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Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


The De-Industrial Revolution Spreads

The industrial revolution started in Britain with inventors and entrepreneurs using coal to drive steam engines and make iron and steel. Generations have benefitted.

But Greens have started the DI (de-industrial) revolution. Their policies aim to have Britain producing no coal or steel and relying on expensive, subsidised, intermittent energy from windmills.

Consequently, heavy industry in Britain is in sharp decline, real jobs are scarce and some frosty night, lights will go out, trains will stop and “Earth Hour” will last until dawn.

The pampered green class will rejoice temporarily, but will soon join the modern pommy paupers forced back to candles, poaching and workhouses.

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Race to go Green is killing UK heavy Industry:

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Closure of last British Deep Coal Mine:

Greece, Spain and Italy are also infected with the DI disease. It has now spread to Australia where mining, energy and heavy industries are drowning in green ooze.




I’M OFFENDED JULIA, WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME? I do really good portraits

Sydney's sister city of San Fran... or is it brother city?


Want to see what happens when you rely on "Bird Mincers"just look at the basket case that is South Australia.They have already had a taste of what it is going to be like when you rely on"Green"energy,when they had a melt-down when the inter-connector went on the blink last year.And now they have closed the only "Coal"fired power station down,so it will only get worse.

Well worth a Captain Cook:

Electricity service charge increased by approx. 17%. A sneaky increase by Qld Gov.

From the Horses Mouth .........
India needs Galilee Basin coal: Adani

Tuesday, 12 April 2016
Lou Caruana
QUEENSLAND’s Galilee Basin’s high-quality, low-emission coal makes economic sense for India’s future electricity and growth, Adani CEO and country head Jeyakumar Janakaraj told the Bowen Basin Mining Club in Mackay, refuting claims by critics that the sub-continent does not need Australian coal.

Whatever happened to the plans for carbon dioxide sequestration. Instead we get carbon dioxide castration to the detriment of us all.

Again, you are spot on Viv. The "green revolution" is a twisting of the truth about industry. Without heavy industry we would not have the incredible evolution of space research which has given us IT and all the associated industries: medicine, communications, automobiles (compare an FX Holden to a Tesla) and many other things. The green idiots cherry pick developed technologies as the ones they will promote because their choice MUST be (don't dare argue common sense with the pricks) the only way forward. Here, the word "forward" is taken directly from 1984's Newspeak.

The de-industrialization of Britain took place well before this. To quote New Statesman: In the early 1950's it was an industrial giant, today it is an industrial pygmy. In 1952 manufacturing produced a third of the national GDP, today 11%, employed 40% of the workforce today 8%, made up 25% of world trade in manufactured goods today 2%. The iconic names of British industry are history replaced with supermarkets selling imported goods. If you want to blame politicians it's not the Greens but the Thatcherites who did the real damage.

Chinese have developed the next generation of solar cells that work in the rain.

De Industrial Revolutiion is correct!! The Greens ( Water melons, green on the outside red right through) will not be happy until we have nothing. These same people live in inner city dwellings, drive expensive cars, live expensive life styles and rely on the power thst provided. Hypocrites with hidden agendas.

For base load it's fossil or nuclear. That's it. That's all we have. Hydro can be a major player if you've got mountains and rainfall but mostly its a peak-filler. Solar is worth exploring, as is geothermal and tidal, but wind is a dead end.

Billy B, You're dreaming.

Nailed it again Viv.

The photo shows just how much class Flannery has - drinking Wolf Blass out of a mug!

Could you have got a more offensive photo? Apart from Boxhead.

At last after thirty years of deniers Coal is getting the message, clear up your act or perish. Now its will be a price war as clean coal is anything but cheap.


“Europe Lets Its Citizens Freeze To Death …40,000 Dead In Winter 2014 As “Energy Poverty” Explodes!”

By P Gosselin on 29. March 2016

Europe’s energy policy is, under the bottom line, costing the lives of tens of thousands of citizens – all at the holy altar of “climate protection”. The title of the FOCUS article:

“The grand electricity lie”: Why electricity is becoming a luxury

One of the sickest things about Europe and its disconnected leaders is that often it takes a full-scale disaster to happen before policy gets corrected. Often the scale of the death and devastation becomes known only after the clean-up crews have come in and sifted through the rubble. Think, for example, of Nazism, the Holocaust – or Soviet communism.

40,000 dead from power being shut off

The situation, we are discovering, is far more disturbing than even the earlier worst case scenarios every imagined. FOCUS reports (emphasis added):

In 2014 in Europe there were about 40,000 winter deaths because millions of people were unable to pay for their electric bills – the so-called energy poverty currently impacts about ten percent of all Europeans. In the past 8 years the price of electricity in Europe has climbed by an average of 42 percent.”

The Greens are the Gay Juggernaut Movement, disguised as an environmental political party. They just use emotive type environmental issues as a front, to push their true agenda, Gay Rights.

Tasmania rejected more hydro power over 40 years ago preferring to buy power from Vic. generated from coal. Logic ?

After reading Vivs soberingly honest (as usual) post it is plain to see what the likes of the socialist green maggot pictured above have accomplished in Australia. It is beyond belief that Australia was once the “envy” of the world. Our land which is blessed with an abundance of natural resources that could have /did provided the cheapest ,cleanest power which is the centrepiece of a successful modern industrial nation. Instead a succession of these imbecilic, moronic, traitorous politicians from Whitlam forward have managed to turn our once fortuitous advantage into a lumbering deficit by demonising our strength (coal and uranium, iron ore, Aluminium etc) . Not happy with destroying our cheap affordable power they have managed to rid us of the majority of our manufacturing industries (started with the Lima agreement) and are presently “busy” selling off our prime agricultural land and other strategically important assets. This comes under their heading of “foreign investment” . Not to mention the shutting down of our remaining refineries- there goes our “fuel security”. We have gone from “self sufficiency” to utter “dependence” on imported shit in my lifetime.. Did I mention their intentional and treacherous clash of cultures they have foisted on us by way of sub human rock apes in the name of “multiculturalism”? They have squandered our heritage hard won by our fighting forefathers. Lock and load..

If it is not bloody Islamic fundamentalists, it is the Greens. Both lot are a bunch cavemen with no grasp on reality.