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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',

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The End Game is Right Here Right Now

I believe Islam is in the end of days. My prediction is that within ten years it will be effectively eradicated from the planet. That may sound far fetched to many, but remember Nazism? In 1941 the Germans were predicting a 1000 year Reich and few were game to argue. By 1951 there were no Nazis in Germany to speak of.

What many people fail to realise however is that Nazism was not defeated in WW2. It was defeated after WW2 at the Nuremberg trials. 

The Allies very wisely put all the top Nazis on a very public trial and showed the world, including the German people, the true evil of this ideology. As one German woman would say years afterwards, “We felt like children who had all of our toys taken off us. Everything we believed in was shown to be a lie.”

Within just a few short years, Germany would become a pillar of the international community and a model free, liberal democratic country. Today, Germany is one of the few countries in the world where denying the Holocaust will land you in jail.

Militarily, Islam is no match for the Third Reich. Despite their enthusiasm, Muslims make lousy fighters. In 60 years of trying, the entire Arab world has been unable to destroy Israel, which is almost exactly the same size as Wales (UK).

Unfortunately, despite immense military superiority, the West is now weaker, morally, spiritually and intellectually than at any time in the last 500 years. 

A combination of Political Correctness, Moral Relativism and trendy anti Western ideals has devastated our moral compass. Schools and Universities have turned into little more than brainwashing centres where our children learn about tolerance and diversity, but not their times tables.

A generation has emerged from school, entirely unable to identify even the most evil acts as being fundamentally wrong. “I am not judgmental” is the only judgment they dare to make. 

Our most important institutions are now run by these people, and challenging their dogma is a one way ticket to job loss, or even prosecution. In some parts of the Western World, even to indicate pride in your nation can land you in court, or worse.

Our societies are teetering on a knife edge, but now a backlash is beginning to build. Islam is fundamentally based on a deception and in the information age, this should not last for long. The system of Islam has been decoded and the story of Mohammed and its significance for non Muslims is now available for all who wish to see it.

With the events that are happening in the Middle East and especially closer to home, more and more people are peering out from their cocoons and finding the truth. Australia is in a relatively good position in this respect and I believe it could lead the Western World back to the path of common sense.

Every Minister, Assistant Minister and Parliamentary Secretary in the Australian Federal Government has recently received a copy of “The Story of Mohammed Islam Unveiled” which will give them the tools they need to deal with this issue from a position of knowledge and strength, rather than ignorance and weakness.

A few have read it and have given very positive feedback. Most haven't and won't. These people struggle with enormous workloads and haven't time to read even a short book unless they really have to. There is one person who can make them read it however, and that person is you.

Like all elected politicians, these people all keep a close eye on what people are thinking, If they receive a large number of letters clearly expressing the importance of reading this book, then they probably will take the time to do it.

This is not a big ask, and I believe you can now appreciate what lies in store if you do not take this simple action. This is why I believe we will beat Islam. Your kids are depending on you and I am confident you will deliver, for their sake.

For details of how to contact and write effectively to the appropriate Federal Politician, please click here:






One thing not considered in that hypothesis . Nazism was only how old? 20 years old? The satan mohammadins are 1400 years old.

The new proposed 'Australian Liberty Alliance ' political party is now receiving applications for membership - $20. You can download an application and the party manifesto from the following link -.

Hooray ! At last, an avenue for positive action against the Islamisation of Australia rather than just whinging on a blog site.

Check this out, an Indian defence forum, they hate the muslims more than we do and some of the comments are full on. Glad to know that it isn't just whites who feel this way, should make a few greens unsettled to know this

Harry refers to the Meccan Qur'an and the Medinan Qur'an. This is a little confusing ... does he mean there are two physical versions of the Qur'an?

A lot of prisoners fall prey to Muslim gangs and find it hard to resist the coercion to convert to Islam.

Given that Rolf already has the beard and has fucked an 8 year old, he's a shoe-in.

With Australia becoming worse and worse by the day, I propose that we all seek asylum somewhere.

I suggest Pakistan:

We could build a huge church in the middle of Islamabad that dominates the skyline, set up chippys and shops on every corner, assault the locals who dare to come into "our" part of town, set up specialist shops selling pork products and non-halal meat, protest to the government that the name "Ramadan" is offensive to our religion, and ask that they make it more inclusive by changing it to "Starve Yourself Fest."

We shouldn't assume that the Woolwich killers are somehow representative of all Muslims, because they certainly are not.

Most Muslims are far too busy running paedophile gangs to even contemplate terrorism.

I got the shock of my life this morning, I am a 70 year old woman and was walking through the local Mall when I was approached by two young muslim women wearing hijabs who swore at me. They said 'F**k Off' very loudly right in my face! I had said nothing to cause their rage all I said in reply was, 'charming!' and walked away. I wouldn't be able to identify them again because of what they were wearing they all look the same to me! I wouldn't have used that language to them in a million years, I have always gone out of my way to be polite to anyone of any race creed or colour. That said it doesn't mean I like them it's just the way I was brought up.

Brilliant post Harry

Larry you are pissing into the wind ---- you would have a better chance of finding an honest person in Canberra

Often we hear the terms moderate, radical, extremist when talking of the different kinds of muslims. The question I have had for a while, like a lot of people is which is the true Islam? I read Paul Zanetti's page on this site "Islam - the religion of peace" and the question was answered. Now that I understand that it is in fact the extremists and radicals that are the real Islam, the enemy has been brought out of the darkness of ignorance into the light. I will never look at a muslim the same way because now I know what it is all about. I have a friend who is muslim, my son has a friend who is muslim and they seem peaceful but what happens when the mufti and imams around Australia reveal to them what Islam really is and what their true duty is? Will they see me, my family and friends as candidates for beheading because we refuse to convert to Islam or will they go against their religious leaders and refuse to carry out what the Quran says is the will of Allah? We know they can lie and cannot be trusted fully. Netanyahu recently in an interview on the ABC made the comment in regards to hamas that you can’t negotiate with people whose goal is your destruction. Islam is the same. The goal of Islam is the destruction of all who are not muslim or refuse to become muslim. That is why so many verses talk about killing non believers.
I was at wonderland fun park in Melbourne yesterday and could not believe the amount of muslims there. Burkas, Niqabs and even a Middle Eastern man in a long gown type of garment. This is not the middle east, the burka in particular is un-Australian. This is not the Australia that I call home. The burka and Niqab are symbols of a religion that does not want to assimilate. I go to McDonalds at keysborough and the girl at the window where you pay has a Niqab on, why is that allowed, why make allowances for a section of the community when McDonalds would not do the same for anyone else? Australia in some parts is less and less Australian as time goes on. It is only 1 religion that is causing this change. Say what you want about mormons, JW’s, catholics, whatever but they do not follow such an evil agenda as Islam. The worst you get generally is a knock at the door. I would take that any day to ‘convert or die’.
The fact is that although many muslims today would deny that that is the goal of Islam and it shows they do not understand the religion they profess to believe in. It is only a matter of time before Islam more vigorously throws it’s weight around. Just look at England where there are sharia courts. Will ‘moderate’ muslims object? Of course not, they will fall into line. We have to halt the spread of Islam, especially the proliferation of mosques. We need to stop muslim immigration and stop bending over backwards to accommodate them. If they want to be Australian then fine, if they want to bring in sharia or make this place the middle east of the pacific then they should get the hell out. If they cheer for the enemy and support them in our conflicts then they should be charged with treason. The fact is that Islam needs to be stopped. It is not enough to accept muslims as moderate because one day many of them will support a radical agenda, the true Islam whether they like it or not. Islamophobia? No, it’s just that we have identified an enemy in our midst and we need to stop that enemy. If they can’t accept ‘no burka’, ‘no niqab’, ‘no muslim schools’, no more mosques’, ‘ no more muslim immigration(which may nean middle eastern or African)’ then they need to go somewhere that does. It’s that simple.

I have for year believed that the do-gooders labor and greens have high jacked this great country and turned in into a social engineering hell hole. WTF is it going to take to wakeup the dead beats in this country that WE need a very strong government Defence force and policing to control and if necessary destroy these evil vial animals and barbaric religion. TA and LNP time to take this issue by the balls and do what ever it takes to rid this country and the world of these simple minded people. PS Labor greens GET OUT OF THE WAY. YOU ARE and never have been capable to run this country and as far as I am concerned Rudd and Gillard were never my PM and never will be. The media can go to hell. I will only support a government that will not protect my way of life and the DO GOODERS can get fu

The only prophecy that Mohammed made was his prediction that Islam would be eventually restricted to a small area around Mecca and Medina. Unfortunately, he did not say when. The best way to deal with Islam is to quietly point out that it is a religion built on lies and hypocrisy. I have found that most Muslims have little knowledge of their religion and rely entirely on what the imams tell them. Of course, as all the priestly class do, they use the religion to empower themselves. It is this link that leads to the radicalisation of chosen targets and it is this link that must be broken. I had great hopes that Harry would go down this road, unfortunately he has run out of steam, probably because he realises that he is preaching to the converted.

Well said Harry Richardson and we as free loving tolerant people have to stand up to this evil called Islam just like we stood up against the Nazi's from 1939 to 1945 and also the Japanese who were just as bad and as barbaric these Islamite's called ISIS. We have to regulate and eradicate all Muslims that are jihadists or Muslims who promote and recruit jihadist hatred and are fighting for this most evil cause just like allies did after WW2 and the Germany did with arresting and jailing the denial of the Holocaust. We have to be ruthless in this regard to rid this virus out of our society.

There is no such thing as a 'moderate; Muslim. Islam holds Mohammed to be a perfect man and a perfect example for Muslims to follow for all times.Ask the question, "Why are radical Muslims so keen to cut peoples' heads off? The Saudis will do it for such heinous crimes as disagreeing with Mohammed, or changing your religion. Jihadists delight in beheading Kaffirs and posting the video on the internet. Now you know whose example they are following.

Rudyard Kipling

I went into a public-'ouse to get a pint o' beer,
The publican 'e up an' sez, "We serve no red-coats here."
The girls be'ind the bar they laughed an' giggled fit to die,
I outs into the street again an' to myself sez I:
O it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' "Tommy, go away";
But it's "Thank you, Mister Atkins", when the band begins to play,
The band begins to play, my boys, the band begins to play,
O it's "Thank you, Mister Atkins", when the band begins to play.

Another Islamic gentleman up to their old tricks again.

I see on TV this morning our PM is urging the 'Muslim leaders' to meet with the Government to work out their image and standing in Australia. Mr. Abbott, I for one didn't put you there to lower yourself like that fellow in the US and bow and scrape to these retarded, Muslim Mufti cultists who want nothing more than to see my country on its knees and ruined. Do what we put you there for and be seen to be doing it. Ignore these Islamic barbarians totally and turn your attention to MY COUNTRY and OUR problems, of which Islamification and sharia is the biggest one at this time or you won't be there after the next election (Unless you have a really big rabbit in your hat). You are turning your back on the very Australians who put you there. Get to work for us, not them. Very unhappy Tony

ou're right of course,Harry. While I deride the Muslim as ignorant and cruel, I think I have a reason now to believe this. AS an atheist I have no faith as such, but do have a strong moral compass.Christianity basically reinforces the good in people, and their god espouses peace and love. The muslim conversly is taught that he is fundamentally worthless and is tolerated only at the will of allah. Therefore he reflects this lack of worth onto everything else, women ( the moslems best domestic animal) other creatures ,art, and science. It is barren,miserable existence and as you say destined for oblivion

Why ‘Moderate Islam’ is an Oxymoron
At a time when terrorism committed in the name of Islam is rampant, we are continuously being assured—especially by three major institutions that play a dominant role in forming the Western mindset, namely, mainstream media, academia, and government—that the sort of Islam embraced by “radicals,” “jihadis,” and so forth, has nothing to do with “real” Islam.
More specifically, we are told that there exists a “moderate” Islam and an “extremist” Islam—the former good and true, embraced by a Muslim majority, the latter a perverse sacrilege practiced by an exploitative minority.