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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



Cabinet solidarity is a pillar of Westminster government and without it governments become ungovernable. Most of you, and certainly I, could never be Cabinet Ministers as we could never face a camera and espouse what we did not believe in. It’s tough and disingenuous but that’s the game that should be played.

Barnaby Joyce’s commitment is commendable but publicly slating a Cabinet decision regarding the Shenhua Watermark mine on the Liverpool Plains high country as “dopey” and suggesting that, “the world had gone mad", is not all that helpful.

But constituencies are important too. Despite Shenhua having already spent hundreds of millions on anticipated public infrastructure, there is still solid opposition to the mine.

Barnaby is not the type to back off and as a Nat. he has a role in representing bush interests, so in all fairness he should be able to reiterate a long-held objection to the mine at the expense of Cabinet solidarity.

Tony Abbot has allowed him that right, and rightly so in this case.

But imagine if every Cabinet decision had to be in line with every Member’s electoral wishes! Cabinet decisions would never happen.

So where does the individual integrity of the Cabinet Member and his/her loyalty to constituents begin and end? It’s a tough call and it should not be reliant on the safety of the seat... but it often is.

I reckon the balance is right with Barnaby and the Shenhua mine issue. But now he needs to button up... mines seem at their worst before a sod is turned.

The only seriously discordant voice is that of former Independent Tony Windsor who is threatening to stand against Barnaby over the Abbott and NSW Governments’ mine approval.

But Tony Windsor’s face evokes moaning flashbacks to the Gillard disaster and awful memories of how he and Oakeshott opted for “stable government”.

I guess there’s nothing much for Tony Windsor to do in New England these days except to sit in front of a warm fire and play with his donger while waiting for the climate to change.

[CORRECTION: The Shenhua mine decision was ministerial one and not a Cabinet one.]


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Windsor is a political opportunist, who will happily sacrifice good policy for his own benefit. Surely no one will forgive him for betraying his constituency and imposing a Labor/Green government on us.

Correction : Tony Windsor spends his days sitting atop his idling "Hustler " lawn mover with his donger in hand ready willing and able to ride his chariot into battle for the peoples of New England .

Initially my view was that Barnaby should spend more time fixing the cattle trade and ignore the errant depp dogs. however today he should stay away from the cattle trade as his intervention will only stuff-it-up more than at present. Particularly since some private trader businesses have concluded export deals without the Barnaby factor. Seems that not all liberals can be relied upon for business expertise.

Didn't this hypocrite Windsor sell off part of his farm to a mining company and made a squillion. He has the nerve to comment or criticise. Shock - sitting in front of his warm fire - does that mean the climate change hypocrite is burning fossil fuels?

Why should a 2 bit actress, who is a legend in her own mind, be able to strut into this country and spit in the face of our laws. She would be the first one to scream if anyone broke US laws. By the way, it's probably not the dogs Barnaby had to worry about - she looks like a total disease carrier.

He is representing his electorate, he has every right to speak up.

Now the fucking Abbos are playing their little game putting a boomerang into the works - Seems the mine is sacred ground. Funny the blacks have a habit of finding sacred soil, secret womens business etc as soon as something as soon as it becomes valuable. Crawl back into your humpies and have another swig you useless pack of animals.

that would compare with turc for bread and circus entertainment.

A distant possible cyclical climate anomaly is nothing to be compared to a more likely mass killing in, say, a shopping center as in Kenya by terrorists. This is a more existential threat which worries sensible folk. Then there is still nuclear weapons which have not disappeared, North Korea, Chinese militarism, the economy, jobs, health, education and other matters to concern people other than scary shots of steam rising out of cooling towers. Priorities matter before idle thumb twiddling ideology regarding very crude science about climate.

That should be Captains picks, followed quickly by apology and regret.

Is M of M horsey today? The disjointed grammar is familiar as are the silly statements.

the court clown joyce would do well to concentrate on getting the live export trade back on track and forget the errant depps and their dogs.

"Cabinet unity"? "Ministerial unity"? Perhaps they should take lessons from Kim Jong Rudd - kitchen cabinet of 4, over which he was the tyrannical dictator. Or perhaps the queen of lies and deception Juliar - 100% Labor & Greens solidarity in both houses regardless of the damage it did to Australia. No dissension, no alternative, no revelations. Do as the Labor/Greens dictator demands. Now that is solidarity. Of the communist kind. Did I mention Kim Jong Shorten? His lessons about solidarity come from Labor's unions. All comrades in solidarity. Be afraid. Be very afraid of Kim Jong Shorten.

Your correction makes all the difference here Larry. It was a "Ministerial" decision, and Barnaby, as the local member, has every right to be openly critical, particularly with a political opportunist like Windsor making noises about a comeback. But in regard to "cabinet solidarity", I've never understood why governments regard it as an "absolute necessity". Everyone knows that not all of the cabinet are in favour of every decision all of the time. I really don't see a problem with a cabinet minister confessing that he/she was not in favour of X decision, but will respect the decision of cabinet and will work to achieve the desired result. That's not being divided. When you think about it, that is the ultimate example of unity.

Hope they get the pair of them - both Traitors

Windsor and Oakeshott - both Judas' - sold our soul to Gillard - who would vote for this cretin again - The Shenhua mine issue will get sorted out for the benefit of everyone - unlike the Windsor Oakeshott Gillard lies and deceit

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