The Pickering Post
Sunday, 21st October 2018

If you would like to be involved or support the upkeep and further development of this site, it would be very welcome no matter how small.

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Well, I resisted it for as long as possible but the ongoing cost of maintaining the site along with combating disruptive trolls has finally beaten me. I started the site so everyone who wanted a say could have one and to give an alternative view to a dishonest media I was once proud to be part of.

I have spent sums I can’t afford unsuccessfully trying to fix the site over the past year and there were many complaining posters. So the choice was fix it or close it.

This site has won international awards and it has attracted tens of thousands of intelligent and politically aware posters who appear to know their stuff. I hope you will now see a gradual improvement in the site's operation.

The banner ads you will see will depend on what you have been searching for and other demographics (big brother Google has been watching).

You can register your disgust, or otherwise, on the poll on the home page.

Thanks for your support,
Larry Pickering


Sydney's sister city of San Fran... or is it brother city?




How about getting paid to run polls for the political parties as well as research for them seeing us mob are so intellectual and seeing you have a sizable audience ,it could turn into a nice little earner .

I enjoy the ads

With Google Ads, I think you can choose your content.

I'm not sure if this is Halal or not............

I just learnt to play the my sister looks really hot and a I have a yearning to wear britches!

Larry YES, the Ads are OK & please keep going!!!!! Without Andrew Bolt, Larry, Alan Jones, Ben Fordham and a few others we would be in terrible trouble as the media is so biased and largely uninformed, especially on Islam!!!!!!! And, a BIG THANK YOU for all your past efforts!

Bruce brings up a pertinent point.Will the sponsors influence the site as to what is allowable and politically correct?Just like the poor labor party at the mercy of their "sponsors"

I don't mind your ads, I love your site and quote it to all I know, keep up the fight, god help us if Shorten or his alternative becomes PM. I fought the unions when in the Building Industry, Office workers wouldn't believe how evil they are

Thanks for the means of venting every now and again Larry, keep up the good fight. I also hope that "the powers that be" read this blog and understand what we the people really think of them.
All the other blogs have moderators which makes them effectively useless.

Larry, you are doing an outstanding job and the ads will not diminish my admiration for you and this site. Just keep on going!

keep up the good work larry ads are no bother to me , the site is 10 times better with out the trolls

More beer adverts thanks Larry

Ads are part & parcel of the web Larry. If it helps keep you up there for us, it's worth it. Thanks for the site mate.

Advertising on a site to me is like driving down the road and having someone ask how many red cars I passed,who takes any notice.AD breaks on TV pass without any notice to me,if you ask which ad was just on,I would not be able to tell you.

It's an extraordinary contribution, not to mention effort, that you have made to Australia, Larry. Thank you.

Don't worry about it mate.

happy to ignore ads on PP if it helps to keep it up so i can read interesting and not so, thoughts from others

All good

Feels like I've been transported back in Time by De Who
Nothing Tastes like a Camel.
(Except Dog Siht.)

Just go for it Larry. I wish I could take the pressure off you mate. Very sorry about that.

I never see such things as I have ad blockers installed in my browsers. But thanks for taking steps to deal with the troll infestation.