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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Stephen Fry is family planning

Stephen Fry reckons he and his new husband, Elliot Spencer, are planning to have children and, “we had better get on with it” he said with a touch of urgency. Apparently Stephen wants his eggs fertilised in the morning.

Seeing everyone else is coming out I feel compelled to do the same and declare my straightness... and if lose the odd friend, f**k em!  Anyway, I’d sure like to tell Stephen to get a grip and grow into an old pillow biter gracefully,

... but he’d be bound to get his nose out of joint!


Sydney's sister city of San Fran... or is it brother city?




He wouldn't have the nous to be a house master. Therefore - he is a predator roaming the streets!

Also, looking at the picture - the new "bride" looks like a stunned mullet. Perhaps he/she doesn't even know what is happening.

So this is the 'gay' (where did this term come from anyway) version of the hetrosexual media frenzy such as G Edelston and the current slut got. Just goes to demonstrate that there is no investigative, real story talent in the media these days. Just sensationalism because there doesn't have to be any basis.

So this is the

Vomit material.

This is revolting - haven't watched QI for a very long time, after Stephen Fry shuddered sexually when someone mentioned an Italian waiter - he makes me sick.

Faggots disgust me, none more so than these two.

Whether it's Stephen Fitzelliot or Elliot Fitzstephen, either makes me puke. Do they have any idea the disruption they cause to the psyche of a boring normal person.

Gold digger strikes bum. Bum digger strikes gold. One or the other.

Smell is a very strong sense. I smell shit.

Doesn't the flick pic of Steven and his current bum jockey show in all its sad detail how ridiculous the idea of homosexual marriage really is. The idea would be too silly for words if these people weren't for real.

FMTT, that pic fairly makes me feel ill. They tell me that man is super smart, somehow it seems to me it all got lost in the hyperbole 'cos I don't see it. to me he just a fat old queen who talks a lot. Having babies? JHC what are we coming to when infants are handed over to a bunch of homosexuals?

Heterosexual marriage provides the biological and intergenerational connection of a child to its mother and father, same sex marriage breaks that connection. Homosexuals already have equality. We all have the same protections and restrictions under Australia's current marriage laws. There is no descrimination. The real agenda is to force society to accept and promote homosexuality, and to silence dissent.

The below link is to a website that lists Australian companies who endorse this radical agenda. If you believe that children do best when raised by a mother and a father, and that two men can't replace a child's mother, please bookmark this webpage and try to avoid doing business with these companies. Our freedoms depend on it.

How many million years of evolution will it take before these mentally and sexually disturbed people will be able to breed ? somehow i doubt it

Fuck off Fry you felcher.

You know of course, paedophiles think they do nothing wrong either.

My wife keeps on my back to trim. Apparently following heroes like John Howard and Bob Menzies or Ernest Borgnine does not hold water for her. lol

I will give him one thing, he is an extremely bright person. He was once asked "when did you know you were homosexual". He answers," at Birth"..."At birth" the interviewer smirks..."yes I knew when I looked back at that axe wound I just came out of, I said to myself, that's the last time I go up in one of those.

Mr Fry was unbelievably woeful in 'The Hobbit'. How did he make it past the audition?