The Pickering Post
Sunday, 24th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



The Paris Accord desperately needs flicking, a UN brain fart that is costing Aussies far too much.

Josh’s NEG needs flicking to the nearest garbage bin as it is a "renewables" hangover from the deceased Turnbull.

Speaking of Turnbull, his insane Snowy 2.0 has to go. It failed a feasibility study 40 some years ago and still leaves hydro engineers with finger nails stunted from scratching their heads.

The F-35 joint strike fighter must be flicked as it is way over budget, way below expectations and way too expensive. Other nations that have dropped out have only increased its already outrageous unit cost.

Little Christopher Pyne’s $50 billion purchase of de-nuclearised French submarines to be delivered in 2040 was his recent ticket to re-election. A waste as his seat of Sturt has now become unwinnable due to a boundary redistribution. And he won’t be missed. Everyone knows that in the near future no nation will be packing 20 blokes into dodgy metal cylinders below the oceans. Sub marine drones are already replacing the traditional subs and the F-35 strike fighters are already obsolete as militaries don't lose any pilots now that they are using drone converted Phantoms.

Flick what Abbott was too scared to flick… the disgraceful ABC and SBS. Both straight to the closest landfill.

Gillard's money wasters, the NBN, the NDIS and Gonski flicked to Private enterprise at a loss.

And lastly, flick pass Turnbull’s token female, Marise Payne in the arse, to the nearest tip.

   One  mentally deficient, raging, Lefty redhead per decade is enough in one decade.



What are They Plotting in Poland




NZers can retire here and claim the First home buyers Grants to buy their retirement home WTF !!!!!! no wonder they call this country the ''Lucky Country '' lucky for every Foreign C..t who comes here and bleeds it for everything they can get out of Australian Taxpayer Serfs !

YES to all the above ,Larry

I totally agree with you Larry. Why is it that our dumb politicians cannot see this also?????

Hope the PM reads this Larry - it is nothing more than we have been saying - and yes that Payne woman is absolutely useless (perhaps that's why Bishop put her up for the job???)

In my opinion, 99% correct, however, I'm a bit ambivalent about the F35's, the rest, flick, flick and flick.

... whilsting we're flicking,we may as well flick Scomo too.'s coming!

Well at least the lying shit-eating treacherous cunt Turdball is gone.
Now for the fatarsed useless females the turd promoted just because they possessed a vagina, or not [some may have been transistorised if you know what I mean].
What sort of half-arsed theory says that a political party MUST be half male half female?
LABOR/GREEN theory, that's what!

Islam and Political Correctness... The Two biggest cancers to ANY Western Nation...Any politician that supports either in Australia is a Traitor to what our Diggers laid down their lives for.....but that is just my humble opinion..

The us media and others like to knock Trumps economics , But look at it this way The US has an enormous trade deficit with its trading neighbours i heard $800 billion per as a figure,$300 billion with China alone?( happy to be corrected ) ,What happens when a country imports more than it exports in money terms, then the gap in finances has to be filled usually by borrowings or selling gov , bonds, We are talking massive sums here,gov, debts of several trillions ,some how these amounts owed to lenders by the gov, have to be reduced, This applies to any country that aspires to economic freedom and self determination, The US has made China rich , by this imbalance of trade,(and production costs)We must learn from this Aus, may becoming a quasi vassel state of Chinese industry,.

Wonder who is keeping a weather eye on the quick $440 MILLION (!) MT and his then sidekick, Joshua, deftly slipped over to a barely visible entity ostensibly concerned with the health of the Great Barrier Reef. Where's investigative journalism gone to? Where's the late and lamented, 'dammed impertinence' Richard Carlton? Why is the only Journo to ask about Ms Gillard's donation of a swift $300 Million (!) to Crooked Hillery's Clinton foundation just before her much anticipated removal Miranda Devine? Will Scomo make a generous donation to (say) the Sharkies when he sees the writing of the wall? Why am I the only silly bastard asking these questions?

"Bloody hell" Excise on rolly tobacco has gone up again adding $4 per pack .

I agree with all of the above, Larry, shout it out through the streets.

Quadrant Online: Sink our French Subs or the Enemy Will.

Funny eh ! Our Navy having fake war exercises with the Chinese Navy to acquaint them with our command structure at sea in a time of war with them that must be coming up soon otherwise why would they be sharing information now, on how best to communicate with each other whilst killing each other in dispute over who should own Australia ?

How many sheep do you reckon they had to kill to make that coat.

Nothing to do with the topic, but it is an interesting read

Add 20,000 public servants to that list.

Please tell me I was seeing things and that unelected Turdball advisor Parkinson wasnt in Indonesia with Morrison, if it was then forget anything changing.

Best wishes for Father's Day from your posters. Thank you for persevering. Trust you have had a wonderful, highly memorable time with family.