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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


The Gases of Life are NOT Pollutants

Our atmosphere contains the four gases of life – nitrogen, oxygen, water vapour and carbon dioxide.

Nitrogen is the most abundant gas-of-life in the atmosphere (78%). It is an essential building block of amino acids present in all proteins. It is a very stable unreactive gas, but micro-organisms in the soil and some plants are able to extract nitrogen from the atmosphere, making it available to growing plants. Lightning also manages to oxidise some atmospheric nitrogen.

Oxygen is the second most abundant gas-of-life in the atmosphere (21%). Every animal absorbs oxygen with every breath, using it to fuel bodily digestion of the foods they eat. This process builds bodies and provides the energy of muscles. In the great oxygen cycle, plants extract oxygen from carbon dioxide and exhale it to the atmosphere for animals to breathe.

Water vapour is the third most abundant gas-of-life in the atmosphere (varies up to 5%). Water vapour is part of the great water cycle where water is evaporated into the atmosphere from salty seas, surface water and plants. Rain and snow return it to the surface supply of fresh water. No animals, plants or sea creatures could exist without water. 

Water vapour is the most effective “greenhouse gas” in the atmosphere with far more effect than carbon dioxide. It reduces incoming solar radiation by day, and reduces surface cooling at night. Water is also a global temperature stabiliser – heat is transferred from oceans and land as latent heat by evaporation, forming clouds that often cool the surface. 

Finally, carbon dioxide is the least abundant gas-of-life in the atmosphere (0.04%) - just a mere trace, but a vitally important trace. No plants could exist on Earth without carbon dioxide and no animals could exist without plants. Plants extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to form proteins, sugars and carbo-hydrates and animals add essential minerals to turn these into protein, fat, sinews and bones. The carbon from carbon dioxide is the building block for all life on earth, for every bit of organic material, and for every carbon fuel – oil, gas and coal. 

Carbon dioxide is a “greenhouse gas” which tends to retain some surface warmth, but there is no evidence in ancient or modern temperature records to suggest that carbon dioxide is a dominant factor controlling global temperature.

None of these natural gases is toxic to life under any feasible atmospheric conditions, but all can be toxic above certain levels. For carbon dioxide, toxic effects on humans don’t even begin until it is fifty times the present atmospheric level – our exhaled breath is 100 times current levels in the atmosphere. 

No thinking person could class any of them as an atmospheric pollutant – they are all naturally occurring, non-toxic, essential “Gases of Life”. Together they make up 95% of the human body, which is effectively 68% carbon dioxide – if carbon dioxide is a pollutant, the human body is badly polluted.


What are They Plotting in Poland


I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits


I agree. Mother nature is not a suicide bomber, politicians think we are stupid and have forgotten our education. We KNOW they're talking bullshit yet they still rattle on about this nonsense. It's politicians that are stupid, a few years ago, we had a supposed water shortage, an MP actually suggested that we sail a boat to the arctic, lasso an ice berg and drag it back here. One said we are making too much carbon, like we don't know the properties of elements. I'm pretty certain that as soon as MPs are elected, they take them off for a lobotomy, it's the only explanation for being so moronic.

I agree Viv. I think too many people today, such as Gore, think they can be as God; this includes many professions including scientists, doctors, so called environmentalists. My grandparents re-cycled, grew vegetables, were self sustaining years ago, as were all people then and farmers all know this; they worked with nature and guess what? it worked! Today these climate change, global warming scammers, make money by teaching the gullible their rubbish. I see Gore is now wanting to influence young people with his brainwashing. It is child abuse imo.

"Plants are the Earth's oxygen supplier" How many trees would it take to cause spontaneous combustion?

Photosynthesis [chlorophyll ] Respiration [ mitochondria ] ; they omit respiration at the compulsory indoctrination centres.

If people want to go after the world's greatest industrial pollutant, the byproduct from most chemical reactions, the world's greatest threat which kills vast numbers, try Oxygen di hydride. It should be banned by the Greens.

As I replied to Ronaldo. Without trees and plants there would be no oxygen at all. Without CO2 there would be no trees and plants. We need all, oxygen, carbon dioxide and plants.

We need a national energy policy

Michael McLaren speaks with David Archibald, author of Twilight of Abundance: Why Life in the 21st Century Will Be Nasty, Brutish, and Short, who discusses the need to formulate a national energy policy.

Besides, if trees were made from dirt. They would not burn. Nor would we.

Like most people, I thought plants came from the good earth. Especially trees. The soil. Le terroir. However someone pointed out that you should get a big hole around a 50 tonne tree, but in fact the soil is raised. So the tree took nothing. It uses the soil for anchorage and trace elements and to collect water. Then it makes hydrocarbons from H20 and CO2 from the air and sunlinght providing the energy, freeing the O2 for us to breathe. All quite amazing and changes your thinking about CO2, doesn't it. How dare anyone call it pollution! All our ancestors are in those CO2 molecules.

So if CO2 is a pollutant, we are pollutants and all the animals, insects, trees, flowers and grasses, all life on earth. We manufactured from CO2. Life on earth is a CO2 cycle. Ironically we live by burning plants with the Oxygen which plants alone manufacture from H2O using sunlight. All life comes from the sun and that filthy coal is just solid sunlight, CO2 and water. We are not made from dirt though. Ashes to ashes should be CO2 to CO2.

Plants are made from CO2 entirely. CO2 and H2O. Nothing else much. Check van Helmont's will tree experiment 400 years ago. He only added water and grew a 75kg tree in almost no soil. His conclusion was that trees were made from water. What else could he think? He had no idea of CO2 or that something that was 0.04% of the atmosphere could form a tree. We too are made from H2O (75%), Ca (1.8%) and the rest is a variation on CH2. So we too are made from CO2 and at the end, become CO2 again and CH4.

The irony is , now the warmists are becoming the deniers. Evidence deniers.

Hello there `our` Mr Viv Forbes, I hope you are very well.Thank-you for your lucid `comfort` and optimistic edu you share unselfishly.. and in best faith.Frankly I would so enjoy a visit from you Mr LP* has my details (I understand as a client of his).You are most welcome here for a complimentary personal visit Sir*. Please know that.I appreciate your valid contributions, they are valued*. Commendable logic with warranted certainty.. and that is why you are most welcome to view Our stars with a smile of positivism and reality Viv.

That Wong bitch is still hanging around like a bad pollutant

Risky Business: Billionaires Hype Climate for Power and Profit

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Viv, you forgot carbon, which Rudd said causes global warming, the greatest moral challenge of our generation (forget cutting off heads as playthings for children) and Professor Gillard did not bring in a carbon dioxide tax, but a carbon tax. How could they be wrong?

Question Viv. Does methane also ignite in minute amounts from thunder storms? We are told it is such a bad green house gas, yet everything that decays produces methane gas as it is consume by bacteria, either in the gut or on forest floors. I assumer it is part of the grand recycle plan of nature.

...yes...your right on the button is this all about then...well...the International Socialists have this new agenda via the United Nazis...'cause nothing else makes on Earth can you tax CO2 that is essential to these Marxists and Socialists have come up with a process of distributing wealth from rich countries to poor countries...since electricity permeates to everything we do...and CO2 is a by product of burning fuel...what better way...tell people look...we are taxing the black belching smoke...which is not CO2...but to dumb shits...ooooh yeah...I want my planet to be rid of that...all one needs to listen to dopey leftists and greens saying...oh..I have children and I want to them to have a planet to live on...its such garbage and such alarmism...

O.T. but related Environment of fear as ABC fails bias test -