 

But King Winter has exposed the weak underbelly of Germany’s energy policy. Empress Merkel now faces a hostile political climate with no clothes. 

The green energy retreat has started, in its heartland.



What are They Plotting in Poland



It's about time we told the frumpy frau mates (chosenites ) were to go with their agenda.

Isn't that Merkel on the left??. I'm glad Gillard isn't in the photo.I feel little nauseated.I think I need some eye drops.

Don't know what the top Photo had to do with the story, but I approve.

These comments should not be confined to Merkel. She is simply a leading instrument of this stupidity. The comments apply equally to all of these Green idiots who have no idea of reality in any way shape or form. As long as they can flick a switch that is the end of their thought bubble. To be able to rationally discuss or debate the merits or otherwise -v- the outrageous cost of subsidising the alternatives is something quite beyond them. They have no rational arguments in favour of their cause; only abuse and name calling of those who disagree with them.

That is most unusual for Andy B. He usually posts his availability details on the wall of the dunny in the park opposite the Institute. I suppose a more direct approach might get better results.... but not on the PP.

Sooner or later pragmatism always usurps idealism, and the simple truth is the trendy Wind-Solar energy sources just don't cut it, they aren't even tokenistic because they are so unreliable and as the world advances the demand upon electricity generation will be massive. All of these touchy feely greenies will either have to buy coal or freeze their nuts off.

"A powerful storm pummelled Europe with high winds and snow Thursday, killing at least four people in three countries, grounding flights, halting trains, ripping roofs off buildings and flipping over trucks."
ABC News

Current Wind Generation SA (12.45 Saturday): Agreed Capacity Factor percentage being achieved at 5 sites is zero, at 4 sites 30% and at 2 sites 60%. Nameplate Capacity is the design maximum theoretical generation, Capacity Factor is an agreed site by site average expected so all at present are below average.

Nurse Blount ,reframe your language to a more professional standard

The latest from Lennox Heads NSW sand mining operation coming under attack by the secret agents of the gangrene Greens in the form of ancient frogs that no one other that the Gangrenes have ever seen so I'm wondering if this mob are on the mental health list and are taking pscho medication that make them see frogs everywhere ?

How has climate changed as the Earth expanded - I wonder?

Merkel and co make me sick. She has destroyed that country. Hopefully one day she and her friends will get the mussolini treatment after what they have done.

Once a Communist, always a Communist...........
........................ Something about leopards and their spots

All the other counties which supply Germany their energy need to stop supplying it immediately. When everything comes to a screeching halt, only then will Merkel and the crap energy system they have be exposed for what it is. The world will only then see the failure which is green power. Here in Australia we need to allow those who want reliable Coal and Gas fire to have it at the rates at which it costs. All those greenies can choose to have their unreliable power only when it is producing and at the unsubsidised rate. We will then see how truly they are committed to tehir idiotic ideologies.

My, doesn't Merkel look glum?

Malcolm Turnbull – A Prick and a Turd….
"...........First, we all take as a ‘given’ that Malcolm is very smart, articulate and highly strategic. A lawyer who turned to merchant banking (with the help of a few rich friends), made a lot of money investing on the ground floor of Ozemail and then turned to politics.
I was aware of his ‘antics’ when he was in charge of Goldman Sachs Australia (GSA) and as advisor to Rodney Adler’s FAI in the takeover of HIH Insurance Ltd Group, which collapsed shortly thereafter. I say antics on the basis that in finance, one knows his client, whether he be good bad or indifferent. (1)
In a takeover situation like in HIH, you must know the ‘ins and outs of your clients’ arsehole’, as you could end up with egg on your face and serious losses. Anyway to cut a long story short, the liquidator Tony McGrath ‘smelt a rat’ and indeed the rat was Malcolm Turnbull and his employer, GSA for there involvement with the takeover and subsequent $529million lost in the HIH collapse.
The case against Turnbull rested on whether he knew FAI was worth less than the books showed and whether he endorsed his friend Rodney Adler’s takeover of the company. Adler had hired Turnbull and GSA, as advisors on the proposed takeover of FAI for a $1.5m success fee. The liquidators argued in the NSW Supreme Court that the parties knew the company was overvalued, which it was, as the company FAI did not even have proper accounting records.(2)
Now this was when our Machiavelli Turnbull, who was in charge of GSA, since then he has spent a lot of his own monies securing a blue ribbon seat of Wentworth in NSW, to become a politician. This meant that GSA had to undertake a “confidential settlement” on Malcolm’s behalf, to save his hide in the lawsuit and in so doing, is most likely the single greatest incentive driving Malcolm Turnbull’s political career.
As Goldman Sachs so aptly enjoy having prior employees in Government, one must view his and their actions on this basis.(3)
Take this background and then the episode of Turnbull’s support, as opposition leader and against his parties wishes, to the introduction of the Emissions Trading Scheme, Carbon Credits, Carbon Bank or, as his own colleagues called it incorrectly, the Carbon Tax.
It is insulting that even his own members of Parliament (in particular Mr Greg Hunt) allowed this trading scheme to gather momentum. It was from my point of view, a clear conflict of interest and corruption of democracy, by the Machiavellian Turnbull in that his associations and obligations to GSA were never questioned................."

Arh Yes...Fraulein Merkel in her salad days, frolicking with the ladies of the left in the departed workers paradise of East Germany. How she must look back in wonder at those days, not to be troubled by the events she herself created in the cascade of disasters facing Germany today.

"Germany has long supported two incompatible ideas – engineering excellence and green totalitarianism". Viv, you forgot her embracing of Islam, also incompatible with engineering excellence because that involves work.

“Australia has been touched by soaring temperatures, with some regions in New South Wales and South Australia experiencing daytime temperatures nearing 50 degrees last summer.” THE world has experienced its hottest five-year period ever, a United States government agency confirmed today. Australia’s greenhouse gases in 2016 were the highest since 2011 despite the closure of the country’s dirtiest coal-fired power plant, according to projections produced for The Guardian. Climate Councillor and international climate scientist Professor Will Steffen said the most recent record was part of a sharp, long-term upswing in global temperatures. And did you know that ducks can fart underwater and the poor fish that breathe that water must be suffering, so should we shoot the ducks or kill the fish?