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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


The Bogus Temperature Scare

There are people who want us to: 

close all coal mines and abandon reliable power stations while littering the landscape with unreliable wind turbines and solar panels; abandon grasslands and grazing animals to scrub and ferals; stop coastal fishing and development; live without cars in high rise dormitories; create their brave new world where electricity will be rationed, expensive and intermittent; and hand control of national development, resources and tax revenue to a vast unelected global government. Their real aim is to end national sovereignty and individual property rights.

What global crisis could justify this global revolution? It is all based on scary climate forecasts produced by computer models which assume that the key driver of future world temperature is man’s production of carbon dioxide.

But what really determines tomorrow’s temperature anywhere on Earth?

The sun is the primary controller of surface temperature. So the first question is “Where is the sun tomorrow?” This depends on location, season and time – is it mid-day, mid-summer on the equator, or just before dawn, in mid-winter at the pole? Or somewhere in between?

Secondly, are we in the centre of a continental desert, with temperature extremes, or near an ocean, where extremes are moderated?

Thirdly, is there a warm wind coming from the tropics or a frigid wind coming from the poles, or no wind at all?

Fourthly, what cloud cover is affecting incoming radiation from the sun, and outgoing radiation from Earth?

Finally, what trends can we expect from volcanic dust, solar system cycles, oscillations in ocean currents, or changes in monsoon or ENSO events?

For a good discussion on all the factors the IPCC forgot see:

Notice one thing – not one of these powerful temperature controllers depends on the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is not reported by meteorologists on the nightly news, is not charted by private long term weather forecasters, and normal weather stations don’t even bother recording it. Moreover, every computerised climate model using carbon dioxide as its key driver has failed.

Maybe there is a message here – the whole climate scare based on carbon dioxide is bogus. 

We must stop sacrificing humanity on the greedy green altar of Gaia.


Sydney's sister city of San Fran... or is it brother city?




Are you surprised at the rainfall level? Well if you are it’s because you are not paying attention. There have been massive rainfall events World wide, why? Read it, soak it up. Excuse the pun. If you put the two together it will all make sense. Once you realise the Climate is changing IN THE ENTIRE SOLAR SYSTEM you will not be surprised again.

I see 'experts are claiming January to March 2015 was the warmest on record. I friend of mine in Canada told me they had a record of 35 days at -20 degrees. It seems to me that only areas where the weather is favorable to their lies is measured and recorded. Hardly good science. I am willing to bet if they allowed an open unbiased inquiry into their data collection, it would not be found to be the warmest. In Adelaide I experienced a cooler than normal summer. It was not a scientifically proven method, but based on the days when it was warm enough to use my swimming pool. Barely 20 days.

You will never get anybody that has been paid to pretend they understand something they don’t understand to admit they don’t understand it. Example, Tim Flannery.

I don't care if Viv is a members of this or that board. His contributions make more sense than the clowns at the top. Yes, and coal is cheap, abundant and produces reliable power.

Too right Hadenuff, but also too serious to even mention the ALP.

Let's not forget that Viv Forbes is a member of the Board of Directors is Stanmore Coal Ltd. A Google search for his bio reveals all.

The biggest volcano threat is from the Yellowstone Park caldera in America. Goes off on average every 500,000 years. Has not gone off for 600,000 years now. Must be getting closer!

Business knows where the future lies, Viv writes about the past
From the local rag
Quote:THE biggest bank of solar panels on the northern beaches is saving a prominent business more than $1400 a fortnight in electricity bills.
Col Crawford Lifestyle Cars, in Brookvale, has installed 1000 solar panels on its rooftop and more than 1000 new energy-efficient lights.
Starting last month, the initiatives will save more than 682,000kW hours a year, equal to taking 577 cars off the road or powering 200 houses.
Col Crawford Lifestyle Cars managing director Stephen Crawford said he was excited to be starting an innovative clean energy project that protects the environment.
“We are also hoping to demonstrate to other local businesses and the community that there are many benefits to going green and that at the end of the day it simply makes good business sense,” Mr Crawford said.
“The car manufacturers we work with, such as BMW, have been working tremendously hard over some decades now to build green cars – from currently available hybrid vehicles to fully electric cars. (In) future we will have cars available that run on hydrogen, producing nothing other than pure water as exhaust,” he added.
Frenchs Forest-based company Autonomous Energy designed and installed the banks of solar panels.

Whether it is due to CO2 increase or not, there are serious drought problems in rural Australia. The worst ever, the farmers and inland towns say the worst drought on record. In well. Earth may well be going through a serious warming phase, which if it keeps going, may well have the same results as if it was due to CO2 increase. We could end up with an Agenda 21 response as the only solution. Sure hope not, but ......

Last line bothers me.


Earth Day April 22 …. celebrates the birthday of Lenin father of the Communist Party.

Today school children are indoctrinated with Green and other Far Left ideologies. The United States is portrayed as the Great Polluter, using the Earth’s resources and creating environmental pollution and poverty.

Parents really need to keep a close check on what their children are being taught in schools, as much of it has been Progressive Left propaganda.

Lenin was the creator of Soviet Communism. The centralized Soviet government owned all of the real estate leaving the people with no property and no control.

Earth Day was created to champion the control of all property by a centralized government. This is being achieved to a large degree in the United States by the use of the Endangered Species Act and the actions of the Environmental Protection Agency.

When the politicians and bureaucrats are in control, the goal of the government is not to own everything but to control everything.

This is the Fascist brand of Socialism. Now Obama seems to have the idea to both own and control everything.

Article ..’s-birthday

Australia just never learns .... from the mistakes of other Green crazies

Climate change irks me as much as Islam. Both are founded on bullshit and lies!

Every April 22, on Lenin’s birthday, the Polically Correct celebrate “Earth Day.” The first Earth Day was April 22 of 1970, the hundredth aniversary of Lenin’s birth, and the Left has led gullible movement-joiners in celebrating it each year since then.

Of course, the whole “climate change” or “global warming” claims attributed to CO2 are nothing but a ruse to make you buy into the “agenda,” i.e. the U.N Agenda-21. As Dr. I. Johnson Paugh just wrote in her column on Agenda 21, Cooked Science Data, and Property Rights, “U.N.‘s Agenda 21 is so insidious that people do not connect the dots between global warmists, the climate change industry, extreme environmentalists, property rights battles with NGOs around the country, main stream media, publishers of textbooks and other publications…”.

One only has to look at the 2009 Australian High School Science curriculum to realise that the disproven Gaia is still the order of the day in our country

Methane is a huge hazard for underground mines but in mine ventilation air it is controlled to be less than 2.5% and hopefully much lower this as it becomes explosive when greater than 5%. So mine ventilation exhaust air cannot be flared off due to its low concentration. There is research being done to try and catalytically oxidise this methane but only early days yet. Where mines do flare off methane, it is where they have drilled holes in advance so that the concentration of mine air when it comes to actual mining can be kept to an acceptable (non-explosive) level. Interestingly methane ceases to be explosive in air at a concentration greater than 14%.

I am a coal miner but i have done a bit of noseying around Santos's Surat Basin activities north-east of Roma in Queensland. It is fantastic what they are doing out there. The gas gathering pipelines that connect to the central processing facility are all buried and totally invisible to the naked eye. The only visible parts are the well heads which occupy about a 50m x 50m fenced off pad. Absolutely no impact to cattle production other then the positives of new roads being built and free water.

From today paper
"AGL has ended its trial of using coal seam gas waste water for irrigation in northern NSW after regulators found it left behind unacceptably high levels of salt and heavy metals.

Peter Jamieson, an operations chief with the NSW Environment Protection Authority, told a meeting in Gloucester on Wednesday that the agency determined the trial was "unlikely to be sustainable in the long term", according to a power point slide shown to the gathering."
Its a no brainer as heavy metals (Mercury and others) are an environmentally significant component of all coal.

H, you would be hard pressed to find a cleaner more environmentally friendly energy source then CSG.
Coal seams generally contain one of two gases; methane and or carbon dioxide and that's it. Obviously it is the methane (CH4) that producers are targeting as a combustible gas but both gases are totally benign environmentally (ignoring the greenhouse issue if you believe in it).
Holes drilled from the surface into the targeted coal seams are cased with steel to prevent any cross contamination with overlying strata and or water tables, not that there is anything to contaminate this overlying strata! The casing is put down more for explosive blow-out protection of the hole collar and to allow steel well heads (valves) to be attached at the surface to control the outflow of gas. The other reason for casing is to prevent the ingress of water from overlying strata into the hole. If this were allowed to occur, then the hydrostatic pressure from this water would stifle the outflow of gas.
If there is an environmental issue with CSG it is the pumping of water from out of the actual coal seams targeted for gas production. This water must be extracted for the same reason indicated above. If left in place the hydrostatic pressure exerted prevents the natural outflow of gas.
The problem with pumping out seam water is where it is saline. But this problem can and is managed successfully by surface capture in lined dams and then by evaporation. If the water is not saline it can 100% safely be either stored for stock use or allowed to free drain into natural water courses. But why would you waste the resource, and why would a cow cockie complain about having free water supplied for their beasts?
Much is said about the draining of the Great Artesian Basin but this aquifer is generally much deeper than the coal seams targeted for CSG and therefore is not an issue. And as an aside, who has been the greatest vandal of the G.A.B. over the last 200 years? Certainly not miners or gas producers but farmers who have willie-nilly drilled into the basin for water, in many cases leaving holes open to free drain and hence depressurise the basin, but that’s another story altogether that never gets much mention from the Environmental idiots.
And then there’s fracking which plays no part of the current CSG industry and therefore should not be used in any argument against conventional CSG. It is quite frustrating and mischievous when the fracking card is played by those against CSG.
Fracking entails the pumping of drilling compounds (fluids) at very high pressure into the coal seam strata to loosen its compaction to allow entrapped seam gases to more easily flow out. Fracking if left unregulated can lead to environmental impact where harmful compounds are used in the fracking process. Probably the most common inappropriate compound that can be used is diesel as it is relatively cheap and easy to obtain. But there are also many environmentally safe drilling compound options available and if so used will have zero impact on surrounding ground waters.
So if Fracking is regulated and policed it is also 100% safe, but as said at this point in time it is an argument for another day as it plays no part in current conventional CSG extraction.