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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



I know sheilas who would kill for boobs like Bill’s and they would look after them a damned sight better than Bill too. An industrial strength over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder would do wonders for Bill (at least in Oxford Street). But Bill will soon be tucking them in his belt and, if he continues to ignore feminine gravity, his socks.

Anyway, as long as the homosexual marriage debate rages he can always claim to be non-gender specific with a pair of hooters like that.  



What are They Plotting in Poland



Soros is going down

Bill Floppy Tits???

Larry if your prediction is correct and Bill doesn't take the appropriate "Affirmative action" he will be Bill Long-uns (note the fashionable hyphenated name), or on keeping with his chinese affiliate Damn Bastardiari he could be De' Wong-Hanglow (note the even more fashionable apostrophe and hyphen

They call him Bill "Shorten" because he is short of something downstairs! ;)

Too much hormone treated chicken as a child.

Two big tits supported by an even bigger tit.

This what happens when you attempt to breast feed CFMEU shop steward. They are inclined to gnaw on the old nip.

oops...“You will NEVER build a society on it. You will NOT build a nation on it.” Former (ALP) Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating on Same-sex marriage. (Elder Statesman of the Left/ALP/Progressive movement in Australia)

Please do not be intimidated or cowed into thinking you cannot speak up for traditional marriage and for family and for children. You can and you should. There is absolutely nothing wrong with speaking up in the face of this attack on our society's foundations.

Speak boldly for your children's sake and your grandchildren's sake. When future generations see the consequential fruit of destroying traditional marriage and teaching children to accept and try depraved sex acts in school sex-ed classes they will ask: "Why did our parents and grandparents allow this?"

It is a bad idea. People who enter into homosexual relationships have full equality under Australian law already. They can do what they like. Over 80 pieces of legislation have already been passed to grant full equality to their relationships in the eyes of the law. They are free to enter into what ever sorts of relationships they choose with no discrimination whatsoever. That is up to them and people are generally not too worried about that.

But it is not marriage. Marriage is something very different. Marriage is simply a man and a woman coming together promising to remain faithful to each other at the exclusion of all others, and to build society through having children (if possible) and loving and protecting those children in the structure best designed for doing so.

People are free to behave however they want and reap the consequences of their actions, as applies to all of us, however they are not free to impose gay sex on children, effectively grooming them to become gay or gay activists. Surely not without a fight at least.

They are also not free to donate their blood according to the Red Cross and FDA, because it is deemed at a high risk of being contaminated with diseases which will wreak havoc on our communities. Therefore they should be required to give disclaimers in their campaigns to normalize and promote their unusual, unnatural and unhealthy sexual activity.

Every child needs a Mum and a Dad. A man simply cannot be a mother and a woman just cannot be a father. For the sake of children and our society, marriage deserves to be preserved.

Australians should not even be asked to have to choose to change marriage. It simply is what it is. Those proposing to make the change do not even want to debate the merits of what they propose. They just want to impose it.

They have taken away valuable parliamentary time and resources over many years trying unsuccessfully to change marriage laws. They have had their say. They are the ones now forcing tax-payers to bear the cost of a plebiscite. They should do the honorable thing and concede that they already have equality and for the sake of national unity, for the sake of children, they should abandon their selfish quest

This is ex Prime Minister Paul Keating's take on same sex marriage.

Old news and photo

Said Di Natto to Shorten ahah,
Come to the back seat of my car,
You can flash out your tits,
And thrill me to bits,
It seems you don’t wear a bra.

Thug with tits.

He got that Tie from Lowes.

Well I'm still trying to remove those images from my mind, of him "Running"? During the last election campaign. My God my eyes!


What has the little bugger done with his gut? Wearing a girdle? That would be TOO much!

Surely that has been digitally enhanced? That's a "C" cup. If for real, it is a wonder he doesn't bind them - but then he may be embracing "sexual fluidity" is a BIG way.

You know what, maybe Bill had a sex change to plead not guilty to rape?

Has the Cat done a Woopsie in his beret?

Bullet proof vest maybe? Just to accentuate the tits.